I didn’t  k n o w .


Guess I got what I deserved. Kept you waiting there too long my love … 

There are so many things about Siva that I love. I love how when he smiles it feels like the whole world has stopped spinning and nothing else matters but his happiness and making sure that he will always be smiling. like NO FROwNInG ALLOWEd!!!! I love how classic he is with his “tall, dark and handsome”-ness but at the same time he can be the goofiest lil button in all the land. I love how fiercely loyal he is to the point that it can he can be stupid and stubborn. I love how when he loves and has passion for something he never lets it do. I love how much he seems to genuinely care for the fans and how much he knows TW means to us. I love the tone of his voice and how he is basically the backbone of most of the vocal harmonies in TW’s songs. People don’t give this man half the credit he deserves. He doesn’t deserve hate. He doesn’t deserve the horrible and deplorable and racist things always being said to him online. He deserves so much more than that. He deserves all the love and the kisses and the hugs in the world and  ♫ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SHOW HIM LOVE ♫. So happy birthday, Siva Kaneswaran. #holdyourjarslol

24 hours of Siva!


To start off, I’d like to say thank you to everyone at Rooster Teeth for changing my life for the better. I’d also like to thank everyone here in the fandom for being so amazing.

More importantly, I’d like to welcome everyone new to our ever growing family. The Rooster Teeth fandom is amazing. Like any family, we have our ups and downs, but we all have each others backs. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone and I look forward to the time to come in this amazing fandom.

The wincest tag(s) have been full of hate and spam recently and to combat that I’m introducing the pro-wincest network for all you righteously indignant shippers out there. 


  • mbf this wincest trash
  • reblog this (likes for bookmarking and you can reblog to spread awareness too)
  • take this quick survey

What I’m Looking For~

  • clean theme and tagging system not a must but a plus
  • must be supportive of all shipping
  • can be multi-fandom but supernatural should be one of your main fandoms

What You Get~

  • spot on the network page
  • a follow from me and other members
  • exposure for your content (gifs/graphics/fanfic/etc)
  • a place to talk about/rant about wincest with 0% judgement

If You’re Chosen~

  • leave your ask/submit open
  • track #pro-wincestnet
  • put a link to the network somewhere on your blog

Once this starts getting notes I’ll add 10-15 people and then add more every week until it’s full! If this doesn’t get notes it will disappear forever and we’ll pretend nothing happened. 

I’m as happy as Misha when I see your lovely posts. :)


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