Dangan Ronpa Favorite Characters - Kiyotaka Ishimaru

2014 Draft Prospects: William Nylander

Son of former NHL player Michael Nylander. Currently plays in the SHL in MODO. A highly skilled player offensively. Nylander skates very well, has impressive hands and is excellent at handling the puck at high speeds. Hockey sense is very impressive and he likes to shoot the puck a lot, but is also capable of delivering perfect passes. A very agile player that protects the puck well and skates hard in the offensive zone.

The fans in Örebro shows their support to one of their players mom’s that was recently diagnosed with cancer.

"What the fans did today, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in sport before, but I could be wrong. But I was teary eyed out there, and a little teary eyed right now and I know my mom will be really proud knowing that the city appreciates me and that they support her in this fight. She’s a strong women and I will be home soon to give her a big hug and hopefully that helps."  (x)