Sirius stared at Remus for several long seconds, until the other boy started shifting self consciously, leaning a bit away from Sirius, laughing nervously. “What are you looking at?”
Sirius didn’t answer. He moved his hand up Remus’ leg, inching towards him until their lips touched. Remus froze. Sirius took that as an invitation to try and deepen the kiss, but Remus’ hands clasped themselves around Sirius’ wrists, pushing him away, surprisingly strong for his lean frame. Sirius clenched his eyes shut, and ignored the painful pang in his chest.
Sirius shook his head and choked out a laugh. It sounded fake even to his own ears. “Doesn’t matter.”
“Don’t do that. Just… Not like this, Sirius. Not when you’re drunk and thinking of someone else. Of James, of all people.”
Another laugh, and Sirius opened his eyes, smiled at his friend, even though it hurt his cheeks to do so. “Does that mean you are attracted to me, Moony?”
Remus snorted in reply, eyes fixed on Sirius’ face. “Everybody is attracted to you and your… Unholy cheekbones.”
Sirius raised his eyebrows. “Unholy cheekbones?”
“They are and you know it.” Remus rolled his eyes. “Your face is cut from marble. Oscar Wilde would have a stroke if he met you.”. He took the cigarette out of Sirius hand, placed it between his lips and pulled it, once, the tip glowing a vibrant orange, which Sirius followed with his eyes when Remus tossed it down the side of the castle.
Sirius felt like he should complain, but instead just took another swig out of his bottle of Firewhiskey, which he somehow managed to take back from Remus’ hands. “Didn’t do me any good.”
—  An excerpt from At least there’s David Bowie or The one fic where Remus loves Sirius and Sirius loves James and James loves Lily and it’s a painful mess.

Future Levy: Future Levy’s cheerful personality is all but gone; a direct result of the Draconic invasion. During the course of said invasion, Levy witnessed the deaths of many of her comrades, including the one she loved, and the total destruction of Fiore. 

Future Lucy: Future Lucy has displayed a rather introvert personality, and can be easily swayed by the events that happen around her.

Future Rogue: According to himself, completely heartless, and will do anything it takes to accomplish his goals, such as killing, or attempting to kill, those who so much as stand in his way. Future Rogue is, quite contrary to his present self, a sadistic, carnage-loving individual, and is very self-centered.


Art has always offered the opportunity to not only be honest and bold in order to make sense of the world around us, it has always nurtured a fundamental space to challenge and resist it. 

Jay Katelansky, the beautiful soul that created what has now come to be our banner, remains a woman who pushes through her art. In the bid to shift and navigate race, gender and sexuality in America, her work can often render audiences uncomfortable, forcing them to critically think about blackness, representation and the body in a white supremacist capitalist patriarchal society.

I was privileged enough to see her phenomenal BFA Thesis the need to ADORN  when i was in Philadelphia earlier this year and was moved by the necessity of her work. The Body Narratives looks forward to watching her closely and supporting her journey in continuing the dialogue and discourse through her art. 

Jay Katelansky is currently an MFA candidate at The University of Wisconsin Madison. She received her BFA from Moore College of Art and Design.

Her work has been exhibited in the Goldie Paley Gallery in 2012 and 2011, Society Hill gallery in 2012, Moore College of Art’s student show in both 2011 and 2012, and “We Make Art Part 2”, a group show of emerging artists. The summer of 2012 she completed an internship with Shani Peters a video, collage, printmaking, and social practice public artist and was the assistant to San Francisco based illustrator Hannah Stouffer in her solo show at Kinfolk Studios.  

You can follow her Tumblr Shifting Self.


Summer comes, winter fades; here we are just the same. (x)

The problem that I see a lot of new channelers experience is that they ‘overthink’ far too often naturally. I suffer from this problem myself but over months, months, and months, I’ve learned to quiet down my mental activity to the point where I have 10-20-50 thoughts at a given time opposed to 1,000 or more. If you overthink, you tend to be very rational in nature. You’re logical. You’re a natural skeptic. You need hard proof of anything physically in front of you and constant confirmation before you actually believe in anything. You also might be prone to anxiety or stress extremely easily. Its all connected. Since you’re thinking so much, you’re swelling yourself up with constant concerns and ideas that make it difficult for you to get out of your own head. There’s nothing wrong with being analytical, but you can learn how to be spiritual without shooting yourself in the head because you spend 2 hours debating whether or not you should jump.

Everything I highlighted is all intrinsically connected. I’ve learned this about myself from Christina. She out of the hundreds of people I’ve met in my life was the only person that said, “You fuck yourself over because you think too much.” When she told me that, everything in me just stopped. I had never considered it. It made a lot of sense. I’m the sort of person that will juggle thoughts about the past, present, and future simultaneously. I’ll catch myself fantasizing about what could or should have happened, what alterations I can make to my life as it is to perfect it, and what I should be doing an hour from now, a day, week, month, decade in the future. I’ll obsess over it and because of that I can’t handle high intensity situations because I’ll freak out because I don’t have enough time to “think.” See that pattern?

If you’re an overthinker and you’re trying to be spiritual you need to learn how to cut-that-shit-out. It isn’t about being clairaudient or any specific ‘kind’ of psychic. Its about learning the basics about how to train yourself spiritually. You’re highly theoretical anyway so reading this guide may ring some bells for you. With that said, lets begin -


  1. What are you thinking right now? Take 20 seconds to get your thoughts together.

  2. How MANY thoughts have you created as a result of that one or two that you started from?
    »> For example
    - Say you’re thinking about overthinking and how that relates to that one time that you had a nervous breakdown during a midterm (1). Then how that breakdown reminded you of the time you hyperventilated during your parent’s divorce (2). Then how your parents divorcing makes you morbidly afraid of forging relationships with people (3). And how THAT relates to you ultimately feeling alone and isolated (4). Then each variation creates 10 - 100 of different scenarios. See how that works?

  3. We’re going to narrow your thoughts to 1 - 2 thoughts every few minutes. Think of something. Anything. Got it? Ruminate on this for 20 - 30 seconds. If you go over that doesn’t matter. Really fixate on it.

  4. How’d you do? Did you find yourself hopping on a train of different thoughts again? That’s okay. The point of this exercise is to not let yourself flow into thinking of a million different things at once. It helps you stay disciplined and focused. The concept of letting go requires a lot of discipline for people that overthink because we’ll go insane otherwise. When I was practicing Mahayana Buddhism as a project for a class I took in college, I learned that disciplining your thoughts to curb your overthinking helps you become more balanced. Its basically a constant state of meditation.

The point is that you have to learn how to let go. This means that your overthinking can only be curbed by learning how to appreciate the life you’re living and losing yourself to it rather than separating yourself by “analyzing” it from a distance. You can still be logical and rational but if you learn how to meditate and how to try to focus on having a handful of thoughts opposed to a basin of them, you’ll be more relaxed.

Through being relaxed, you’ll be able to channel more accurately and more frequently. Its all connected. If you quiet your mind chatter, you’ll actually be able to hear the spirits that try to talk to you. Doesn’t that sound great?

Inbox us if you have any questions :)

- Kami

conjecturesandconversations said:

Top 5 favorite videos you've made!

Man, if I were super disciplined, I would link to all of these, but for now, the first five that come to mind are:

  • The I Got Dumped one
  • My first thoughts from places (New York)
  • The 100th one
  • One in which I don’t remember the actual subject of the video, but I delivered a portion of Mouth’s wishing well speech from the Goonies
  • One in which again I don’t remember the actual subject of the video, but at the end, I shift my other “self” out of the frame and the other me says “But you can’t even see me” and I say “exactly” and for some odd reason I thought at the time and still maintain that this is the funniest ending I have ever done. 

Honorable mention: “Courting an Englishman,” “Elmify After Dark,” the rejected-from-school one, the first Fantasy Self one, the Rom-Com one… This is making me very nostalgic, I need to go make a video soon!

anonymous said:

'Choose what affects you and what doesn't.' But we feel first! The rational part of the mind can take over and sort it out afterwards but the hurt comes based off of our character. So what you're saying is change who you are and how you look at things. And my god, that's shifting the foundation of self. Sure, one needs to look at things rationally, and stop focusing on small hurts. We're human. We're cyclical…The bitterness of your statement..'choose'.

I didn’t mean it like that. I, myself, am probably the least rational person when it comes to what affects me. You can’t “choose” what might have an effect on you or affect you. It either has access to you or it doesn’t. What I meant, perhaps, was that one ought to not trick oneself as to think that something seemingly hard to handle (a particular emotional state, a certain sense of moodiness or vagueness) must be taken into immense consideration so that the person ends up losing it in overthinking; something that can make people think that it’s “bigger” or “more important” than it genuinely is that might lead to someone subconsciously mistaking it for sth else and thus succumbing to self-manipulation. What I meant was: Observe your soul; stay attentive, be observant. Do not force yourself to think extra bad of something and turn it into a monster when it’s not. It’s going to get the best of you and so be it, in case it is indeed something you find yourself currently unable to cope with but — look at in the face. Take it for what it is. Locate the true intensity of what affects you. And know it. And accept it. But first know it or attempt knowing it. Do not turn a blind eye to what genuinely matters but also find what matters