So I was at the bus today, coming home from school. I listened to music from my head phones, as usual. The song playing was Miyano Mamoru’s Shine, as the mv came out few days ago… Well, I started looking around me and then I noticed this young japanese man sitting few seats away from me. An obviously he was listening to music, too, and singing quietly along. And then, I heard Mamo saying “Touch me”  and at the same time, I could see that young man say it too, and I could see him continue the song… I just kept staring at him, so obviously at some point he noticed me. I just smiled back and pointed my headphones. He just smiled back, and nodded. I still can’t believe this happened to me.

My Deluxe Album sample arrived today!! It will be released on the 8th April together with iTunes :) ❤️

デラックス・アルバムのサンプルが届きました!嬉しいです^ ^ 早く皆さんに聞かせたいです❤️ 4月8日にリリースされます!お楽しみに😘