Compared to Taemin, I didn’t know a lot about being a ‘singer’ and when I first came to the company, Taemin was so good at dancing. So instead of competing, I thought that I should learn from him, and I actually did learn a lot from Taemin. And then, when Taemin first debuted and I was left alone, a lot of people asked me if I felt jealous or the need to compete since we’re the same age and yet Taemin debuted first. I was in the situation of learning and I thought it was natural that I wasn’t to debut.©

The bond between SHINee and EXO is more special than I can ever hope to describe. When people say that these two bands are friends, I believe that to be an understatement. SHINee stood with EXO when they received their award for Song of the Year and EXO ran up to SHINee and hugged them as they cried. Sometimes we forget that the members in their respective bands aren’t the only people who helped them make it through the restlessness and hardship of training days. If you look at the back of SHINee’s albums, including the ones they made long before EXO existed, You’ll find the names of EXO members written in the thanks to section. Kai, Kris, and Suho having been in SM the longest out of the EXO members even knew SHINee before they had their debut in 2008; they practically watched SHINee grow from being trainees unsure of their future into the men of today who were able to win such a prestigious award.

When SHINee  won Artist of the Year and EXO stood and watched them before running up to give them hugs, you’d realize they weren’t giving them hugs of formalities, but genuine hugs out of happiness for their friends; their brothers. You could see Minho grabbing multiple members into his arms at the same time, hugging them with joy. Jonghyun swayed side to side while rubbing the backs of the members of EXO that hugged him. Key and Onew were crying hard while EXO hugged them along with the rest of SHINee. But most of all, Taemin, who’s best friend, Kim Jongin, held him in his arms and cried with him.

Today both groups were made proud of each other, to see the years of their friends’ hard work finally pay off. You can tell that they will always be there to support each other no matter what hardships come their way. I’ve seen a lot of label mates that are friends, but the brotherhood that SHINee and EXO share is just too immeasurable to be labeled.