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Eric’s first photo book ‘ERIC in HONGKONG’
Pre-orders to open soon!
Pre-orders to open online through ‘Dawa Music’ on 2015.05.29 FRI
Release 2015.06.11 THU

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[Eric’s first photo book ‘ERIC in HONGKONG’]
The much rumored photo book coming soon!
Pre-orders 2015.05.29 FRI~ 06.10 WED

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[Eric’s first photo book ‘ERIC in HONGKONG’] Pre-order online through ‘Dawa Music’ / Offline Release 2015.06.11 THU…

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130601 Shinhwa Company Facebook Update

[관리자의 전하는 말]
우리 모두 함께합시다!
기쁨은 나누면 배가 되지요. 1200배정도?

여러분이 여섯번째로 주신 상 감사합니다!
오늘은 우는 감동하지말고, 신나는 감동해요

[Message from the Admin] Let’s do it together! Happiness becomes much more when it’s shared. About 1200 times more? Thank you everyone for our sixth trophy! Let’s be emotional in a fun way today, not a crying way.

[130615] Shinhwa Company Facebook Update

[관리자의 전하는 말]
THIS LOVE의 보깅댄스는
이들과 함께해야 완벽합니다.
멋쟁이 신화댄서팀- 다리 감싸줘서 고마워요♡

오늘 신화의 마지막무대도 완벽했죠?

[Message from the Admin]
THIS LOVE’s voguing dance has to be done
with these guys to be perfect.
Shinhwa’s dancer team cool guys - Thank you for wrapping around our legs♡

Shinhwa’s final stage today was perfect as well, right?

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130605 Shinhwa Company Facebook Update

[관리자의 전하는 말]
모두의 꽃받침을 원하시나요?
7번째 트로피 기념 꽃받침 나갑니다.

내일은 순국선열 호국영령을 위한 날입니다. 
태극기는 잘 있는지 오늘 확인해보세요.

[Message from the Admin] Do you want the flower pose from all members? This is the flower pose in celebration of our 7th trophy. Tomorrow is the Korean Memorial Day. Check if your Korean flag is safe today.

[130617] Shinhwa Company Facebook Update

[관리자의 전하는 말]
mnet 댄싱 서바이벌 프로그램 ‘댄싱9'의
마스터로 출연하는 소식을 전해드립니다.
댄싱9이 뭐냐구요? 마스터가 뭐냐구요?
7월20일에 시작되는 방송을 봐주세요!
(관리자도 잘 모릅니다.)

[Message From The Admin]
(I’m) here to deliver the news that
COOL GUY Minwoo-nim is going to appear on
mnet’s dancing survival program 'Dancing9’ as a master.
What is Dancing9, you ask? What is a master, you ask?
Please watch the broadcast which starts on July 20th!
(The admin doesn’t really know either.)

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How to Get to Shinhwa Company

Hello orange princesses~~ I just want to share a direction to Shinhwa Company. Its address is 서을시 용산구 한남동 123번지 고뫄스 빌딩 6층.

First, take the subway JUNGANG LINE, it’s the light blue color, and leave at Hannam Station (한남역) (the one that I circled)

There’s only one exit in this station, so take your way through this exit.

After you reach the exit, go straight and you will see Hannam River Top Apartment, and then turn right. Just walk straight until the end of the street and then turn left, you will see the cars moving on your opposite direction. Just walk straight until you reach the Gomoas Building on your left!

This is the Satellite view of this area~~

And say hello to SHINHWA COMPANY~~ Hope u’re lucky so you can meet our ahjussis~~

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