Perfect Stranger

yesterday on my way home,i met a man and he said that he could erase any memory that i dont want no more.So i decided to go back today to totally erase the memory of you in my head. but still i have the second thought not to go, but i think this the best way and the right thing to do.i ask the doctor if his procedures will work,he said “yes” because his last patient was a girl also who wants to forget her past boyfriend and it was a success, only a certain part of memory will be erase the one that you dont want to remember.the doctor ask me if i realy wanted to do this and i said yes,i told him the story and he was convinced and then he said “why would you want to erase the most precious and happiest feeling and memory of your life?” then i replied “i am a fairy tale believer “Love” is one of the most important things in my life,but yet it is also the most excruciating and painful part when me and the one i love broke up”. i can see the look in the eyes of the doctor that he dont want to do the procedures but still i want it so it has been said and done.

flashback of memories one by one becoming blur and my head feels heavy,i woke up like a new person,like i was at my bed the smell of pancakes,thinking and imaginig if this thing was real. i woke up and saw the doctor and he smiled to me and ask me how do i feel. i said “amazing”. and i hug the doctor and whisper “thank you”.that memory ive benn thinking about was gone,that certain memory now i wont recognize anything about you and everything happened between the two of us,it was a tough decision but im happy and it feels like im a new person and one day we will meet on the way i wont remeber you nor know about you just like a “Perfect Stranger”.