Aren’t you women pleased that when one of you become pregnant of her husband and he is satisfied with her, she will be rewarded the reward of one who keeps fast while struggling in the way of God, and when she gives birth to a child, she will be offered a reward for each drop of milk she produces and for each time her breast is sucked, and if she keeps away one night to look after her child, she will be given the reward of releasing seventy slaves for God’s sake?
—  The Messenger of Allah (ص) Nahj al-Fasahah p. 31

One of the attributes I love in a person is to make him/herself become objective in certain situations. When we discuss topics, especially when it comes to Islam, I admire those that think and attempt to become objective just for those moments. A partner to this attribute is non other than akhlaaq. It is vital, so that we may maintain relevance, objectivity and emotionless reasoning. Without akhlaaq in discussion no one can become objective in reasoning.

Anyway, a few months ago an old acquaintance of mine from university FB messaged me asking me questions regarding shi’a fiqh and belief. Anyway after some discussion it came to Aisha. He asked me to listen to this lecture by Mumataz al-Haq; a guy whom I dislike quite a lot.. I said I will if you listen to a lecture by Sayyid Ammar about Aisha. Anyway, I linked him and went away to listen to Mumataz and write all the points down to reply to them. Took quite some time even though I had heard the same points frequently repeated (some of them are just illogical imo). Anyway I responded to the main ones and I asked if he’d listened to Sayyid Ammar yet. He hadn’t but we discussed Aisha anyway and eventually we just agreed to disagree.

Just to point out, I admire this guy a lot. Even in uni times he was very open-minded, especially to me and we just call each other out on things like it’s nothing. No awkwardness, but if you’re going to waste my time without trying to engage properly and putting equal effort in then what’s the point. If you want someone to see sense or make them understand your point of view at least be willing to participate at least at the level of the that person/s.

The point is, he wasn’t objective in his approach. He decided to let me do all the work, maybe in hope that I see sense randomly, without ever trying himself.

Akhlaaq people. Akhlaaq to the nth degree.

On Sunday, June 15, 2014, the terrorist group, known as ISIS, killed 1700 students of the Air Force College in Spiker base in Tikrit, Iraq. The victims were young men under the age of 20. They were brutally slaughtered by that inhuman group. Till now,no investigation about the crime has taken place and the families of the victims are living indescribable torture for their loss. We hereby call the United Nations Security Council for registering the Spiker massacre as a human genocide.

Please sign this petition in this link to help the victims’ families. Thank you.

Poverty is one of the most horrible calamities, but still severer than poverty is the bodily sickness; and the sickness of soul is harsher than the bodily sickness. Plenty of wealth is one of God’s blessings but sound health is better than that; and the piety of the heart is even superior than sound health.
—  Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (as) Ref: Bihar al-Anwar, Vol. 70, pp. 51.

anonymous said:

I just have to say, I LOVED that bioshock movie gif set you made; the casting choices were spot-on and really well thought out! Even Shia tbh, I've seen a lot of people cast for Jack but never him before. I was wondering though, if you had included Steinman, who would you have used for him?

Thank you dear! Ive seen a lot of flak for casting him in the tags lol but honestly how does he not resemble jack at least a tiny bit??? 


As for Steinman, I’ve seen Joseph Fiennes fancast, which I could see



as well as Jason Isaacs,


which I think is better/age appropriate.

Lastly, I’ve seen Fassbender which I’m on the fence about (I’d need to see him in costume to visualize) otherwise Isaacs has my vote.

Allah says: “There is no lord but Allah is my stronghold, thus whomever enters my stronghold shall be safe from my punishment.” When the caravan started to move [Imam al-Rida (a)] said: “[but of course] it has conditions, and I am one of its conditions.”

The Golden Chain Hadith (سلسله الذهب) is a short narration given by Imam al-Rida (a) on his way to Marw through Nishabur, on the unity of God and one of its main conditions. Since all the narrators of this hadith are the infallible Imams (a), all the way to the Noble Prophet (s), whom himself has narrated it from God, thus it has been called Silsilat al-dhahab, which means Golden Chain. [x]