Entering a World of Magical, Multicolored Storytelling with @maggie_stiefvater

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Nature, great music, high places and fire: these are among the inspirations Maggie Stiefvater (@maggie_stiefvater) draws upon in and around her home in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.

Though best known as the author of popular young adult books like the Shiver series, Maggie uses Instagram to showcase her talents as a visual artist. Her feed is filled with illustrations and paintings of colorful, otherworldly faces, many of which are familiar characters from her fantasy novels.

“I like to write and draw the same things that I like to read: the everyday world with magic and adventure slyly hidden in the corners,” she says. “My stories are like melodies, and writing, art and music are my instruments. Sometimes it’s obvious which instrument the tune will sound best on, but sometimes I have to try it across all three to figure it out. So I draw my characters, compose music for scenes playing in my head and write stories for paintings that I complete in the small hours of the morning.”

friendly reminder to everyone in the comments of “Habits” that Luke Conard still emotionally and sexually abused two women and that’s not something you should just drop and go “oh that’s no big deal he’s a ~better person~ now” no matter how much you love a good redemption arc or whatever

Do you ever just look at the person you have become and wish you could shake yourself like an etch-a-sketch so you could just start over with everything? Because lately thats literally all I want to do with myself…


Some thoughts about this.
This song is basically divided into tree fragments.
The music in calm. The quiet piano match a stray xylophone melody. Jónsi’s voice, sweet sorrow all over your soul.
The last quiet piano notes and then the first riff. Chaotic music, those drums scanding that chaos and imprison it in a pattern, a music scheme. That voice seems to complain in pain throughout the second part. It’s like the music video. You’re drowning. Drowned in this darkness full of noise.
The last increase and the drums imitate the anxious beating of your heart. Return the calm. Everything becomes again quiet and sweet.
The piano and the guitar. Jónsi’s voice seems licking and kissing your heart and soul. Like if he wants to console you.
The body emerges from the water, helped by someone.
We don’t know if we’re still alive.