Day 9: The most believable relationship.



Soul Evans / Maka Albarn - Soul Eater 

These two, as the fandom has often said, are basically two sides of the same coin. Strip away their outer personas and we’re left with two kindred spirits, with the same emotional baggage that they share with each other. They are the closest friends and trust each other with their lives, and yet what also makes them believable is how they aren’t fawning over each other. They don’t always mutually devote themselves to each other; they have breathing room and their own developed personalities aside from their pairing — and yet when the time comes, they are an inseparable bond. That, to me, is much more believable than two lovers who can do nothing but be mutually exclusive, who literally cannot function when not in each other’s presence. 

Jak’s Shipping List

would it be possible for Destiel or Wincest shippers to stop using the Crowley tag to talk about how Dean is gonna kill him or take over or destroy him or something? 

Like, Crowley’s been better to the boys than their own father.

And as for how the show is playing it out, he legitimately loves Dean in some way shape or form, that is clear as day. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love shipping. I’ve got my OTP and I do honestly like several other ships, Destiel and Wincest included. 

But, sorry to break the news, neither of those are canon. Okay? That’s why it’s shipping. None of the ships are canon. It’s not canon, we’d just like it to be, so we get creative with art over it. That’s what makes it fun. 

In other words, Crowley isn’t a threat to your damn ship just because he cares about Dean and exists. He doesnt’ need to die and as an avid Crowley fan, it irritates the fuck out of me to go through his tag and see hate. 

Seriously. My OTP is Crowley/Dean but that doesn’t mean I want Cas and Sam killed off so that it happens. I love all of the characters. 

Just chill the fuck out and stop being hateful. Please. Just enjoy the damn show. It’s not that hard. 

NaruHina is canon?

Wow, I can’t with all this..

Excuse me. What is up with NaruHina fans claiming that their couple is canon? So what if NH is standing in the same picture on the cover of a single [NOT ALBUM COVER, please get that right, people] and has a tweet about them? Do those prove anything? No. It’s just a small mention and a picture.

I can mention about something that happened in my life too. Oh, I saw a weird bug this morning and tweeted it. Well, that doesn’t mean I love that bug, do I? I’m just mentioning it. And then I take a picture of the bug next to an ant. Does that mean that the bug and the ant are in love? NO. I know that’s a ridiculous example but you get the gist.

It’s funny how some NH fans are laughing at NS shippers and bashing us without any solid or actual evidence. Where is the proof? If you were to argue something without a proof, how are you suppose to prove the point? It’s like telling someone you love them after seeing them once on the street. Sure, you can use the song cover picture and the tweet as the evidences, but on what basis? What’s the actual link and story behind it?

I’m not saying that NS fans are all nice and friendly towards other fandoms. I have never said that. But when nothing’s really confirmed, there’s no need for NH fans to write anonymous posts on NS shippers’ blogs and ridicule them for shipping NS when, quoting from many NH shippers, “NH is already canon!”. Please. You’re giving other fandoms a bad image of your own fandom. I know there are some of you that are different and much more understanding and considerate but when some of you are so negative, that can give us an impression that the NH fandom is like that. Don’t you feel sorry for the others?

And why are you questioning us on our choice to ship NS even when, quoting from NH fans again, “NH is already confirmed”? Since when is it confirmed? Since when? Is the movie out yet? From what I know, we don’t even have a lot of information on the plot of the movie yet. Just a mere summary. And so what if we ship NS even if NH is canon? Isn’t there such thing as freedom of choice? You don’t own or control us. There is no need for us to comply with your wishes.

And NS shippers, please be understanding of NH shippers as well. We would have the same attitudes and reactions if we were them. It’s not nice to bash them just because they’re shipping a different pairing and they’re getting what they want.

I understand how shippers feel. Every fandom wants their OTP to be the end-game, to be canon. I would feel the same way when there are NS-related materials and hints but there is a limit on how much you can bash someone on the internet.

What I’m trying to say is, really, before everything is confirmed and final, please don’t get overboard. It’s not funny. Seriously.

Just because we don’t know who you are in real life even though you write anonymous posts on others’ blogs, that doesn’t mean it makes you a better person.