“Ark 方舟” by Shin-P feat. KAITO, MEIKO, and Hatsune Miku 

Shin-P is also the author of “The dirty and unmanly force Urotander.” I love Shin-P!  :,D   

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Wagamama Drop by ShinP feat. GUMI Adult

You might recognize ShinP as the creator of Urotandar and its related songs. It might be quite a surprise to hear, but yes, he’s still active to this day! This one is his latest; a slower song that is rather dissimilar to his usual robot-anime-soundtrack-esque fare. It’s a pretty good song, all things considered, with some well-done tuning as usual.

Thanks to Shin’s natural talent with mature vocals, this song really brings out the “Adult” in GUMI Adult. Since it seems that most uses of GUMI’s V3 voicebanks can’t muster more than a small change, this is refreshing, even if she can be overly nasal at times.

As for the song itself… well, it’s nice, but rather repetitive and maybe a bit forgettable if you’re not one to enjoy this sort of thing. Nevertheless, if you do like the genre, want to know where a classic producer is now, or are simply curious, this might be a good one for you.