At last the physical production for Little Witch Academia 2 (LWA2, title pending) has started in the studio! It is a great pleasure to see Akko and her friends receive the chance to be animated once again.

Today I would like to update our backers that our director Yoh Yoshinari is just about finishing up on drawing up the storyboard for our new episode! If all goes well, we should have a completed storyboard by this weekend!

With the storyboard just a moment away from completion, the studio is making final preparation to animating the project! Just a night ago, we had our first Saku-uchi (industry lingo for animator’s meeting with the director to get consensus with each other.) At the current rate of process,we are hoping to finish the project around May 2015.

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Hey everyone! This Christmas I’m feeling pretty festive so I’d like to have a free-for-all giveaway! Yep, anyone that wants one can have one! I’ll be giving away the ULTIMATE breeding partner for Pokemon X/Y and ORAS.

It’s a shiny, Japanese Ditto with perfect IVs (31 in every stat) and a Timid nature! Not only can this Pokemon breed you the best you can breed, but there’s an increased chance a baby will come out shiny! How’s that for a Christmas miracle? 

If you’d like one of these litter buggers, just send me an ask with your In-Game name and your friendcode and you’ll be all set. I have two (2) full boxes of them so I’ll be giving them away until they are empty. That’s over 60 Ditto! I hope you all have a very happy holiday season, and be safe!

Be sure to add my information first, so I can shovel them out as fast as possible. Feel free to reblog this as well!

IGN | Lamarr

Friendcode | 1306-5771-5326


Ahh sorry this took so long I had tons to do ;w;

But I did it, well more my sister did while I was building something but like still,  2858 SR late I found it shiny! This has been my longest soft reset hunt so far and ahhh it was worth it look how pretty he is, perfect for a christmas shiny!

Also if you’re wondering why the masterball this little evil thing has a move called memento which for those who don’t know means it knocks its self out so like not taking that chance dear god.

Anyway as for nature guesses fancychansey got it right with adamant! Honestly I was hoping for bold which mains again my synchroniser has fails, send help please T~T But hey this is still good!