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Shin Hye Sung] SHIN HYE SUNG + OAK JOO HYUN DIGITAL SINGLE ‘Love…After’ RELEASE at noon today!


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[Shin Hye Sung] Shin Hyesung remake project Once again #4. Love…After (Duet. Oak Joohyun) A collaboration of SHINHWA • Fin.K.L’s main vocalists!


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1. Love…After (Duet. Oak Joohyun)
Lyrics by: Shim Jaehee / Composed by: Shin Insoo / Arranged by Jang Jiwon)
The original ‘Love…After’, released in 2006, was a duet with Lyn and part of the OST for the music drama ‘Donghwa’ starring Eric. It was a trendy, emotional, medium-tempo ballad that sang of a painful separation.
Composer Shin Insoo, who previously produced Fly to the Sky’s ‘Even Though My Heart Hurts’ and the OST for KBS’s ‘Winter Sonata’, wrote the melody. The new version was rearranged by arranger and pianist Jang Jiwon, who previously worked on the colorful melody that used various instruments in ‘Doll’, the second song of Shin Hyesung’s remake project. He managed to make ‘Love…After’ more classy, trendy, and modern while still retaining the R&B mood of the early 2000s.
He changed the repetitive and straightforward rhythm of the original to a 4beat rhythm to make the song ascend in emotion. As for the chord work, he added a more mysterious mood to the simplicity of the original, adding to the vocals of the two singers and helping their harmony to stand out.)

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[NOTICE] We are currently replacing the music files of <Shin Hyesung+Oak Joohyun’s ‘Love…After’> on music sites as some static has occurred for unknown causes. You will be able to download the clean files after they are replaced. We will make sure to notify you when the replacements are in place.

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[NOTICE] All the files of <Shin Hyesung+Oak Joohyun’s ‘Love…After’> have been replaced. Please download the new files if you have purchased a file with the static. Thank you.

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[Shin Hye Sung] <Official Lyrics Video> SHIN HYE SUNG + OAK JOO HYUN Love…After youtu.be/9WXfI2dnBoE

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[NOTICE] All the files of <Shin Hyesung+Oak Joohyun’s ‘Love…After’> in question have been replaced, but some mobile applications are known to still play the previous files. The problem can be solved by deleting and re-downloading the apps themselves.

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[Shin Hye Sung] [EVENT] Download Shin Hyesung’s remake project [Once Again #4] ‘Love…After’ (Track 1) and get an autographed poster! on.fb.me/1tnIdCH


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[News] Mention of Eric in Yoon Kyesang interview

Yoon Kyesang: “People change once they’ve hit bottom”

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Q. Recently there was an interview of Shinhwa’s Eric with the title “Saying we’re rivals with god means you’re treating us like old-school singers.”

Yoon Kyesang: Ah, I saw that article. Oh~ I was so sorry. Shinhwa’s been active all this time, and they’re big overseas too. They’re not old-school but recent.

Q. If Shinhwa’s ‘recent’, what would you call god?

Yoon Kyesang: ‘A returned group?’ (Everyone laughs) I guess you could say we’re a ‘rookie group’ too with our new start.

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junjin once said that the role of the oldest and youngest has switched in shinhwa. explaining how andy acts more mature than eric who was playful all the time.

and that’s why i love ricdy, because every once in awhile, eric will take on the role of the big brother and pamper his little maknae.

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[News] Mention of Eric in Joosuc article

Joosuc releases a video celebrating the release of his new song ‘Birthday’…Beenzino, Eric, and more show support



Most of those in the video became friends with Joosuc through musical endeavors or sports activities. Eric in particular is active as both a singer and actor and showed his friendship with Joosuc through previous participation in Joosuc’s songs.


Source: Wstar News

Halloween Bunny - RicSyung - Completed

Happy Halloween my dear fellow Shinhwa Changjo!


Junjin hands over a weird bag with a weird content to Shin Hyesung saying ‘use this well’ in order to ‘show his true feelings to Eric’ and ‘do something for him’.

Later on that day Eric receives a worrisome message from Hyesung…

Halloween Bunny - click here to continue.

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