SUJU Reaction: When you can’t walk the day after.

Leeteuk: *Would be by your side in an instant to hug and kiss all the pain away* “I’m sorry Jagi, these hips have a mind of their own.”

Heechul: “So does this mean no round 2?”

Yesung: *Would watch you with lustful eyes as he remembers the event that took place last night*

Kangin: *He comes and wraps his hands around your waist and rests his head in the crook of your neck* “How are you feeling?”

Shindong: “Having fun there?”

Sungmin: *Acts innocent* “How can someone as cute as me cause this?”

Eunhyuk: *Can’t help but get turned on* “Didn’t I tell you I’d fuck you till you’re unable to  walk?”

Donghae: “Babe what happened?”

Y/N: *Gives him death glare*


Y/N: “This is your fault.”

Siwon: “It’s a small price to pay for the amazing pleasure I gave you last night.”

Ryeowook: *When he sees you trying to make your way to the kitchen* “Come her jagi, oppa will make you feel better.”


Y/N: “I wouldn’t be like this if it wasn’t for you.”

Kyuhyun: “You weren’t complaining last night.”

Henry: *Can’t stop giggling like a little boy*

Zhoumi: *Proud of himself*



yes hello when are wonder boys having a comeback it’s been years

‘This is love’ -Shindong ver:

Safety Rules

This content is for the user’s safety. Please read carefully and love us correctly

Please be careful during music use
• Long period of use can make you love the voices so much and make you go out to buy one more album
• falling into the sweet voices (of sj) ican make you loose concentration and can distrac your studies / work. If your grades drop or your boss scolds you listen to Super Junior songs and start changing your mood! 

Inside the car please! ask before using
• If you randomly change the song your parents are listening to your allowance might be cut off
• Inside friend & strangers’ car please turn on the music randomly. friend & stranger ’s natural virtue is welcome with both arms wide open. But , if you get distracted and go to the wrong way Super Junior cannot be responsible

Please! upload photos on SNS
•Start uploading photos of my pretty & cool face and start confirming & promoting 
• Take photod of the CD and my fave in pretty angles. Photoshop is necessary. You can also use a selfie stick. If its hardnfor you to reveal your face you can hide it with the CD. (But note that if you cover your face it can prove the size of your face)

Please change all the same basic ringtone 
• Do you get confused at all the same basic ringtones wherever you go? Show your own personality with SUPER JUNIOR music. 
•If your phone rings in class you will get scolded by your teacher. But you just promoted infront of your whole class so well done. As always Super Junior is not responsible for what happens after

translated by:eSTARstar


Faces of Shin Donghee
A guy with 100 faces and numerous talents. The group’s mood maker, main/lead dancer, a rapper, mc, gagman, choreographer, director. 
We love you because you’re Shindong, our love able teddy bear, and without you I can’t see super junior being the same. Remember ELF love you, the super junior member love you, your family loves you. Please comeback safely.

Shindong got no main parts in This is love MV.

Even no sing, dance, rap lines.

He just involved in the production and made the great MV 4 us.

This Is Love is the last gift from Shindong to us before enlistment.

So plase enjoy, and increase the youtube views for the MV.(c)