Ahhh I finally got him! After 1866 soft resets! and I got some nice pics to boot!

I did want to catch him in a pokeball but alas it wasn’t ment to be and is now the third shiny Ive been forced to use a masterball on in a row, and like that annoys me, like I could cope with spiritomb and memento but this was a kicker for me, after a failed critical capture too

But in better news for once my sychroniser worked!!!!!! You know what they say eight times the charm. But He’s bold natured so congrats to kaloshunter for guessing right!

Also I called him kirby because I couldn’t think of anything else and I just finished kirby triple deluxe, well Im on the final boss and keep restarting just for masked dedede haha..

springybirdd asked:

My MC's best friend has pretty much no flaws. She seems to exist solely to support my MC.... The only thing I can think of being a flaw for her is trying too hard to help MC and becoming stressed because she has school and stuff too. Do u have any suggestions on what to do about it??

Well, there you have a beginning.

She goes to school and has stuff too. What kind of stuff does she do in her daily life, besides helping her best friend? Does she go to the same class the MC goes to? How’s her family, her love life doing?

Once I read something like, treat your secondary characters as if the story was about them. Can’t remember where I read it or who said it. But it can help you here.

Other questions: Why does she support your MC? What are her motivations to do so? What does she get from it? Why does your MC need her help? What can she do for your MC that no one else can? What if she fails, what would happen to both of them? What does she think about helping your MC or is it a blind help?

To me this kind of character, the one that exists to fill a possible unexisting void, with no story on their own, isn’t necessary. If you are not showing their point of view, their life, their problems and only breath because of the MC, shouldn’t be there at all. Don’t add her flaws to make her believable. Make her real. Humans are not the definition of perfection, make her human. If in this world you can conceive a human with no flaws in your story shouldn’t happen either.

Here are some tags to help you with this

Good luck (:


✧・゚✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・Tabitha’s 420 followers give away✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧

               That is right all you lovely people! I have reached 420 followers!
Thank you to everyone who has put up with my shit since way back when and even now! This is my pokemon Give away filled with some regular and special Pokemon. 

                         WHICH INCLUDE -
Shiny Japanese Torchic. 
             Japanese Espeon with Magic Bounce.
             Shiny Dragonair.
              Lv. 100 Arceus.               >

Though there are some rules for this give away!

  • You do need to be following me on either this blog or my Maxie blog. 
  • You can only Like and re-blog ONCE.
  • You must be willing to give me your 3DS code. 
  • No sideblogs may enter this. MAIN BLOGS ONLY, OR you may only enter with your side blog and not your main blog. ONE blog per person people. 

    So now that is cleared up if you have and questions about these pokemon of the give away feel free to contact me through Tumblr. 

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:Give away ends whenever ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *

July 27th, 2011 was the date I registered on this website. For three years whenever being on this website, I have laughed, learned so many new things, and even met new people here. I never really did acknowledge the people on this website, so I have a mention post. It’s like a follow forever, but not a follow forever.

hreny’s 2014 Mentions

A+ Bloggers: dontjerkanddrive | dyselxia | fujimarukudo | happysadcore | quimeshine | rippingupthedisco | silverhawke | tellyjandro | zodiacoracle (swinglatte / blackcatlabyrinth)

These are my ultimate faves on this website because these are the people that I happen to interact the most online, whether it’s here or twitter. You guys are cool to talk with when I want to talk about something and you guys have interesting things to talk about too.

A- Bloggers:  algeboring | animeshrek | gappy-kun | goofypls | magi-krap | piekun | shiny-drifloon | tobeohnest

We reblog each others stuff very often and sometimes reply to each other. For some of you guys, I might have said we are friends at one point being on this website, but never really talked ever since. All of you guys are welcome to hmu anytime (I still happen to be a shy person online).

The Others (bolded are mutuals): 2treehill | awesome-fistingbaara | badurls | bagelbrother | bigbuttsfromgod | bowel-city | cartoonnetwerk | coolstoryno | cuteandsarcastic | craigslistdad | dlubes | domics | eggito | friendzoned | grandrna | grawly | guy | happyovvl | icarly-official | inactiveblogger | joshpeck | josukehigashikatajqg | kundus | luigiman | nentindo | nexusphantasm | noirlac | officialprincewilliam | officialwhitegirls | okarintarou | oocyst | passion | praying | r0bkardashi0n | roh-man | sadestblogger | snorlaxitives | stahl-ebooks | ugly | umbreonlywilliamzeppeli | tommypickles | xlec

This is just everyone else I’m following (I’m only following like 70 blogs). I don’t really have much to say. Whether I found you guys through a post or attracted by your URLs, you guys happen to have interesting blogs. It’s not likely I will unfollow these blogs. Also, don’t end up deactivating yourselves because I will not be a happy person afterwards. Lastly, to my mutuals, you’re all welcome to hmu or something..

100% Legit Real Crew a.k.a. IRL People: adv-in-the-boat-mo-bill | radpluto

You guys are just people I happen to know who have a tumblr. You don’t need to hear anything from me. Just stay school and don’t do drugs.

Follower Mention: To make this a little more special, I want to mention my followers too! You guys keep my interest to stay on this website. I wish you guys were just more responsive though. The following is a loose list of followers that I have seen blogging/liking posts multiple times on my dashboard in the past year orrecently (sorry in advance if you’re not listed. there’s over 1500 of you guys).

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I wish all of you guys a great year end close and wonderful new year start!


I decided to start working on Profound Legs. Back when I said I wasn’t going to bother with Trim, I promised myself I’d go back and get the legs. I’ve always wanted the body and legs, even before Trim was on the table, and having just the top is annoying me. So yeah, finishing a goal!

I had 1278 Tickets on Friday night, it’s now Sunday night and I’m up to 1511 total. Only 389 left for Legs!