♡ Adventures at Sanrio Gallery, Shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan ♡

Hello everyone~!! Yesterday, my love and I spent a whopping 9 hours on our little feeties in various parts of Osaka, crawling through backstreets and unknown underground paths to explore some of my favourite fashion brand stores and also to scope out some good deals on used camera lenses for our photography endeavours~!!

One of the very last places we visited was Sanrio Gallery in Shinsaibashi. It’s three stories high and filled with the stuff of dreams ; 7 ; 

I treated myself to an early Christmas present and bought this adorable Kiki and Lala wallet and wristwatch. There were so many other items I wanted but I was too sleepy to choose~!! I will definitely be sneaking back in there with a basket at the ready. I’m really happy with the cuteness and quality of my items, I just love Kiki and Lala so much. I was even given a little sticker attached to my shopping bag as if the staff knew which one to choose hehe ♡

Place: Daimaru Shinsaibashi Sanrio Gallery
Address: 1-5-21 Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Opening Hours: 11.30am - 8:30pm
Nearest Station: Shinsaibashi Station or walk from Namba

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Osaka April 2013 Part 2

Second part of my Osaka trip is all about free time and shopping! Since I made the itinerary for the whole trip, I’m pretty sure my whole family expected 1-2 days for exploration… a.k.a. mall hopping. Thankfully, none of them complained about having too much free time, as they also had their own share of unique fashion finds!

Me and my brothers at Kyoto Station. Our trip also had Kyoto and Nara in between (which I’ll be blogging about in the next few weeks) but in the end, we had to go back to Osaka to take the plane home to Manila.  

Traveling from Osaka to Kyoto (or vice versa) is so fast and easy that you can just take a day trip to one place but go back to your original hotel at night.  

After dropping off all our luggage at the hotel, we headed straight to the Shinsaibashi area for some sightseeing… err, shopping. We stayed in the same hotel in JR Osaka Station, making it very convenient to just take the train straight to Shinsaibashi Station.

My brother Calel waiting outside Tokyu Hands. Always a good place to start shopping.  

No one in their right mind would attack without filling their stomachs first! Before we did any real shopping, we went for some katsu in one of the underground passageways.

Wonderful wedges!

Shinsaibashi-suji is a covered shopping street that is a must visit for all shopaholics! 

I particularly loved the Lowry’s Farm here as the store was huge! I make sure to drop by Lowry’s Farm every time I get the chance (also available in Collect Point in Singapore and Hong Kong) because they are one of the most affordable Japanese brands I know that carries quality trendy items. 

Allamanda by INGNI. The mannequin on the left makes me miss my long hair so much! It would probably be this length now if I hadn’t cut it short. 

I didn’t buy anything from this store (though I would have, if you presented these clothes to 20/21-year-old me) but it was a delight just looking at their clothes. Everything was extra sweet and dainty. Florals and pastels galore.

one spo’s summer collection is to die for! I’m a sucker for black and white with yellow color accent so I pretty much ogled at everything when I was here. Daisy prints are huge right now and I couldn’t blame them for placing them everywhere - tops, skirts, caps, accessories and even shoes!

Dotonbori billboards.

The famous Kani Doraku built in the 1960s.

Why hello there, Nino! <3

Osaka Shochiku-za, a theater for kabuki plays.

Taken just before the influx of people who went here to eat dinner. Good thing I managed to snap this photo before it got crazy! 

Me and the iconic Glico man, originally installed in the 1930s. 

The end of Shinsaibashi-suji.

The start of Ebisubashi-suji. (Crowd was starting to get crazy here)

Dotonbori canal just before sunset.

Went back to the entrance of Shinsaibashi-suji!

I saved the best for last. Went to Shinsaibashi OPA for 11 floors of Japanese fashion goodness! This is my favorite place in Osaka for shopping as it’s reminiscent of Shibuya 109.

Laguna Moon’s S/S 2013 collection was also resort-inspired like most of the other brands. Not a bad thing though, as the palm tree prints and light, breezy materials are perfect for us living in tropical countries. Matching top and bottom set is also a big trend.

LANDS OF Eden had these cute neon yellow/green accents to give spunk to dark colors and neutrals. Peplum is also not yet over!

Retro girly is still in for spring! This style is something the Japanese will never get tired of, I guess! 

Sky high strappy platforms at Esperanza. Got lucky with a pair of two-tone white/yellow pointy pumps at 50% off!

OMG, SLY. I’ve been obsessing over their current collection/s for the past months. This brand has also converted me into wearing more dangling earrings and statement accessories. This is a huge leap considering my usually conservative taste in jewelry.

Current collection features Keith Haring collaboration items.

EMODA, of course. Love the leaf print series, as well as the all-white coordinates that look so neat. Minimalist but chic as always! I didn’t splurge too much here because I already knew I was going back to Tokyo anyway for EMODA’s TouchMe show. I already blogged about it here!

KOJIHARU by the entrance to OPA. She’s my AKB bias! Too pretty!

Creative Marc by Marc Jacobs store display! The head scarves make me want to try this style out one of these days.

Yakitori for dinner.

Went around the area (at this point, I didn’t bother knowing which street was which) and spotted some unique stores. Surprisingly, there was also an American Apparel in the area.

Vintage-inspired tank tops at this place where they sell gas masks and military stuff, lol. The contrast!

Vintage adidas everywhere! They were selling a lot of discontinued and limited edition items that are now apparently super hard to find.

I remember taking a photo of similar vending machine in Fukuoka, and it didn’t look anything like this, hahaha

Stylish young mom in front of McDonalds. I went to Japan just before Golden Week and they had these special burgers that I failed to try, lol. Maybe next year? *hopes and prays*

The next day, which was our last whole day in Japan, we just killed time around JR Osaka Station. There was a giant Yodobashi (electronics heaven) so we went in and geeked out for a while. Took a break from all the fashion and got myself a quirky camera bag for my dSLR and lenses. It is white and red with floral prints. ONLY IN JAPAN! Been looking out for cutesy ones for the longest time now but have only been seeing boring black ones which I know have more functionality and stuff but sue me for being a girly girl

Who can say no to all this beef? 

The eggs are for our tamago kake gohan <3 I don’t normally eat a lot of rice but Japanese rice (especially with egg) is my weakness.

Chanced upon this new place called NU Chayamachi by the Chayamachi exit of Umeda Station. 

There were many artists exhibiting their work in the area, but I was fortunate enough to watch this girl create her masterpiece from scratch. They weren’t just limited to drawing on walls though! Some of them created 3D art and placed them everywhere – on trees, lamp posts, etc. 

KATE SPADE SATURDAY! This is only available in Japan so I totally spazzed when I saw it accidentally.

I was able to talk to one of the shop staff who wanted to practice her English! She told me she used to work for Uniqlo where she was able to meet a good friend who also happened to be Filipino like me. Now her friend is working in New York! She, on the other hand, would love to go to Paris one day. I also told her to visit the Philippines too, and then she went on and on about some of her friends loving every bit of Cebu and Boracay. Yay!

Another artist’s work. 

One of the store displays along EST. Transparent bags were also everywhere, in different shapes and sizes. These heart-shaped ones were absolutely darling, and now I regret not buying one!

For cat lovers! They even had cat-shaped tape dispensers!

Afternoon coffee at this quirky bookstore. 

HEP Five, also a must visit for those interested in shopping for fashion in Osaka. It’s a quick walk from JR Osaka station and you can’t miss it! There’s a bright red ferris wheel on top!

After shopping, I had some free time to sneak in some shots of people’s outfits. Everyone was walking so fast though, and my photography skills were rusty. Couldn’t keep up. :P

This girl’s shoes are killing me (in a good way)! I can never pull this look off but she worked it so well. Fell in love with the whole pastel color scheme that even matched her youthful face and hairstyle.

Ugh, they make oversized clothes look good too! <3

Entrance of HEP Five. Spotted two girls wearing vertical striped bottoms and denim jackets. Another huge trend in Japan now.

Positivity all the way! Even this brand agrees with me! 

JR Osaka Station at night. It was my last night and I wanted to explore on my own a bit. 

Managed to catch Arashi ni Shiyagare on TV just before I went to sleep!

Osaka was super fun - I can’t wait to go back. If someone were to ask me to choose between Osaka and Tokyo, I’d be so torn. This place is so endearing in its own special way! <3


LumièreShinsaibashi [dinner] (continued from here). Continuing with their tend of light dishes, their signature peach on peach on peach dish (that’s peach granita, peach sorbet and peach soup) was nice and clean, and of course, refreshing. I liked the little crispy peach skin garnish. Oh, look Lil, there’s a peach foam!! The caramel flourless tart lacked a bit of richness you would normally expect, however, it wasn’t bad. At this stage we were both a bit full (and pissed from all the wine), nonetheless, petit fours of chocolate lolly pops with popping candy and little panna cotta “droplets” could not be ignored. 

One of the most interesting things about Lumière is Chef Karato’s approach to cooking French inspired food. He chooses to make fairly light dishes, avoiding a lot of cream and butter. I mean, after a fair bit of food, the walk back to Shinsaibashi station wasn’t so bad. In fact, I remember saying I was satisfied but didn’t feel like I had over eaten. Don’t get me wrong, I like heavy sauces and things seared in butter, but sometimes I can feel a bit overwhelmed after eating such things. This was not one of those days. For this and other reasons Lumière is indeed worth a try.  

Good knowledgeable service. Variety of wines was awesome. ¥20000 pp (including wine). Tabelog entry here. 


This year’s Summer, the SCANDAL SHOP will continue to be in operation! Following the Shibuya branch in Tokyo, the shop will now also open for the first time at Shinsaibashi in Osaka!! As the time period is limited, don’t let your chance to visit slip by this Summer♪

Regarding the SCANDAL SHOP → It carries plenty of original goods, such as tour goods, SCANDAL MANIA, Feedback!, CANTA goods and SCANDAL-related items. The largely popular SCANDAL Gacha-gacha Original Frame will also be brought back, and for the first time ever, the shop will also feature a Purikura (Japanese Photobooth) machine! Not to mention, the Shinsaibashi shop will also feature Osaka-Shop-Limited items.

If you can, come and have fun at the 3rd installment of the SCANDAL SHOP♪

The official limited store at Shibuya and Shinsaibashi will be open from 19th July (Sat) till 31st August (Sun). For exact opening hours and addresses of each shop, click HERE.

※ To note: The time-limited Purikura machine will only be situated in the new Shinsaibashi branch. Above translations by me. Do also follow the official shop’s Ameba blog HERE for more shop-related posts!