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Name: Caitlyne

Birthday: May 16th

Favorite color: I don’t have one. 

Lucky number: 16 though it’s never really been lucky for me bwahah

Height: around 6’0” Shinyan you’re hella tall O . O 5’3

Talents: um…..writing. Not fics bwahahah no I suck at those, but writing, yeah. Sometimes I art good, sometimes nah. Um, I have a talent with animals, I guess. I blame it on the fact that I’m 1/4 Native American.

Last dream you remember: I went on a road trip with my older sister. Not sure where we were going, but it involved food, not surprisingly - _ -

Can you juggle: hahaha no

Art/sports/both: Both

Do you like writing: I can’t live without it. Writing is too much a part of me now. I am doomed for eternity of hell.

Do you like dancing: I love dancing. Now the question is, can I dance?


The disappointment is strong.

Do you like singing: 


Dream vacation: Africa or South Korea, oooh HANG GLIDING ! ! !

Dream guy/gal/other: Woo Jiho 

Dream wedding: Um, outside? I want something simple and small, I guess.

Dream pet: A wolf or an Elephant^ ^

Dream job: Published author

Favorite song: Too many to list oh my gosh. I don’t do well with favorites

Favorite album: Block B’s Mental Breaker

Least favorite song: Whatever that song Calie plays with the pretty little pill no, just…….no /shudders\

Least favorite album: ????????

Least favorite artist: Justin Bieber. But he’s not my least favorite singer. He’s my most hated “singer”. Haters gonna hate I’m leaving this because I agree

Guys/girls/other/both: Guys

Hair color: Um, anything but natural blonde or red

Eye color: I don’t have a preference

Humorous/serious: Both because I am both

Taller/shorter: Taller than me, please. 

Biggest turn-off: Smoking, being an ass to/towards anything,being judgmental in ANY WAY, I come from a very diverse family filled with all sorts of sexual preferences and I swear to you, make one rude comment (whether directed toward my family or not) and I’m going to falcon punch you in the dick > . >

Biggest turn-on: I haven’t really had the opportunity to explore this yet, so right now ???? ;)

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bumbrella said: i talk about you behind your back all the time like “MAN i fuckin love shinyan… holy shit… i do…… he and i should talk more.”

ilu. ilu because u hav special name for me. prof call me thias and u call me shinyan. nyas~~

i’ll let u kno if i get into berkeley l o l….