Fairy Tail ships (according to me): Gruvia-Girl is obsessed with the guy, and guy probably likes her, but is just too shy/doesn’t notice his own feelings yet. NaLu-Guy and girl has a really good friendship, and kinda like each other. Jerza-Likes (loves probably) each other but are too shy. Gajevy-Girl loves the guy but the guy is too oblivious to notice anything. Miraxus-Girl starting to show her feelings~. Rowen-BOTH HAVE NEVER INTERACTED AND ARE OBLIVIOUS TO EACH OTHER’S EXISTENCE”

—Submitted by bleachfan-hitsuhina-rangin

Can I be like 200% honest on how I feel about all the ships now? I respect however you feel about any of these and will gladly accept your opinions, just please do not send me hate for mine. If you don’t care about any of these ships in particular, then just skip to the fourth little section. (Also my blog is still remaining the same, so don’t flip shit over that) 

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