send me bvb themed questions

1. name your favorite player

2. name your least favorite player

3. who has been your favorite contract signing?

4. which season kit is your ultimate favorite?

5. what squad is your preferred squad? ex. striker squad, keeper squad, defender squad etc.

6. black or yellow?

7. which player has the best hair?

8. which player has the worst hair?

9.  what is your bvb otp?

10. which player has the most swag?

11. which players jersey name and number combo is the best?

12. which players jersey do you own?

13. most memorable bvb match?

14. jonas hofmann is back, gif your reaction

15. favorite goal celebration?

16. toughest moment as a bvb fan?

17. which player would strike you as the most romantic?

18. which player would you go on a date with?

19. who’s wag do you wish to be?

20. favorite photo that involves one or more players

21. funniest bvb moment

22. home or away?

23. reusbin or aubatmeyang?

24. which player would strike you as the goofiest?

25. what song do you associate the team with?