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I think Bianca is the pokemon character I relate too the most, honestly

PkHex Tutorial! [How to Make your own legal pokemon]

Hey people! This is my first tutorial ever made and I hope is understandable for everybody! I’ll teach you how to make a perfectly legal pokemon with PkHex and the QR Code.

  • What do you need?
  • PkHex (You can download it here: >here<)
  • Free Time…

Now let’s get started… Once you downloaded PkHex you will see a little window like this:

What this means?

  • Click the star if you want a shiny pokemon, but you neeed to do this everytime you click “Reroll”
  • Click the Gender to swap it.
  • Click Reroll to give the pokemon a PID
  • In the Species there’s every pokemon (even hoopa and volcanion)
  • In the level you can put 1 - 100, there’s no need to guess the EXP.
  • Nature and Held Item, to make your pokemon even more perfect.
  • You can put the Frienship from 0 -255
  • You can select the form of your pokemon: Mega or Normal, or the color or pattern in the case of Vivillion. (If you will choose mega, you can use it only in game.)
  • You can select the Ability of your pokemon, to make it like you choose.
  • The Language, Country, Sub Region and 3Ds region doensn’t matter that much, you can put whatever you want there…
  • NEVER CHOOSE “IS EGG” if is not a starter or any other pokemon that can be born from egg (No legendaries or evolutions)
  • "Infected" and "Cured" stands for the Pokerus, but this one is optional.

Here’s where you put, the normal information about the pokemon, but look out, if you want a Battle Ready pokemon but you don’t know how to make one I suggest you to search on Google, Serebii or Smogon, they have a lot of movesets and legal stuff. Once you selected your pokemon the window will look like this:

All in this Abomasnow is perfectly legal, so we can advance…

In the Met window you will find something like this:

Something pretty simple just adjust everything as I do:

Always click in “Today’s Date” in “Met Day” so there’s no error. There’s no way to do Legal Legends yet, since they can’t hatch from an egg.

The Stats Window is pretty simple too:

You can choose here the IV’s - Ev’s and the Contest Stats, but we will be working only with IV’s and Ev’s if you touch the Contest Stats, the pokemon will not work online.

I followed the EV’s of smogon, so I can make sure that everything is legal, if the Ev’s are above 508 or 510 your pokemon will not work.

Now one important thing the “Attacks Window”

You need to be pretty careful there, do a research to make sure that your pokemon can learn all the attacks you’re going to put there, if you already know, this will be a very easy step…

Here’s how mine looks, following the Smogon Rules:

Don’t touch the “PP Ups” or the relearn moves, or your pokemon will be only for in game stuff.

And now one of the final steps: The OT/Misc Window

This one is pretty easy, you just need to put your Trainer ID in the TID and your IGN (In Game Name) in OT, don’t touch the ribbons/medals, memories/amie, encryption constant or extra bytes.

Once everything is finished will look like this:

Now, my pokemon is ready! But how do I get the QR Code?

Make sure that everything is ok, and select “File” and click “Save As”

Don’t change the default name and save it like .PKX

Now you will have your file ready:

Now the Final Step: Go to and drag the file under the frame that says: “Drag yer pokeymans here bellow" if you did everything right you will get the code:

Now proceed to scan the code following the rules. Now, ¿my pokemon works online? There’s only a way to find out, send him via wondertrade or try to enter in the battle spot with him. If any works, that means your pokemon is ready and you can start to work on your dream team ;)

Through my search of stories and videos of how people catch these mythical beasts, I noticed a lot of stories of people finally getting their beloved shiny legendary. In the end to lose them to them using struggle because they no longer have any moves or using their masterball.

In my opinion, I hate the masterball! To many times have I gotten hacked pokemon with that ball, so that’s all I see :/ I do understand that people do use it as a last resort.
For me I like to have my pokemon matching with their pokeball. Call me weird but I do, gives it more of a spiffy look.

Well lets get started!

First off you want to get this guy here! Exeggutor! He doesn’t seem like much but he/she is the primary key to not have your shiny legendary use struggle.

Nature: Calm
EVs: 252 HP  252 Sp.Def and 4 in Def
Item: Leppa Berry
Abaility: Harvest: May create another berry after one is used. Berry regains 100% in sunny weather.
Moves: Sunny Day, Sleep Power, Bestow and Skill Swap

With this setup your Exeggutor can make this battle last as long as you need. 
Use Skill Swap first, switching their abilities to said legendary now has the Harvest ability. 
Next Bestow is used next on said legendary, Leppa Berry is now in the hands of said legendary. When its PP runs dry, munch munch, regains its PP.
Harvest then comes into affect and repeats. Making the battle run as long as you need to catch your shiny legendary.

Hope this helps and happy hunting!

How To Get Your Shiny Charm before completing the Pokedex:

No QR CODE Required.

This Method Has Been Tested on X and Y and OR/AS.

1. Launch Web Browser then delete History and Cookies. (1x)

2. Launch Game and Save outside the Pokemon Center.

3. Press “Home” and launch the Web Browser.

4. Go to URL: and wait until an error “pop-up” message appears. (Type it with a capital S)

5. Resume OR/AS or XY game and enter the Pokemon center.

6. Collect the Shiny Charm from the “Mystery gift” delivery girl.

7. Save Game.

Please Do Not Collect the “Shiny Charm” from the Professor.  Since, I don’t know what happens when the game detects multiple key items. 

Happy Shiny Hunting!

Manakete Leo! I was going to colour this properly, but by the time I get to it it’ll be old- I really like how this one came out! And I don’t think that often-

The reason I made Leo a manakete is because of the whole Glen family line! So in my head Levi and Oswald would also be manaketes. This also kinda mirrors the Taguel Oz I made before, which I need to redraw!

Feel free to remove the caption if you feel like reblogging-

Day 299 - Nyorozo | ニョロゾ | Poliwhirl (Shiny)

Nyorozo are always testing their strength, picking up things that are heavier than they can handle. But instead of feeling annoyed at soreness, they use it as motivation to train more.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day.)

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