shimada makoto

Title: 60 Kagetsu Kakurenbo (Hide-and-Seek of Sixty Months)
Type: Doujinshi
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Character(s) / Pairing: Yamaguchi Tadashi
Artist / Circle:  茶森 / tyamorix


Raw Provider: aerobird
Translator:  iluvfksy
Proofreader: soykawa, nnyei
Cleaner / Redrawer:  30boxes
Typesetter:  soykawa
Quality Checker: kurasuchi

Yamaguchi ponders about his life, Tsukishima and their interest towards volleyball.

P.S. This doujinshi contains manga spoilers. To those who only follow the anime, you have been warned!

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Yamaguchi Tadashi & Shimada Makoto - Parallels

"Practice was hard and there were times I thought I wanted to quit… But the first time I hit a service ace in a match, I thought: Ahh. I practiced all those hours for this one point. And then, I realized that no matter how difficult the practice, I could endure it in order to experience this game, this point and this moment once more.” - Shimada Makoto, Haikyuu!! ch.70

Shimada is such a fantastic man I don’t understand how people don’t understand his greatness. 

He is a grown up and working man and yet he has not forgotten what it is like to be a child, he enjoys being a child, he enjoys playing and fooling around and yet manages to prove that having a bit of fun and acting a bit childish sometimes does not make you any less mature or responsible.

HE FOLDS HIS STUPID CLOTHES while everyone just throws them however they please because really who cares, this man takes the time to fold them neatly and even places a towel on them, which is also folded properly. Grade A husband material.


Does not sugarcoat but says it how it is, because he knows lying has never made someone improve

and explains exactly why only hard-work will bring you anywhere, which I’m pretty sure helped Yamaguchi improve his skills much more than white lies ever could. 

Also please note how incredibly hard-working Shimada is, considering he himself worked his ass off for every little point, even if he realized he might not get to play too much. UGH this man.

Also he makes the most adorable faces 

He also has his handsome&serious moments though

Also Furudate once dedicated an entire page to his shop and it’s amazing

(the highlights)

In conclusion, Shimada Makoto is a wonderful man and I’m way too passionate about him, probably. 

equestrian-equine submitted:

Imagine Natsu tagging along to one of Karasuno’s matches because the parents are busy, and she has to stick close to the team. The rest of the boys are surprised at how levelheaded the typically flighty Hinata is when it comes to his little sister.

BONUS: Hinata only lets Natsu out of his sight once the little girl is entrusted to Yachi or Kiyoko (the only exception is Suga, because Suga is everyone’s mom)

Natsu ends up sandwiched between Shimada and Takinoue’s legs on the stands, chatting to Yachi constantly and shouting praise to her brother.

The Karasuno OBs are just relieved she’s not doing one of those crazy Hinata jumps right over the railing.

After the match in the hallway, Natsu is trying to pester Tsukishima into giving her a ride on his shoulders because he is the tallest (he refuses, absolutely refuses), untill Aone spots them, immediately recognises Natsu as related to Hinata and - with a nod of approval from Hinata - lifts Natsu onto his shoulders and jogs around the halls twice.