Soul eater’s shinigami, Shinigami-Sama/ Death Note’s(principal) shinigami, Ryuuk.
They both are shinigamis, and they’re not so different too. Unless the 1º is kind and the 2º is evil, 1º is cute and 2º scary, 1º have a son and the 2º cannot even fall in love… Ugh, nevermind it.
Well, they both will make you laugh so hard!

Blog #7

Shinigami Sama

Shinigami Sama is the school administrator for the DWMA. He is also a Death God that is here to purge evil out of the world, especially an evil known as the Kishin. Now the kishin was born from Shinigami Sama taking the fear out of his own soul, so technically the Kishin is his son.(manga, not anime.) Shinigami started the school after he fought with the Kishin, in which he won and sealed the Kishin away in a bag of his own skin. He started the school to teach young people who had the ability to turn into weapons, and the other people who could wield the weapons. The job of these people was too collect the souls of the people who were going to become a kishin. The weapons would be the ones to collect the souls, either by eating them or merging with them. But once a weapon collects 99 kishin souls, and the soul of one witch, they become a Death Scythe. A Death Scythe is weapon that is used personally by Shinigami Sama as a tool for fighting a Kishin if necessary. Shinigami Sama has a son named Death the Kid, who was also taken out of the soul of Shinigami but a more happy side of him. I hope this post about Shinigami Sama was helpful!