last night the thought of kuro!neki visiting :re couldn’t let me go. some au ideas in the tags.

ANNABETH CHASE because I don’t draw her nearly enough!!

I tried a new shading technique with this one which was a lot of fun.

Art is mine
Do not edit or redistribute without my permission


scattered bits and pieces b/c none of em were enough for separate posts

-amethyst secretly having a specific junk pile of things that remind her of pearl (she tells everyone it’s just the “pretty things” pile)
-pearl learning to cook to make food for amethyst and she sucks at it but luckily amethyst loves her gross awful cooking
-pearl trying to learn how to sleep but ultimately just ends up cuddling with amethyst for hours at a time
-constantly sneaking off to some random corner of the beach to make out



ok i love clingy affectionate pearl but i also love completely fucking oblivious pearl

amethyst trying to flirt with her and she does not understand in the slightest. amethyst having to go to Extreme Measures (like. giving up and saying shit flat out) to get pearl to realize that she’s being flirtatious at all

basically a whole string of failed pickup lines and pearl being confused followed by amethyst smoochin her out of sheer annoyance