• valmontgod: this is upsetting shit.
  • lunarbreakdance: she looks like someone’s mom.
  • lunarbreakdance: he looks like a washed-up 80s pop star.
  • lunarbreakdance: who fronted some band called Explosion Division.
  • lunarbreakdance: and then dated/married his drummer’s mom.
  • lunarbreakdance: the band broke up.
  • lunarbreakdance: Thanksgivings are very awkward.
Ycon 2014 wrap up!

Ahoy all! So Ycon 2014 has come and gone and now I’m back home trying to catch up on everything while I was away! I love and miss you daybreakboys and kisskicker!

I CAN NOT believe how many amazing artist there were at this con and how many I got to meet! As always, getting to hang out with Nym of graveimpressions was awesome and I’m so happy I’ll see you again soon at Nijicon! ocicatsy and wensleydale of Space Jinx (and Teen Wolf zine amazingness) are hilarious and super cool (thank you for letting me join your Japanese sticker booth with hamletmachine!) I finally met tumblngkori in person and got one of her Price of Cats erotic bonus comics! Plus met the Tripping Over You team and scuttlebuttink- thank you all for a great time! <3 I haven’t taken a swag pic yet but I will soon. Also special thanks to nymaulth devoto-webcomic and thekinseyhouse for being on the FIRST con panel I’ve ever been on with me~ I’m still hunting down the tumblrs of a couple other artists I met if I left anyone out here.

I would never jump ship because of one fucking reason: I love my OTP no matter what happens!
If oneday chris oder Darren confirmed they do have a relationship (wether with will/mia or someone completely different of whom we don’t know anything) I will be very happy and supporting because i really want them to be happy and live their lifes as they want it to.

But a ship isn’t something you have to stop because at the moment their is no hope for it. It’s an imagination of your own phantasy how you want it to be.

Those are two different things and thats why I can’t understand why somebody ever jump the ship.

I ship CrissColfer

I ship Darren with happiness

I ship Chris with happiness

Those 3 could mean the SAME thing, but as well 3 DIFFERENT things!

U know what I am trying to say?

And please don’t hate me because I am a CC-Shipper and tagged it in the Miarren and Chill tag too because I didn’t say anything mean or something and I think this is what we all want right?

Our boys to be happy