so I’m thinking of finally watching the Macross Frontier movies

I’m not without trepidation over it, because what I saw of the show’s fandom really soured me on Alto/Sheryl and Alto/Ranka as pairings—this despite the fact that from what I hear Alto/Sheryl in the movies has a lot of things that would normally appeal to me—and also, I found Sheryl’s character arc in the series basically perfect so I’m not sure how I’d feel about changes

I don’t know, as much as I dislike most fictional love triangles there are a fair few with resolutions I’ve been happy with; but the things I’ve heard don’t give me a whole lot of hope that these movies will provide one of them

I guess I could watch them and then write up my ~feelings~

Guided by the constellations, our eyes met.



The last day of the meme was ‘anything you want,’ so I decided to give some love to another of my favorite girl/girl ships. I love this one just as much as HomuMado, but I decided to go with HomuMado in the end because it was closer to canon.

Anyway! I have a ton of praise to give Macross Frontier for how they handled Sheryl and Ranka’s relationship. They are love rivals and they do compete with each other on that front to a degree, but they are also REALLY GOOD friends who do absolutely wonderful things for each other. Sheryl is the most famous singer in the galaxy, but she takes the time to encourage Ranka to achieve her own dream, and she is 100% sincere about it. Ranka never loses her admiration for Sheryl for her part. The two form this really great bond, and the fact that they are able to be so darn good for each other, encouraging each other’s strengths and pulling each other out of the depths of despair (and make no mistake, they BOTH do this for each other), is the main reason I ship them as a romantic pair. I feel there is true chemistry between them, and I absolutely think the anime teases something beyond friendship between the two.

The series ends with an embrace between the two, and a promise to continue their goodhearted and affectionate competition (in love and song). I can’t help but think that they toured the galaxy together after that; the Galactic Fairy and her Superdimensional Cinderella.

And yes, that’s official art.