30 Day Shipping Challege: Pairing You’ve Been Rooting for Since the Beginning- Derek & Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy 

This is one couple, since day one of the series, I’ve rooted for. After all the break ups, the near deaths on both sides, and now the lying I’m still rooting for them. I’m still hoping that he will forgive her about the Alzheimer’s results because now they are legally married and they have a newly adopted baby girl after trying so hard to get pregnant again after loosing the first one and because he loves her. They have been through so much and it would not be right if he gave up on her because of this. True love can conquer all even when the situation is complicated.  

15 day shipping challenge

Day 2 - Newest favourite ship.

Dramione. Definitely. I used to be all about Drarry, but then someone I followed was really into Dramione. I thought this was completely unnatural but then I started reading all the fanfiction that they reblogged etc and asdfghjkl; they’re just made for eachother. :’)

Shipping Challenge ♥

Shipping challenge.

Shipping Challenge Pick 3 of your OTPs, without looking at the questions. 

  1. Jongkey
  2. 2min
  3. TaeKey

(sorry, I choose only SHINee’s OTPs ~)

1. What made you ship 3?

I ship Taekey even if I think they’re more like a mom and his son. But they’re both soooo cute.

2. Is 2 canon?


3. What is your favorite moment between 1?

OMG. I can’t choose. But one of the most recent is the JONGKEY KISS. ♥ 

4. If you could put 3 in any scenario, what would it be?

I don’t know. But a cute scenario. 

5. Favorite line said between 1?

When Jonghyun said : “Key, if you ever had to leave, i would follow you. I never let you go.” 

6. Did everything you want happened between 2? If not, what did you want to see?

I’m still waiting for the kiss.

7. If you had to pick a favorite, 1, 2 or 3?


8. Would a crossover work between the three?


9. Recommend a blog dedicated to 1.

fuckyeahjongkey !

10. Recommend a fic about 3. 

Oh ! I just realized : I haven’t read an english fic of this OTP.

11. What’s 2 shipper name?

I don’t know…

12. Favorite episode/chapter of 3?

This. SO CUTE. 

13. Does anyone In Real Life know you ship 2?

Of course !

14. Do you also ship 1’s actors?


Shipping challenge Number 2: Newest favorite ship: Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky (How I Met Your Mother)


This isn’t really a new ship, but it is for me xD. I started watching How I Met Your Mother recently, and caught up by watching the season DVD’s borrowed from my cousin. And I quickly fell in love with these two. They can be funny, angsty, and cute all wrapped into one. And they have that build up and story that makes me truly believe they’re meant for each other :)

shipping challenge: fitz & olivia

↳ a song that reminds you of them; Wicked Game by Chris Isaak

What a wicked game to play,
To make me feel this way
What a wicked thing to do,
To let me dream of you
What a wicked thing to say,
You never felt this way
What a wicked thing to do,
To make me dream of you

30 Day Shipping Challenge: A pairing you hate and no one understands why- Sawyer & Juliet, Lost

Again, I’m not sure if anyone understands this but this is probably the ship I hate the most and it has nothing to do with me being a huge Skate supporter because I didn’t hate the fact that she was with Jack. I hate them together because I can not stand her, never could. 

30 Day Shipping Challenge: A crazy love triangle that ended badly- Izzie/George/Callie, Grey’s Anatomy

This love triangle pretty much defines ‘ending badly.’ I mean George and Callie were MARRIED when he cheated on her with Izzie, of all people. I mean, that was his best friend. A best friend that he shouldn’t have even went there with because it was just weird. I find it weird that they started having feelings for each other and continued to have a romantic relationship. 

30 Day Shipping Challenge: A pairing you will never understand- Fez & Jackie, That 70’s Show

Considering throughout the entire show Jackie couldn’t stand Fez, besides those select few times, I find it odd that they got together in the series finale. I think its great that they became friends but I will never understand her developing romantic feelings for him. I don’t know, I just don’t understand that entire last season of the show. 

30 Day Shipping Challenge: A pairing you loved but ended up hating- Liam & Naomi, 90210

I absolutely loved these two when Naomi first started pursing him and they got together. I thought they were so cute and I was really rooting for them after everything that happened with Jen. I can’t say I ended up *hating* them, but I love him with Annie so much more. I love Naomi but I didn’t like it when she would never give him a chance to speak about his problems and the only thing she was worried about were her own. When he first started falling for Annie I was glad to see him end things with Naomi. 

30 Day Shipping Challenge: A crazy love triangle that worked out great- Marti/Dan/Savannah, Hellcats

This was hard because no love triangle works out great…at least not at first. Someone always gets hurt and friends stop speaking to each other over a girl or a guy. This is exactly what happens in this case. Savannah and Dan both stop speaking to Marti, for different reasons. However, in the end Marti realizes she really doesn’t have romantic feelings for Dan, at least none strong enough to risk her friendships, and realizes that he should be with Savannah. And in the end Marti can still be best friends with both and nobody gets jealous.

30 Day Shipping Challenge: A pairing you hated but ended up loving- Chuck & Blair, Gossip Girl

I have to admit that the first time I watched season 1 I thought the idea of a Chuck and Blair seemed kind of strange. I liked her and Nate together because it was what was expected and they were cute together. I also couldn’t stand Chuck. But after starting over and catching up with the series I fell in love with Chuck and Blair and they will be pretty much the only reason I will keep watching. I also fell in love with Chuck as an individual. I love the man he became because of Blair. I love them both as individuals, but even more so together, so I’m really hoping they get back together. 

30 Day Shipping Challenge: A pairing that was adorable but could never work out-Brooke & Lucas, One Tree Hill

These two will be forever be one of my top OTP’s of the series. I thought they were adorable together and it sucks they could never work out but I’m so proud of Brooke for turning into the independent women that she became.