I might just be easily impressed, but my dad has serious wrapping skills. He always makes geometric boxes and wraps them so nicely I feel bad opening them. 

I think these are a lot more interesting to look at than anything I made today, so i’m posting them here. 

Wasn’t recording locally but was recording on xsplit~
I have a little Clover in the recording when I do it over XSplit:

I was looking for Shuppet but I haven’t found one of these guys yet so that’s fine too~

Bureau LADA. ( DHL Architecture for Atelier Malkovich ) Pavilion for an Artist . Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  photos : Thomas Lenden

The Pavilion has a strong, hard and reflective shell and a warm, soft core. It is an uninterrupted space, an archive corridor, where the artist can walk around and around, endlessly roaming through their orderly labyrinth, master of their soul. If full to the brim it must be emptied and tidied – it is a hard disc for the creative mind! (c) archdaily