Need to upgrade my room

I need to go to ikea and buy a wall shelf, it’s only 15$. And get the Dioder LED lights for the back of my monitor, my room/work space is dead and boring…I need to spice it up. Both items for only under 60$, why not :D



I’m organising my bookcase right now and because I’m bad at that kind of stuff/I want to organise by subject (wtf how do you make this easy to crossreference on a book shelf) I’m stuck

Like, the first shlef I got done, it has my dvds and some cds —> second shelf is books on movies, then script writing, then general writing. I don’t know what other kind of books can go after that. I’m thinking either dictionaries or poetry and plays. 

If I do the former then it will have to go dictionaries -> languages -> then it either branches out into travel and geography books or international fairytales, which would then have to be followed up by either childrens’ books or fantasy books. If I do travel then it would have to go through biology things. 

If I do the latter it means going through things like Shakespeare and then books on Byron and Austen, then continuing with classic books and then go to kids’ books or philosophy. 


Why does this have to be so hard??