5th Year Architecture Exhibition

I was informed at the beginning of the week about a 5th year exhibition that was to take place all this week and comprised of a year group project that proposed a 30 year urban development scheme for a nearby suburb of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Shieldfield. The proposal included many interesting insights and possibilities that were all recorded down into a commercially printed book that is available apparently for £76.18, this high price is due to its uniqueness and I must say it did look like a rather well put together book. The 5th year tasked with the book advised me that they used a site called which allows you to create a book from scratch and have it properly printed with as many or few copies made as you wish. 

The exhibition also featured an individual sculpture display by each of the students where they were tasked with creating pieces that would aid the urban development of the local area. below are some examples of the works, like all these kinds of works they make more sense when explained properly however at least you can get a feel for the works.

Special thanks to 2010/2011 Northumbria University 5th Year Masters Architecture students for the images of their work.

Book creation website -

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Is this where Field Music got their cover artwork influence from?

This is a photo of the album artwork for ‘Plumb’ by Field Music.


This is a photo of the Stoddart St garage in Shieldfield, Newcastle upon Tyne (coincidentally, where I sometimes used to fill my car up, back when I used to live up that way and drop in on the nearby Polestar music studios).


Thank you Mr E for being the first to notice this. Considering that Field Music are from the North East, this seems all pretty conclusive!

Incidentally, this is a cracking album too! Read our review here.

-MJ (for Music Junkie UK)


Thanks to Jamie for helping me put this together.