So I was thinking about fanfics..

When you’re reading Destiel fanfics, Cas’ full name is usually:

Castiel Novak


Castiel Milton


Castiel Collins


Castiel Krushnic

But you know what’s my FAVORITE version of his name???


I really don’t understand when people use the arguments, “Sakura only ever loved Sasuke” “Hinata only loved Naruto”, okay, yeah they did? But what about Naruto and Sasuke themselves, they never showed any interest in either of them apart from friendship. Relationships are meant to be mutual, and I wish people would stop the, well this female character liked them, that’s all that matters! They got the love of their life!

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I just saw a post shipping Dan and Phil

I have an issue with this. For one thing, it does assume sexuality somewhat, and for another it is REALLY bad for the people being shipped. Every conversation they have would be tainted by the thought that people picture them together, and if they ever wanted to actually be together, it would feel eternally forced because of the fandom. So please just ship fictional characters.