John Cheese says change takes time, whether it’s fixing your life or nailing the Han Solo hip wiggle.

5 Things That Have to Happen Before You Fix Your Crappy Life

#4. You Have to Accept That the Process Is Slooooooow

Sometimes, as in my case, it takes years. If get-rich-quick schemes worked, if breaking up or fixing a relationship was easy, if ending addiction just required willpower and a decision to quit, nobody would have problems ever again. We’d all be rich and grinding genitals with virtual deities.

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Musical AU :Mischa and Erow:

Erow wondered into town. The people busy on there usual twilight hour duties. He kept his own business. His eyes catching a few fine people along the way. He would whistle and growl there way, cuasing some to look in discust. He was feelign pretty good today. It was a pretty good evening for him. He was prepared for a good day as well. He would probably mess with someone. He grinned and started to home something. His rough, but nice voice fulled the streets. 

A loud, elongated yawn echoed through the relatively still house, Zefri scratched the tip of his nose that had begun to itch while his hands were busy. The mage stared long and hard at the mixture he had made, making notes of its appearance. Cautiously, he ran a hand across the vial, hand glowing a magical aura. The focused expression turned into a frown as he emptied the potion down the chemical disposal drain, leaving the vial in the sink while he drew a large red X across the page he was writing on. Another dud.

OMFG, I finally finished! I DID NOT realized that Krieg actually has a ton of junk on his bod. I’m not used to drawing weapons or masks or dood bods even for funsies… wughhguh…..

Still, I just had to draw him after watching the Meat Bicycle Built for Two video. It was so damn cute. Especially when he screamed “TURN AROUUUUND PRETTY LAYDAYYYYYY!” He’s fucking awesome and funny cray. I can’t help but laugh really hard at everything he says.

Anywayz, used Photoshop CS5, homemade watercolor textures and steak pattern. Krieg packed nipple salads in a picnic basket for his Vault Hunter friends. (◕‿◕✿)

Starter for Mischa.


Zefri was feeling restless as he paced the floor of his shop, staring at the rows of trinkets and potions lining the shops. He was restless, impatient…


Zefri didn’t want to admit it out loud, but he was missing the old days of being an adventurer. He found himself looking at freelance mages and the novice wizards with envy, a desire for discovery and exploration, new experiences and old ruins was clotting in Zefri’s gut.

The eternal mage sighed and sat at his desk. He wasn’t going to get an adventure just like that. There were plenty of adventurer mages already.