this is one of my older shirts. i got so stoked when jerry got on emerica. i have that little teenage brand loyalty to them and he just fit the team so well. great and dedicated to what he does.

i walked into a hooters once and as soon as i locked eyes with the hostess she screamed, “oh my god that’s jerry hsu!” i got nervous and blushed because i was with my girlfriend and managed to pull some half smile onto my face and a thumbs up. plus that girl was reaaaaaally pretty.

i had to retire the shirt a while back because part of jerry’s hair and eyes started cracking. D: i love this shirt to death though. lots of good memories. i’ll pull it out for a wear every now and then but only when i know for sure i won’t need to wash it afterwards.

this shirt was from my only semester in college. this shirt represents a very prominently bad time i was going through in my life and how art helped me through it.

i had the “apathetic white kid goes to college and fails out because he doesn’t know what it’s like to lose everything” syndrome.

my girlfriend was cheating on me. then i failed out. then i hated my job. i moved out and couldn’t go back because i wanted to be an accountable adult. the problem was that i eventually got moved from landscaping with some awesome brown people to putting up fliers on really hot fucking days.

it was the summer and i had more than sweat running down my face on some days. it wasn’t long before i just lied to the people i worked for and just smoked weed and watched the freeza saga at my friend’s house instead of putting up fliers. the accountability ended there. eventually i got fired because they found out and i went back to live with my parents. i was really depressed for a long time. i lost the little that i had and was a bum at my parents’ house for the next year or so.

my escape was swampy’s flickr, art magazines/sites, and hardcore.

this is another old one. definitely the only diamond supply co. shirt i own. the mercyful fate mashup was impossible to resist and this was at my hypebeast peak in highschool. i knew every colorway of every jordan but was too smart (and too poor) to drop the insane cash on those things. still don’t own a pair. probably won’t ever.

had to retire this one about the same time as the jerry hsu shirt. it was cracking as well D: definitely a rare wear, probably not at all really. i keep it for the graphic for the most part.

most recent purchase of all of these.

i’ve had a huge boner for the death’s head and death’s head II series for while. i frequent ebay for gems like this all the time because a lot of the time the comic books i hit up just don’t cut it.

definitely can’t wait to get home to wear this one. compliments are sure to follow my initial wearing of it.

my mom bought me this shirt off of ebay for my birthday. i’ve worn it twice because she probably dropped like sixty bucks on it. i have a red snapback with an akira patch that i sewed on it which of course i wear with it. if it’s cold i wear a red pullover underneath. full ensemble mannn. my sister bought me some really red nikes for christmas so i’m totally set for an outfit when i get back home. be jealous. you can’t say that shit isn’t cool as fuck.

this was a shirt i bought at an awesome show prior to leaving. stoked to come back and wear it.

even more texas repping with this shirt. war master is comprised of some exceptional texansss. they’re nice as fuck too. definitely the last good show i went to. some girl there was drunk as fuck and kept getting bowled over in the pit. there was one time where she was going face first into the ground but i caught her by accidentally reach-around-groping her boobs. felt weird but resumed moshing regardless.

this is another shirt i’m stoked as fuck to come home to.

the dudes from trill city recently released a new line of dope crewneck sweatshirts. i won’t be able to wear it til it gets cold again unless texas is nice to me and hooks it up with a couple of chilly evenings when i get back in the spring.

perfect for heavily repping my home state on the road trip to the west coast that i’m planning for when i get back.