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A few of you already know this about me but to those who do not, I am legally blind. Most times I have a family member read to me, whether from fb, tumblr, whatever. I try to do the best I can but I do make mistakes somerimes. Pictures are very difficult for me to see but the person reading to me describes them to me and I try to see what I can with magnifiers and other tools. I just came across a post from shitprocapssay where I misidentified ruffles as a female. Just wanted to thank you for making fun of a disabled person. I pray nothing like this ever happens to you. I realize you probably didnt know but maybe thats why your entire blog is nothing short of bullying and shouldnt exist in the first place, because you dont know the people you are bullying or how your nasty comments might hurt them. Sadly, i feel that you would have done it anyway. Anything to further the anticap agenda goes, right? You are one class act.

In regards to shitprocapssay:

Seriously, who would belittle the procaps like that? I mean, they’re just as entitled to their opinions as we are, and they’re just as passionate about what they believe. I mean, both sides have said some dumb shit, but that’s no reason to make fun of them! People need to learn some tolerance and acceptance, and act like adults.

the inbreeding scare is a perfect example of untrue notions over riding scientific thought processes in the captivity debate. The negative connotation connected with incest is mostly a societal notion. Yes, we all find doing our relatives disgusting, but that is because of the society we have been raised in. Go back a couple hundred years and marrying your first cousin was A-ok. This was because there is nothing maladaptive about a certain amount of inbreeding, the human population did just fine with that amount of genetic diversity. In fact do you know how many generations of inbreeding a population would have to go through before there are common and serious genetic deformities? Now, take into account the average life span of an orca (50 years) as well as the current genetic diversity of orcas in captivity and even with a handful of premature deaths there should be a half dozen orcas for each current park (minus MSQ/ MM) for more than another century (I did the math a couple years ago when I was anti, the numbers may be a bit off.) Do you really think SW is worrying about where they’ll be a hundred years from now? Quite honestly I think genetic diversity is pretty low on the scale of things SW should be concerned about. 

In regards to Kalina's death...

In response to this (the quote not the photo) from the shitprocapssay blog:

It is disgusting that some procaps are using (or have used) Kalina’s death as a shitty example of how the banning of waterworks will kill the animals. Never mind the fact that her illness was not only sudden, but even when trainers were allowed in the water (not just at SeaWorld but other parks as well) that some orcas display symptoms of an illness and die after a few hours to a few days. There is nothing to suggest that having people in the water helps to detect potentially fatal illness any faster.

And what of orcas such as Tilikum? Orcas such as Orkid and Kasatka, who due to their aggressive and unpredictable natures, were removed from waterworks. If they had died before 2010, would anyone be blaming it on the lack of in-water trainer interaction?

Procaps using Kalina’s death like a soapbox to argue how fatal it is to not have waterworks disgusts me just as much as SeaWorld’s exploitation of her. 


Okay I am a pro-cap and man some of the shit some of us say and the bs facts some of the pro-caps shoot out is hilarious and just unbelievable.

Im sorry but even I know that Shouka being forced into a med pool with 3 MALE orcas who reached sexuality is WRONG. And this one idiot seems to think its like a human girl hanging with 3 guy friends. Yeah okay…-__-;

“I don’t see how anyone can be so arrogant and think they know why Tilikum did what he did.”

Hmmm…. let’s check out just a couple obvious pointers, shall we? Being traumatically captured in fishing nets and ripped from his family at 2 years old. Being tossed into a miniscule canadian pool with 2 dominant females he can’t communicate with. Getting beaten up by these 2 females all day, and especially all night when he was locked with them in a 20x30 foot indoor holding pool (shown here). Being trained via food deprivation. Being shipped off to Orlando florida and shoved into another unknown pod of dominant females who constantly beat on him. Being masterbated and humiliated as a sperm bank for Seaworld. Being isolated because of his inability to get along with the other orcas. Having drilled and filed teeth, and many health-related issues which caused him to have to be heavily medicated on a regular basis. Being confined as a prisoner for a crime he didn’t commit. 

But hey, we don’t “speak whale” so how would humans know, right?

[Adressing the incident where Kandu V rammed Corky and then proceeded to bleed to death during a show int he back pool]

“I think that the social altercation was natural, and possibly essential to the survival of the species.”- Jim McBain, Seaworld Veterinarian

You can definitely tell that this behavior is so “natural and vital to the survival” just by the fact that Kandu DIED 45 minutes later. Good going Seaworld, you win the prize for the most retarded and irrelevant cover-up of the year.

…And here, children, we have a pro cap once again placing their own selfish feelings of humanity onto Orcas because they think it’s cute or funny. 

As the pro cap so childishly describes, Nalani begins to display a stereotypical behavior of chewing on the pool walls. Not only is this dangerous because she could possibly ingest some chipped paint from doing so, Nalani is wearing down her teeth, which if done enough, she will expose the pulp of her tooth and have to have them painfully drilled out without anesthesia.

But who cares about her extreme neurotic boredom so that she is driven to start gnawing on the pool walls?! It's cute, right?!

These are not naughty puppies chewing on your shoes. These are intelligent animals displaying signs of mental unwellness, and they should be treated as such. This is not cute. Stop being selfish and see the fucking problem here.

Learn more about stereotypical behavior in cetaceans

“Wild orcas don’t attack people because in captivity, people are always around them everyday. In the wild, people aren’t around them as much.”

Pictured is Luna, an abandoned wild Orca who spent his lifetime in the company of humans. There was never a single documented attack or act of aggression from him towards any human.