So someone reblogged my recent “Markiplier Appreciation Week” post and added: “He’s a transmisogynist ableist asshole what is there to appreciate?”

I’m like wtf is wrong with you people? This kind of shit has been gone so long and they still care too much about it. He never said he’s transphobic jfc. You have no fucking evidence. If your proof is his make-up challenge, please grow the fuck up.

I can’t wait to grow up and fall in love and get married then fall out of love cause my husband is an unappreciative piece of shit and Gone Girl him

Survival Tips for the Mercury Retrograde

Hey Pals! I want to make a fun little zine called Survival Tips for the Mercury Retrograde!

I’d love to hear your self-care strategies, protection spells, bizarro stories about shit gone bananas, and all of your astrological mishaps!

Comment or PM me if you want to be in it! Your piece can literally just be a few sentences. Include your zodiac sign!


{Shit, I’ve been gone longer than I’ve wanted to be. There have been some circumstances surrounding my disappearance, however. Just a lot of shit goin’ on in real life, ya know. Granted, I’ve been on my personal a bit, but just wanted to let you guys know Fenix is still very much around. Doesn’t help that most of the people I RP with on here aren’t on as much anymore, but if anyone wants to chat or RP, hit me up, yeah?

Hope you guys are well. <3}

I keep imagining Natsu and Lucy going at it in her apartment every time they come back to Magnolia after an adventure without anyone at the guild knowing… Expressing their love and relief of still having the other in their lives.
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Can we talk for a minute about this scene on Marceline Gone Adrift 5


Bonnibel is talking with telepathy. She has to choose her thoughts. She’s “getting used to this telepathy thing”. 
Really, look at that third panel.

She was about to say “I’m sorry”.

She was about to say it, but stopped her mind just in time.

And why is it so important to me? Because Bonnie never asks sorry. Less than ever to Marceline. We have been even shown pieces of past to demonstrate this. She never says sorry out loud.

But she does think it. She thinks it a lot. It’s the first thought that came to her mind when she saw Marceline after all this time, after fearing she was dead. Even before “I love you”, she thinks “I’m sorry”.

And “I’m sorry” is stronger than “I love you” if told by Bonnie. She would never say sorry to someone she doesn’t love truly. “I’m sorry” it’s Bonnie’s way to show her love.

I swear to god if this comic doesn’t end in Bubbline I don’t understand shit about how writing and art work. 

Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow stay whitewashing characters while The Flash now has a main cast that is majority POC

Honestly though you can tell some shit has gone down because none of the girls are even talking about the cancelled performance. Epic have fucked up, made up some half assed excuse to make it look like it wasn’t their fault and told the girls not to say anything. I mean when does Lauren NOT give her opinion about something or call someone out on their shit??? Or when do the other girls NOT apologise for something that they know has upset fans??? I mean how naive do epic think we are??? They need to learn a thing or two about professionalism or else they’re gonna ruin the career of five extremely talented girls. They need to pull their heads out of their ass and do their fucking job THAT’S ALL I ASK FOR

I just spent an entire flight from London to here sat next to a man who insisted on calling me Herman. Herman! Hermione would have been bad enough, but Herman? It took a lot of strength to smile and endure, but somehow I managed. Those little bottles of wine they served most definitely helped. Anyway! Hello! Hi, I definitely did not go missing for an entire month without warning. How is everyone?