ARRR, it be International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Since I already mastered me one-eyed pirate face, it be time to get meself a proper piratey cutlass! What say ye ‘bout this here shiny find, matey? It be not curved like a standard pirate cutlass, but it do match the swashbucklin’ blade o’ one Jack Sparrow!



Here is another small give-away. :)

The 6 shiny pokemon in the give-away are:

  • Kangaskan
  • Buneary
  • Absol
  • Vivillon (Polar)
  • Rarls
  • Cryogonal

For more Details about the pokemon see the pictures above. (sorry for the bad quality pictures)

The pokemon are not nicknamable.

There will be 3 winners. All 3 wins 2 pokemon, but 1. place chooses  which 2 pokemon they want first and so on.


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Things That K-POP Fans Are Tired Of Hearing!!

holy shit this is accurate!


(Excuse the butt bad quality, I was freaking out and was somewhat maybe shaking).

BUT I FINALLY CAUGHT THE SHINY OF MY DREAMS! I was at this for three or four days, searching relentlessly in the Friend Safari.
I left to heal my Pokemon and came back. I decided to actually count the amount of REs this time and this shiny Braixen took 64 REs.
Finally :) I’m sooooo happy. I wanted him to be a she and also to have its hidden ability, but right now I’m too happy to care for details.

It has two perfect IVs (Def., Sp. Atk).
I named him Fire God, but I’m thinking of changing it aheeee ^_^/ probably something a lot more simple. But anyway, yaaaaay!