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[News] SHINee’s Jonghyun Wants to Sing ‘Replay’ at ‘Totoga’ in 20 Years

SHINee’s Jonghyun recently enjoyed a special picnic with his fans.

The March 5 broadcast of MBC Music’s live program Picnic Live will feature Jonghyun as the first participant in 2015, who will be sharing his honest stories and life’s turning point under the theme of ‘Half Time Day’ with 30 of his fans.

Jonghyun introduced the fans’ stories related to future career, love, army enlistment and more as he shared his sincere advice. He revealed, “The turning point in my life is right now, as I have released a solo album as a member of SHINee.”

He then looked back at the past eight years of promotions and named some of the most special moments, including his debut days of singing Replay in colorful skinny jeans and crying after receiving his first daesang six years after his debut.

When the fans asked which song he wants to sing if he were to appear on Saturday, Saturday is for Singers (Totoga) 20 years from now, he answered, “I would definitely sing Replay. I would also wear the colorful skinny jeans,” as he happily imagined himself in 20 years.

On this day, Jonghyun presented his explosive singing skills and musical sentiments on the live stage, showing his side as an artist instead of an idol.

Jonghyun opened the stage by singing Deja-Boo along with Zion. T and performed Love Belt for the first time, captivating the audience members with his romantic harmony with Younha.

Picnic Live featuring Jonghyun’s honest thoughts on his life’s turning point as well as special collaboration stages with Zion. T and Younha will air on March 5 at 6 p.m. (KST)

Photo credit: MBC Music

Credit: CJ E&M enewsWorld Lee Ji Young
Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

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// I’M ALIVE BUT NOT REALLY. and equally as horrible as always, of course!

I’m obviously alive, meaning that I still wake up in the morning, do chores and visit the University. I also game (*ANGRILY SHAKES FIST AT SUNLESS SEA*) and write, buuut …

I’m not being awfully ‘alive’ on this side of the internets, which I apologize. My interests have suddenly aligned in a different direction, and I know I promised a lot of content and *~* foreshadowing *~* but wellp … shit happened. :c

In the good sense! I mentioned before that I started RP’ing on a Dragon Age forum that’s really inspiring me to write, a lot. I’m not sure how long this ‘phase’ will last, but I’m sure I’ll be able to juggle between the forums and Tumblr to get activity pumping back in this blog again. 

But that day is not today.

So, I guess I’m on an unofficial hiatus until I get my steam going on again.

I was tagged by my wonderful boyfriend ( chincactus ) to do 15 things that make me happy so here goes :)

1) Nathan
2) Animals
3) Nature/plants
4) Designing and drawing
5) When the sun shines on your back and it’s really warm
6) Books that have pretty covers
7) LOTR/Skyrim style things
8) Science and space
9) Big cities at night with all their lights (New York/Seattle) !!!
10) Spontaneous acts of kindness towards you
11) Finding nice clothes that fit well
12) Nathan being happy
13) Baguettes. Baguettes. Baguettes.
14) Knowing I had a positive effect on something/someone
15) Cloudy lemonade

(I tag anybody who sees this and wants to do it!:3)

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