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hello lovely people, i’m 70 followers away from 5k, so i’m gonna be doing ships!

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no notes = i cry

Levi sighs as my eyes get heavier, my head feeling like someone put a giant weight on it. “Is.. Is something wrong?” I mumble, putting my hands together. “You got stains on your dress.” I barely open my eyes, I merely squinted at the foot of the white gown. “How’d that get there?” I smile, knowing he’s upset about it, which I found mildly amusing. “Damn dogs that Sasha brought.” I giggle and my head tilts forward, sleep taking over my head. “You shouldn’t have stayed awake so late last night, especially before your wedding night.” My head gets dizzy, and I could barely understand his words. “Look.. Who’s talking… Silly…”

I had this random idea when someone said that wanted more Bottom!Harrison

I can’t think of a bottom with Barry… at least not now.

So headcanon:

Ollie finds out about the relationship between Barry and Wells, he was not happy with the man and now he is very much pissed off; he hates liars and bigotry.

Something he can’t stand is someone hurting his close friends.

He says he’s gonna teach him a lesson. 

I dunno xD

I want a  fic about this xD