Syndra nearly flinched when Zed’s hand went close to her face. She parted her lips, about to question his actions when she saw the small, purple flowers in his grip. She stood there, silently, as he brushed her hair behind her ear and put the flowers there carefully. The small plants tickled her ear.

Ah, Heliotropes? 

"I didn’t think you’d be one for giving away flowers," She teased, "Why the sudden act of kindness? Have you gotten soft, Zed?" Yet, even as she teased him, she made no move to remove the flowers. 

~Heliotropes stand for eternal love~

With all this discussion about Jade and frogbreeding antics I’m going to assume the first time she ran into Davesprite on the battleship she automatically went “there’s an extra jar of peanut butter in the cabinet over the stove, our feet aren’t the same size so no you can’t borrow my shoes, and next time you take a shower please put a note on the door first” before her brain caught up with her mouth

send me a word - i'll write a drabble related to it

aureate - ornamented/elaborate language or words
brumous - winter in the air; sunless weather
circumbendibus - a roundabout way
dwale - the act of wandering in a stupor
epanaphora - repetition of the same word at the beginning of multiple sentences
filipendulous - suspended by a single thread
garrote - a wire, cord, etc. used to strangle someone
haematic - of, relating to, or affecting blood
heretic - an individual holding an opinion that opposes that of the largest religious power
induratize - to harden the heart
juramentum  - an important oath
mislight - to be led astray by false light
numinous - suggesting or indicating the presence of something divine
velation - to be covered with a veil
vulnerate - to make vulnerable
wanderlust - an insatiable desire for travel