The Avengers trailer gets sweded!

shitmartillo replied to your post"oh right I was going to have a look at Inazuma Eleven after finishing the script WAIT HOW MANY EPISODES??"

believe, me it is SO WORTH IT. i know there are many eps, but this is a good series. although GO, the sequel is not at all as good

but the number of episodes………………. I haven’t watched an anime that long for over seven years

Oh well I’ll give it an honest chance before I complain any more XD

bergzerk asked:

TO ALL OF LISAS ANONS WHO DO NOT WANT TO SEE ASKS/REPLIES did u kno u can tumblr savior that little test that says "ask lisola a question?" DID U KNO????? and that lisa tags every reply with "replies" WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

haha precisely! If you don’t want my ramblings but still my art, it’s not that hard. ;D