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Dean stumbled into the bedroom with a groan, barely standing up straight. The second he opened the door, the smell of alcohol flooded the air, giving away the fact that the hunter was completely drunk off his ass.

He stretched his arms over his head, his bloodshot gaze widening slightly as he glanced over at Joan. “H-hey there, sugar.” The hunter slurred, snickering again as he walked over to Joan, putting his arms around her waist, burying his face in her neck. “You better head out before my wife gets home… She’ll be sooo mad if she sees you here, Danielle…”

Starlight; Cass&Joan||@shewalksineternity

Cassie gazed up at the stars, lost in thought. They glittered like tiny diamonds dropped across the sky by a careless giant, each one with its own name and story. She wondered offhand where the Doctor could be amongst them, saving worlds as the Doctor always did. Cassie shook her head and sighed, sitting in the grass and pulling her knees to her chest, resting her chin on the little valley between them.

“It must be amazing to see them all.” Cassie murmured to the large ginger cat sitting at her side. He meowed and curled up into a ball, falling asleep quickly. “I wonder if I’ll ever get to meet the Doctor. What do you think?” She looked over at the beast, realising how crazy she must look from the outside, a young blonde woman perched on a hilltop in the middle of the park at three in the morning talking to a cat. The image made her smile.

Hold onto me as we go,

 As we roll down this unfamiliar road… And although this wave is stringing us along… Just know you’re not alone, ‘cause I’m gonna make this place your home… 

How many times had he passed that tree already? For somebody who’d grown up on the road, you think Dean would’ve been better at navigating more backwoods roads, but he was still 100% sure that four lefts in a row were not taking him in the right direction. Twenty more minutes passed before he was sure they’d gotten here. After an argument with an owner and more confusion, the hunter had ushered Joan back into the car, and they’d gone and drove for another hour. 

After what seemed like years, the Impala’s purr cut itself off short, rolling to a slow stop outside the campsite, which really couldn’t have been described as anything other than breathtaking. Isolated from most of the other sites in the area, tall bushes made the campsite seem more personal and hidden. Past those, the sandy beach seemed to stretch on forever before it finally hit the dark blue ocean, which was so close it was deafening and calming at the same time. Clouds and fog were already settling in, making the whole campsite look beautiful enough for a postcard.

And Dean, not-so-subtly trying to make the vacation as large and extravagant as he could, had called ahead for a little “extra magic”, as Sam had recommended for him to do. Fairy lights tangled up in between the thorny branches of the brush, blending in with the stars that were already popping out from the darkened sky. A fire had been started in the small rocky pit, and the ingredients for stereotypical camping food lied on a picnic bench not too far away. 

Turning to the passenger’s seat, the corners of the hunter’s eyes crinkled up happily as he spoke. “Is it too cheesy? It’s your first time camping, I wanted to make it special. Besides, pretty sure I saw something like this on those soap operas you watch.” He remarked with a laugh, his soft smile sliding into a cocky grin before he hopped out of the Impala. Walking over to her side, he opened the door with a mock bow and held out his hand, the cocky smirk still plastered on his lips. “Nice place for our one-year-of-dating-and-putting-up-with-my-shit anniversary trip, right?”

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Honey, I'm home! (have fun)

(This would be adorable if I had koala-tea writing skills. But I’ll try anyway. XD )

It was a three room studio apartment, but it was adorable. Even better, it was theirs. The first real home either of them had lived in for years.

Dean fumbled through the dark, reaching for his alarm clock and turning it around. 7:00 AM. 3/17. He groaned, getting out of bed with an exaggerated stretch and a loud yawn. He glanced over at Joan, still sleeping, wrapped up in the blankets tightly, and keeping most of them from Dean. He smirked, leaning down and kissing her forehead before walking out into the kitchen.

“She’s usually up first… But I can make eggs, right?” He murmured to himself before laughing. “Of course I can make eggs.”

Joan woke up a couple minutes later. But probably just to the sound of the smoke alarm. She scrambled out into the kitchen  blanket still wrapped around her and just stared at Dean, who was just running around, opening all the windows and doors. “Dean, what’ve you done?” The timelady rasped, wrinkling her face uncomfortably as the alarm just kept ringing. 

“I was trying to make eggs, but then I forgot to put cooking spray on the pan, and I sorta burnt the eggs…” He grumbled the last part, pushing open the last window and smiling weakly at Joan as the alarm finally shut off. 

Joan just sat there for a minute, still with that raspy uncomfortable face before smiling a little. “Why’d I ever marry you?” She chuckled, wrapping her arms around his waist. “Because I’m handsome?” He answered, holding her tightly and resting his chin on her head. “Well at least you’re pretty.” She mumbled, sleepily burying her face in his shirt. “Let’s get back to bed. I’ll make breakfast after we wake up.”