Imam Ali (as) Seven Rules for Happiness

1. Don’t hate anyone regardless of how much they’ve wronged you

2. Don’t fret regardless the extent of your worries

3. Live humbly regardless of how high your status reaches

4. Be positive regardless of how many trials accumulate

5. Give abundantly even if you are deprived

6. Smile even if your heart is bleeding

7. Don’t stop your Duas for your fellow Muslim brother in their absence

ففي كثير من المواقف تتكرر اسئلة المذاهب الاخرى على سؤال واحد وهو لماذا نحن الشيعة دائما نقول ياعلي ؟؟

نحن نقول ياعلي اقتداء بالرسول صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم حيث انه صلوات الله عليه وآله كان ينادي علي في كل موقف وفي كل شدة يوم احد ويوم الخندق ودائما عند كل داهية تصيب الاسلام ينادي يا علي ومن هنا اقتدينا به صلوات الله عليه وآله وقلنا كما قال في كل حال وزمان ومكان يا علي وكذلك اسم علي مشتق من اسم الله وفيه سر اسم الله الاعظم
وحروف الاسم جميله ولينه تخرج مع النفس بكل سهوله فإذا ضاق الخاطر بمجرد ما نلفظ الاسم و خروجه من فمنا مع زفرات الهواء الخارج من القلب المهموم ينزاح الهم وفيه اسرار اخرى لمن يتدبر وايضا هناك تفاسير كثيرة لذلك.

On several occasions, a question that is repetitively asked from different schools of thought is why do we call upon our Imam Ali (Ya Ali)?!

We call upon Ali simply because Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him used to call upon Imam Ali (a.s) in every situation and hardship.. Let us not forget the battle of Uhud and Al-Khandaq.. Every time Islam was targeted ..Ali was called..From here we were lead by the Prophet peace be upon him to call Ali in every situation, time and place ..Moreover, the name Ali is a derivative from the name of Allah as it beholds Allah’s greatest name; the most high .. Also, the letters of the name are beautiful and gentle to the mouth as it is easy to pronounce the name while exhaling out .. Once we vocalise this name, once it is aspirated from a troubled heart..all troubles are parted away and there are other secrets to it to whomever seeks other readings..

Do not care when you associate with the intelligent even if you are deprived of his generosity. You may benefit by his intelligence, but be cautions of his ill manners.
Do not neglect associating with the generous even if you are deprived of benefiting by his intelligence. You may benefit by his generosity for your mind.
Escape as remote as possible from the mean foolish individuals.

Imam Ali Amirul Mu’mineen (as)

Tuhaf al Uqool