Sheryl Lee Ralph

Because of what I’ve posted today I couldn’t wait until the 7th to share this phenomenal woman. She’s the original Dreamgirl who played Deena Jones, was the mother of Moesha. Cheetah in the Justice League, and was even in Sister Act 2! I promise you that’s not even the tip of the iceberg! She’s a an AIDS activist and literally watched her friends drop dead from the disease. Because of the time period it was taboo to talk about such things, especially HIV/AIDS. “They told me not to talk about it. They said, “People will not like you.” I couldn’t understand this. I said, “How can we just be quiet in a time like this?!” Her musical Divas Simply Singing is the longest consecutive running musical AIDS benefit in the country! This woman is extraordinary and she’s set a very good example for us all. We should follow in her footsteps and raise awareness! @thesherylralph #BlackHistoryMonth #Day5 #SherylLeeRalph #amazing #Diva