“…and there is your son.” The Doctor said as he pointed towards a blip on the screen, guiding his finger along the lines on the machine. “…and this is your daughter.” Logan looked over at Blaine as he wrapped an arm around his waist, smiling softly at the look of pure elation and emotion that shone from Blaine’s face. He wished that the same expression radiated from his face, that he felt the obvious connection and love that Blaine did, but to him…it was just a moving image on a screen.

Evan and Ethan Brightman present Logan Wright and Blaine Anderson as Romeo and Juliet:

"Two Houses, both alike in dignity,
In fairest Dalton, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny
For ne’er close has Stuart and Windsor been.
This pair of star-cross’d lovers find new life
Entwined by song and common parents’ strife.
The fearful passage of their troubled love,
And continuance of dear Logan’s rage,
Which, but for pills, he could not rise above
Is now the subject of our humble stage.”

Dorm Party 101

Blaine loved a good party.  He wasn’t throwing this one but the guy down the hall, the one with the hook ups, was and everyone in the dorm was invited. So Blaine and his roommate took their bottles of tequila, and a bag of limes as donation and headed to the party after about a hour.  Everything was in full swing and soon enough Blaine was playing quarters and losing as always.  The music thumped heavy through the room, the bodies pressed in close, and Blaine loved every minute of it.  This was his scene, the liquor, the drugs, and the music.  Where ever he could find it, he would take it.  Even here in hetero land.