Just remember this shitsburgh

1 We didn’t choke against Boston
2 We didn’t need to take out the other team’s best player with one of your shitty goons to win a game.
3 You won against a team without its best scorer all game and without its best player in the third (woulda liked to see that kind of effort in Sochi, Orpik)
4 We didn’t threaten to move in order to get a new arena built for us, we did it ourselves (well the Blackhawks and Bulls did it)
5 You have to stay in shitsburgh, the Hawks get to come home to a real city
6 Who’s the defending Stanley Cup champions? (Hint: not you)

On behalf of the great state of Philadelphia (yes, I meant to say state. We are our own state) I would like to cordially like to invite the flightless birds, the penguins, to waddle back to your homes in Shittsburgh with your tails between your legs. GTFO, not on our watch. With love, forever and always, your neighbors the all around better counterparts from the East, The BROAD STREET FAITHFUL.

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I went to Pittsburgh back in February.

I threw a pie someone baked in Hockey Chris’s face. (Also, I searched the proper way to say that, Chris’s or Chris’ and I couldn’t find a definitive answer, oh well)

Edit - It was his birthday. That’s why I did it.

One more thing about Pittsburgh

So over the past two days I’ve been to three thrift stores, all in different parts of town. I’m looking for things to sell on my site, and things for our photoshoot this sunday. Well I learned a very interesting fact, a city’s taste in fashion can be told by their thrift stores. And Pittsburgh’s style is shit. I was looking for band tee’s, jersey’s, pop culture references, jackets, and shorts well… in ALL THREE stores I only found three kinds of shirts, polo work shirts, button up work shirts and plain coloured (work) T-shirts. No jackets just windbreakers. No shorts just a shit ton of khakis like the kind you wear to work.

Same for the women’s sections. No designs, embellishments, band shirts, or fashionable attire. Just plain coloured shirts.

This city’s style isn’t just bad its non existent  there is no style. People work and that’s it. They live to work and they spend the money on booze and sports. Not saying that there is anything wrong with that, if that’s what you chose but thats ALL there is. The people are devoid of anything that even marks them as having a personality. Even the clothes the wear says nothing about who they are except for one thing, workers.

If I stay here, I’ll become a drone. A worker bee, a useless yinzer who’s only goal in life is to get season passes to the Steelers. I have to get out. This place is so depressing. It’s even more depressing because the people think that it’s the greatest city on earth, and they will never leave. 


agriking replied to your post: No offense to anyone who really likes Pittsburgh…

Well it is in Pennsylvania, where at the end of most of their weddings the preacher says, “you may now kiss your cousin.”

Hahaha it’s just so annoying here, everyone has a stick up their ass about something… I think it’s contagious because I bitch a lot more than I did when I was in Ohio. If Chris and I had the means and money I’d ask my parents if we could move back in with them until we head for Portland but that’s more just wishful thinking than anything else.