150117 Uta-Tube - SKE48 NHK Kouhaku SP

Watching this made me feel sad and worried. I guess it’s not us fans that have been feeling it too, the members themselves feel it the most. That the SKE48 right now is really in a danger zone…with so many precious members who graduated/graduating…These questions have been swirling in my mind and i bet in some of you too, “What will happen to SKE now?” or “SKE48 is slowly fading…” or “What will happen to SKE’s future?”.

Even Takamina said that the whole 48 group may not come back for NHK Kouhaku next year…and being in NHK Kouhaku is a really big deal for singers in Japan. The time for SKE’s performance have decreased by 30 seconds every year. 2:30 minutes during their 1st performance, 2:00 for the 2nd and now it’s only 1:30 minutes….SKE members are worried as well even if most of them are not that vocal about it but it’s pretty obvious…

The 1st gen members tried their best to motivate their juniors by saying these things.

Yuka: “If we express how much fun we have then maybe the people who are watching us will feel it too, so let’s just have fun”

 Mieko: “So that next year, you may all come back again, let your hearts be one. Even though it’s just 1 minute, if all our feelings are the same then we will be able to show that this is a really great song. So just make your hearts be one so that the people all over Japan will be able to feel that Bukiyou Taiyou is a really great song.

Rena: “So that everyone will be able to come back here again next year, Let’s all do our very best!”

But even with all those worries and doubts, SKE48 still showed that the bond between them is very strong and that they will be able to overcome all the obstacles that may come their way with their sheer determination. SKE48 will definitely come back next year for NHK Kouhaku! 

This made me kinda moved to tears. Ayachan really have a nice personality.

Translation :
*Note : the person who wrote this have a friend who told him / her this story.

' When my friend, who is a deaf went to handshake with Shibata Aya chan, Aya chan said to a staff 'Please prepare the paper and pen' , however, when the staff said ‘You can’t’ to her (Aya chan), Aya chan was really mad. My friend then told her ‘It’s alright’, and Aya chan replied slowly, ‘Sorry’ .
Until the handshake event was finished, Aya chan seems still mad to the staff.

150111 - Shibata Aya's letter to Kobayashi Ami on her Seitansai

(17:00 Team E 「Te wo Tsunaginagara」 stage. Read by : Matsui Rena)

A very Happy 22nd Birthday to you!

I can’t believe that even Ami also has turned 22 now. Even though she was so small when she was born… I don’t think I’ve seen her right after she was born though (LOL)

Leaving jokes aside, we’ve been together for more than 4 years now, isn’t it, Koami? Looking back now, we can remember that there has surely been a lot of things that happened over these past 4 years.

I don’t think you remember this though… That the day I was having my college entrance examinations, suddenly out of the blue you sent me a mail saying “I think you’ll pass”. I wasn’t confident at all, and that mail encouraged me a lot . I’m grateful for that even till now.

When we became members of the original Team E, we did our best together. The painful feelings and anger towards all those things back then is something that all the members of the Team E of that time will remember. Koami was also one of them. This is irreplacably the most strongest Team E for me.

And after that, we did our best in Team C together. Team C was where we really had fun every single day.
[T/N: “Team C” refers to Takayanagi Team KII after SKE48’s first reformation, which was performing the Theater no Megami stage. The “C” refers to “Churi”, out of respect for their captain.]

And then, the public fight.

And then we once again got reformed and went back to Team E. It’s the same Team E though, but we were confused because it’s different from the Team E back then. Just by looking back for a moment now, there were so many things that happened, right?

I don’t usually say thins, but there are so many things that I respect about you, you know.

Koami always pays attention to everything that’s happening around you, and you have a brilliant memory as well. Very trivial conversations also you remember very clearly, and you pay attention towards all the members as well and sensing even the slightest of the moods of the members, I sometimes feel worried that you might get really tired by it.

Also, I always think you are very creative. Coming up with “Kami 7”, “Koami Bakery” and all, grabbing hold of an opportunity from the things you’re good at, is really an amazing quality of yours and it’s something which I always respect about you.

And I also know that you are a very passionate person as well. I’m sure that your creativity also arises from the strong feeling that you have to rising to the top.

And when I realised it, all through my life in SKE, Koami was always with me.

That’s there because we both have always been on the same team throughout. I always go to Koami whenever I’m worried about something.
Since I had such an image of her, I always go to ask her help for suggestions whenever I’m in trouble interacting with people.

Even if I start behaving in an annoying manner, or I think “I don’t care anymore” about something, she always comes to me and gives me some advice like “Why don’t you do it like this?”, which is something I really respect her for.

And that is how much of a deep presence Koami has in my life in SKE. But since we were always so close to each other, I wonder if we got tired of it by now?

How could it be!? That I’ll get into a fight with someone is something that I never even thought I might do in my life. Initially, because Koami has a completely opposite personality as mine. And there are a lot of things I respect about her just because of that too. But because our personalities are different, and we disagreed with each others’ opinions and even fought right?

There’s Koami who pays attention to minute details, and there’s me, who is very nonchalant and careless. I always keep complaining to Koami that she’s too meticulous about everything! But in fact, that is one of the things which really makes me look up to her. We have really grown up since then, haven’t we?

Even the relationship between us has also changed over the years, hasn’t it? But I’m not really a person who actually thinks it’s worth spending one’s energy by fighting with someone, and that’s exactly why, I feel that Koami is a very special person to me too.

Thank you so much for always listening to many things that I wanted to say.
Thank you so much for teaching me so many different things about interacting with people.
Thank you so much for always teaching me the practice lessons and choreography whenevr I would be absent for the classes.

Thank you so much for always giving me advices whenever there would be something that I would be troubled about.

I’m sorry for always being the one who’s receiving the help from you. Please rely on me more this year okay~ I would be happy to help you out, even if it’s a little bit whenever you’re feeling troubled over something.

Let’s do our best from here onwards too, okay~ I also want to do something very creative, not losing to Koami and which will surprise all of you too. I won’t lose to you!

That too, it’s just been a few days since we all promised that all of us 4th gens will put in more efforts and do our best during our 4th gens meet, right?

Let’s keep this rivalry between us from here onwards too, okay~ And once again fight a lot too.

I really want to wish you a very happy 22nd birthday. And I also wish you lots and lots of happiness too.

I really wanted to celebrate your birthday together today, but unfortunately I couldn’t. I’m so sorry, okay~ Even though your birthday celebration planning committee had requested me, I wasn’t able to free my schedule. And I’m sorry that I had to ask someone else to read the letter I wrote for you.

At first when I was selected to write the letter on your birthday, I was shocked. But since you had written a letter to me on my birthday, I’m really happy that I could do this in exchange too. Thank you very much.

I will make sure to cure my influenza at the soonest. And even then, as I wrote this letter, I feel like I’m running a high temperature. Maybe it’s because of you, Koami.

But everyone, please be rest assured that it’s not because Koami has poisoned me that I had to be absent today. I’m sure that she’s feeling a bit lonely because I’m not present today. Don’t cry! Even though you like me, in fact! But I don’t like you or anything though! (lol)

- From the one who’s eternally in bad terms with Koami, Shibata Aya.


translated by AESub & HayateSubs


[SUBBED] Smell of danger for Tani… (From SKE48 Gakuen)

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I felt like subbing this short part because it increased to an amazing extent Tani’s preciousness in my eyes and I thought she was super cute so I wanted to share it :P
The way she’s really embarrassed and troubled is just adorable lol