I hand delivered this print this week, from ‘Ships of the Past’ series, to a very exciting new art company called Pintora Art. I’m thrilled to be working with them and have lots of exciting things happening in the coming months.

Keep up to date with progress and the other great artists they will be working with on their Facebook Page:

Freddie Ardley Photography

Check out Freddie’s: Instagram Facebook Website

  • random person:*tweets* luke hemmings is SO hot
  • michael:*reads tweet*
  • michael:*crashes through window*
  • michael:*runs down the streets*
  • michael:*breaks into random person's house*
  • michael:*stares at random person and breathes heavily all covered in sweat*
  • michael:i know right
Why Thranduil sent Legolas to find Aragorn:

Here’s what I think…

Legolas: “If you harm her, you will have to kill me.”

Oh boy was that ungrateful little shit going to learn his lesson!

He ships it, I know it. I can feel it in my kidney.