Kuroko "I like gentle people"

@ Kuroko “I like gentle people”
Kagami (Me?)
Aomine (It’s me)
Kise (It’s Me!)
Midorima (It’s me…)
Akashi (It’s me…)
Murasakibara (It’s mee…)
Riko (It’s Kagami-kun…)
Momoi (It’s Dai-chan…)
Takao (It’s Shin-chan…)
Mibuchi (It’s Sei-chan…)
Himuro (It’s Atsushi…)
Kasamatsu (There’s no way it gonna to be Kise)

In response to the tabloid article published earlier today, I urge you read this translation of a Chinese Sasaeng's account of what actually happened during Tao, Sehun and Suho's trip to Sanya during Chuseok holidays. She gives a full, detailed account of what happened, and also show us how dangerous and awful the situation was.

Even if you aren’t interested in this particular event, I urge you to read it, because it gives insight to the actions of Sasaengs and WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER DO IT.

I don’t want to translate Sasaeng accounts or use their photos but I hope this will get the message across!!

Original: Missyeko是潜妮

[Below are translation of OP’s account]

'My friend knew that I went to Sanya, so she asked me whether I knew what actually happened. Actually i didn't dare tell her that I follow them as a Sasaeng, and it was a complete and utter nightmare. 

That was my only time acting as a Sasaeng (to follow the idols in private), and I want to explain the entire event in full, otherwise I am really scared that I’ll be blamed for my actions.

Every time that Exo comes to Beijing I will go to see them, and occasionally take a few photos. I’ve always said to my friends that I look down upon Sasaengs. Actually previously I’ve only waited for them outside of their hotel in Shanghai. But this time I really made the wrong decision. By chance I heard from the noona that follow Exo around that they will be having a flight change in Shanghai, so they plan on following them to Sanya. My school term hasn’t started yet, plus normally I hardly get a chance to interact with them, and I was so curious about Exo, so I decided to go with the noona. We started in Shanghai, and followed them all the way to Sanya.

We bought tickets for the same flight as them (3U8412). I arrived hours before to wait at the airport. They didn’t go via VIP exits, so I got to see Sehun, Kim Junmyeon and Huang Zitao. When they were waiting for the flight change they were in a pretty good mood. Sehun was smiling and his voice is really nice. Suho didn’t say much. Tao was pushing the luggage. But there were so many people, it was really really crowded, and there were people who kept smacking on their shoulders with note-pads asking for signatures. After a while they were a little exasperated, so Tao said, ‘Please don’t take any more photos, let’s wrap it up?’ Some people put away their DSLR camera, but most people didn’t. I also didn’t put my camera away, because after all we rarely get a chance to have an idol alone and able to take so many photos. Anyway, the other people didn’t put away their cameras, so I just pretended to not have heard what he said.





The hotels Tao, Sehun and Suho are staying in, we already knew which ones they are beforehand. Don’t ask us how, actually it is really easy to get hold of such infos. They booked both the Sanya St. Regis Hotels and Sanya Ritz-Carlton Hotels, and checked-in online. (They booked multiple hotels to act as decoy.) Because we don’t know which one they will actually be staying at, so the six of us which are travelling together booked rooms in the two hotels as well. Noona said she hired a car especially for picking us up, so as to follow the three of them.

When we landed in Sanya, lots of people on the flight were actually the same as us. They kept asking for autographs and talking to them. By then I was already exhausted, so I wanted to lean on something and wait for our car to pick us up. But we were surrounded by cars booked by the Sasaengs, and our cars has also arrived. There was around fifty or sixty in total. Tao looked really exasperated and said something to Sehun, it seems that their taxi couldn’t get in. Then he turned to us and told us to quickly go home, but nobody listened. Though everyone did get into their own cars and waited for them to make their move.

When Tao, Sehun and Suho set off from the airport, we started to follow them in our car. The driver who came to pick us up is a local middle-aged man, he had a very rude and deep voice. I was a little bit scared, but noona said to not be afraid, as there were 3 of us in the car. So I went with them, because I can’t go back to the hotel by myself, also an entire fleet of cars were following them. Around us there were forty-odd cars all following them.

By then it was pretty dark, so the car with Tao, Sehun and Suho wasn’t driving very fast at the front. There were more and more cars at the back following them. Beside our car, there were another two cars which were driving very fast and overtaking a lot. Everyone in those cars were men. The two cars quickly became the two cars closest to Exo. So Sehun’s car started to drive faster and faster as well.

Our driver (he is not a certified taxi-driver, which is illegal in China) was irritated and said to us, ‘I can’t keep up, let’s stop following’. We argued that because we’ve paid, so he had to follow. So the driver put down the accelerator and began driving faster. Actually back then I was more scared that if we couldn’t keep up with Exo, there will only be the three of us alone with the driver. (There’s currently many cases of young Chinese girls missing after boarding illegal taxis. What OP did was very dangerous.) The driver kept complaining that why do we have to follow these male celebrities, how about we go home with him, etcetc. So I was terrified, and even sent my friend a Wechat message that if I haven’t contacted her in an hour, that she should call the police.

After a while the cars at the front stopped, and the driver said that Sehun’s car has stopped. We got out of our car as well. The two cars following at the very front actually opened their car doors, and a few men got off, took out their cameras and began taking photos. Exo got out of their car as well. Sehun turned around to look at Tao, so Tao approached the men and asked them ‘Please don’t follow us anymore.’ When he was talking the men kept backing away. Tao then asked, ‘How come those are guys?’ So he began walking forward, probably wanting to confirm who those men are. The men immediately ran away and hid, but didn’t say anything back. The atmosphere was very intense. I was so scared, and my mind went utterly blank, I thought they might be enemies or something.

The car that was closest to what was happening was our car. At the time I only wanted to immediately go home, and not stay there anymore. I was trembling and asked the noona that we should go back, not follow them anymore, and stay in another hotel. Noona was a little hesitant, she said that we have gone all the way here, and there are no hotels around, so we should go all the way. Our driver was watching our conversation with interest, and for some strange reason he suddenly put his hand on my back, and I shouted out because I was scared. The driver laughed at me. Sehun called out (to Tao), and Tao saw what happened, so he turned around and glared at the illegal driver threateningly, which made him shut up.

They probably saw what the situation was, everyone was basically an illegal driver or a young girl. Sehun and Tao said some things to each other, and Tao turned around and asked the men to stop following, that he is begging them. Suho came over to call Tao away, so Exo got in their car and drove away. Our car was stuck between the two cars at the front, so we couldn’t get away. Two of the men picked up a stick and took lots of photos of it for a long time. At the time all I could think of were the girls who got murdered when riding in illegal taxis…..  They said some local dialect which I couldn’t understand, when they finally finished and drove away, we followed. Actually by then quite a long time has passed, my friend kept calling me and messaging me because she didn’t receive any Wechat messages from me. Back then I was so terrified, I had tears in my eyes and I didn’t dare make a sound. Noona didn’t comfort me either, just got into the car quietly, so I could only follow them.

When we got to the hotel, we realised that Sehun, Tao and Suho are staying at one of the hotels that they’ve booked. The six of us all crammed into one room, so we didn’t sleep very well at all…. I couldn’t sleep, and kept messaging my friends that I want to go home….. My best friend is someone who is very good at making decisions, so she booked the earliest flight back to Beijing for the third day (all the tickets for next day are gone). Originally I booked the flight CZ6715 back with the people I came with, but I refunded it and decided to leave early. I didn’t follow them around the hotel during the second day, but lots of other Sasaengs went. But I think they were frightened by the incident the day before, so they booked taxis from the hotel service. (It was really expensive, also that driver wouldn’t return the rest of our money.)

The night before I was leaving, noona said that lots of sasaengs are still following them. They were surrounded by female fans, at least 10 to 20 or so. When they went outside to have a meal, the entire restaurant was packed with people. We saw those strange men from that night again, and only when I saw today’s tabloid article did I realise that they were paparazzi. I think I was too scared and couldn’t think clearly, I only wanted to leave, so I didn’t take too much notice of everything. I don’t want to be a sasaeng again. Even when I was taking the taxi back to the airport I was terrified of running into that male driver again. I am scared that I’ll die outside, and I’ll never see my parents again.



Because of my decision this one time, it really impacted my mental health. Actually, even though I followed them all the way, I didn’t achieve anything. It just wasted my time and money. These past few days I’ve been feeling regretful and very scared. When I think of that night it feels like a dream, and only now do I feel the stability of coming back to reality. 

[End of OP’s account]

I really hope people will understand the significance behind Tao’s weibo on the day. Sasaeng and paparazzi are not only infringing the idols’ privacy, but also putting their own and other people’s lives at risk. 


GAKUEN K - Phrase

Yatogami “I’m Yatogami Kuroh, please treat me well as classmate.”
Munakata “I wont treat you bad if you don’t resist. Be obedient, and surrender right now.”
Fushimi “……tsk”
Suoh “………It’s you, huh.”
Kusanagi “Huh? a customer? I thought to close the shop soon.”
Yata “!!!! D-d-ddont look here!”
Totsuka “…perhaps, isn’t her?”

Isana “You’re never be alone, The place that suitable for you is this academy”



"Shiro! Here,here! from here I smell something tasty!"
High school 2nd year. Silver club’s member.
Mysterious girl that always hang up with Shiro
Only good at physical education.

Konohana Saya - Gakuen K heroine
"I, can do properly at "this" academy…I feel like that"
High school 2nd year.
The power awaken at previous school and she cannot control and went rampage.
Being outcast by surround people. Transfer into “Super”Ashinaka Gakuen

Yukizome Kukuri
"Yatta! I found the transfer student!"
High school 2nd year. Cooking club’s member.
Heroine’s classmate. Cheer and kind to Heroine!

Awashima Seri
"You’re the "rumor" transfer student"
Mathematics teacher and Blue Club’s advisor
Strict with all students and have many fangirls.

Kushina Anna
"…well then, the morning class is end here"
Japanese teacher and Red Club’s advisor
Looks younger but is a fully-fledged teacher
why she look like this nobody knows.

"Kwon Jiyong-ah... what are you doing here..."

HAHAHAHA I’M CRYING FROM LAUGHTER… someone sent me a question about whether there’s evidence TOP’s gay/bisexual… so I went on Naver to look because I couldn’t remember anything concrete off the top of my head.

And I found this…



Q: Do you think Choi Seunghyun(TOP) likes gays?

Hello, I am a 23 year old man. I like women and men… so I’m bisexual. I’ve dated women a few times but I haven’t dated a man yet. (Although I have an unrequited crush…) I’m blood type A so I think because of that, I’m a bit shy/introverted and tend to care about what other people think.

However lately I really like TOP. His dark, smokey eyes are so cool, his fashion sense and body too, and his rap is really amazing… and sometimes in his blunt and charismatic appearance, he reveals some foolish cuteness… so anyway, I like his personality too. His growly voice is amazing.

And also, I live near YG Entertainment’s building so I often see BIGBANG there. TOP’s taller than you think, and upon seeing him in person I realized he’s really mesmerizing. 

But the way I love him is more than “fan love”… What’s TOP’s ideal type? I’m shorter than he is… my skin’s off-white and kinda dry, and I don’t have double eyelids but my eyes aren’t that small or weird-looking. Do you think TOP likes people with double eyelids? 

Plus, right now I’m one year younger than TOP. Do you think TOP minds that? Does he like younger guys? And do you think he likes bisexuals? Even if I say I’m bi, if I dated him it’d be gay… 

If I were a woman or a female fan, I could openly appreciate him, but… because I’m a man of similar age to him, I have to keep gazing at him with a blank/idle expression, what should I do… and because I can’t run around with little fangirls it’s seriously frustrating.

Please answer this question seriously. I’m being genuine. It took a lot of courage to post this question.

And the first reply thread was…


Kwon Jiyong??? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Here’s a few of the people who commented on this reply:



"Kwon Jiyong-ah… what are you doing here…"

"ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What’re you doing here Jiyon’-ah? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ"

"This answer is correct. ㅋㅋㅋ"

"Kwon Jiyong-ah, go for it! ㅋㅋㅋ"

"Jiyong what are you doing in this kind of place?"

"Jiyong-ah, what’re you doing here"

I’m… I’m crying from laughter. I read the OP’s question and was like “aw that’s really cute, I wonder how these Korean commenters will react to this heartfelt question…” and then the first reply made me lose my shit. Ow, my stomach hurts. HAHAHA.

ETA: It occurred to me some people might not know, but GD is also blood type A, his skin tone is off-white, he doesn’t have double eyelids but his eyes aren’t small, he’s a year younger than TOP, he’s shorter than TOP, and he’s supposedly dated women before. I think that’s why the comments were like that.