U-17 Training Camp Dormitory || Room 201
Located on the second floor at the end of the hallway (or head, depending on your perspective) was Room 201, which shelters three tennis prodigies and plant enthusiasts. Yukimura, Fuji and Shiraishi are among the strongest players from the top three schools of the Nationals. They appear soft , kind and are often seen smiling outside of the tennis court. When playing a game however, they can become serious & extremely scary. 


U-17 Training Camp Dormitory || Room 201
↳ Room 201 shelters three tennis prodigies and plant enthusiasts. Fuji collects cacti and has won an award for his research on cacti. His paper has become a big topic and the analysis has earned praises from even the university researchers. Shiraishi has a particular fondness for poisonous plants. He currently knows over 200 types of poisonous plants. Yukimura has a big interest in gardening. While he was hospitalized, the flowerbed in his garden completely died out. After he recovered, he completely replanted a whole new garden. When it comes to tennis, Yukimura, Fuji and Shiraishi are among the strongest players from the top three schools of the Nationals. 



★ Located in Osaka, Shitenhouji  was established in 1912 (Showa Year 4).

★ The principal’s name is Mwangie Schittenhosie (ムアンギ・シッテンホージ).

★ Their school motto is ‘Katta Mon Gachi ya!’ (勝ったモン勝ちや!). The usual translation for this is: ‘The one who laughs first, wins!’ However, a more correct one would be: ‘To the victors goes the spoils/ Winner takes all.’

★ The main gate of Shitenhouji is considered a sacred place, also known as the ‘Grappling Main Gate’. One simply does not walk through it. In fact, when Shiraishi slid past the main gates during his first year, he was seen and publicly praised by the principal.

★ Currently, the school has a student body of 1086.

★ The tennis club has 48 members.

★ Watanabe Osamu, the tennis coach, likes giving out kokeshi dolls.

★ According to the 24th clause in the student handbook, club activities are allowed to continue only when at least one freshman joins in.

★ Shitenhouji is the team that has the most left-handed regulars. Most of them are also blood type Bs.

★ Every year, Shitenhouji hosts an event called S-1 Grand Prix. It’s a contest to determine Shitenhouji’s best comedians. Apparently, everyone who makes it through the second round are excused from doing their homework.

★ Aside from the S-1 Grand Prix, they have other bizarre contests such as ‘School Wide Idiot’s Martial Arts Tournament’ and ‘The Eat-Until-You-Drop Complete Swimsuit Competition’.

★ A lot of their members seem to be musically inclined. Kenya and Yuuji formed a band during their first year for the cultural festival, playing drums and guitar respectively. Zaizen, on the other hand, would rather create/produce music using computer software. In Motto Gakuensai, Shiraishi is part of the vocal unit.

★ During their second year, the Shiten boys participated in a crossdressing cafe for their cultural festival.

★ Whenever the team encounters problems/arguments in the club, they would all go out to eat nagashi soumen and talk things out.

★ Shitenhouji is such a chill school that if Konomi-sensei were to become Kirihara for a day, he would use this opportunity to transfer to Shitenhouji instead. Good taste, sensei!