• Sherlock:Hey Molly, what are you doing?
  • Molly:Nothing.
  • Sherlock:I asked out of courtesy. I'm a consulting detective, I know what you're up to.
  • Molly:Oh no, I'm not falling for that again.
  • Sherlock:Moooolllyyy... Just tell me.
  • Molly:No.
  • Sherlock:Please?
  • Molly:I said no. It's supposed to be a surprise.
  • *whispers into her ear
  • Molly:Tempting but no.
  • Sherlock:Come on! Five times. Five times!
  • Molly:No, but we're doing that anyway.
  • Sherlock:aaasghghghghgh!
  • Sherlock:Ten
  • Molly:I'll be dead after ten. You can wait two days, God.
  • Sherlock:Aren't you worried I won't like it? What if I'm allergic to it? What if I have a phobia that you don't know about? You know I'm not good with surprises.
  • Molly:Sherlock, you'll like it I promise. Besides, it's not a rabbit.
  • Sherlock:I can tell you what you're getting.
  • Molly:I don't want to know my christmas present.
  • Sherlock:I love you, my beautiful wife that I admire so much.
  • Molly:Thanks I love you too.
  • Sherlock:I swear.....

I do not usually hate other ships. But I hate shelloly. Not for the reasons most people use, but because I do not think Sherlock deserves her. She deserves more. She is so bright and she needs someone to acknowledge her mind, and tell her she is brilliant.

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Rating: Explicit

Summary: St Bart’s costume party extravaganza proved to be a bigger event than Molly Hooper anticipated, though she remembers very little the day after. It’s her mysterious lover’s marital status that bothers her the most, and soon Molly finds herself having to solve his identity. Surprisingly enough there’s more than one suspect.

This fic is completed.

I like the idea of a Molly Hooper in danger in series four BUT, I’m afraid they’ll make her into a typical damsel in distress who needs Sherlock to save her and that will PISS ME OFF SO BAD!

Its like, I want the whole kidnapping thing, I want Sherlock’s reaction to Molly being in danger….

But, I also want….

-Molly trying to reason with Jim.

-Jim underestimating Molly again and spending a lot of time with her alone

-I want him to smack Molly about a bit

But, in the end, I want Molly to have the fucking action scene.

I want Molly to knock Jim unconscious with a chair or something…. 

I want her to run into Sherlock or Mary or someone on her way out and I want to see their surprise when she explains that “Oh yeah, I was in martial arts as a little girl and still take private lessons”. 

I want her to have something, too… like Mary has. Obviously a little different, but I swear, if shes another Sarah…. the doctor girlfriend from TBB, I’ll be super disappointed and cry. 

PLEASE don’t let her be a victim…. for god sakes.

anonymous said:

Potterlock Sherlolly wedding? (if death eaters crash the wedding and Sherlock and Molly fight them off like the BAMFs they are is up to you)

A lot of people had been vocal about their opinions regarding Sherlock Holmes’ relationship with Molly Hooper.  He was from an upper class Pureblood family and she was a Muggleborn.  The idea that they were together exposed them both to a lot of vitriol, although being called a Bloodtraitor was nothing compared to the words that were thrown at Molly.  She had endured everything from physical threats to being called a “corrupting Mudblood whore” with nothing less than a calm and collected air and that only strengthened Sherlock’s resolve to be with her.

That being said, things got much worse when it was revealed in the Daily Prophet that they were to be married.  “Fans” of the famous Consulting Auror sent him rude and sometimes downright insulting letters.  A few had even contained death threats to Molly.  When they got off work one night and found their home burned to the ground, they decided it was time to enlist the help of Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft, for safety’s sake.

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  • Molly:*walks into the lab, seeing Sherlock still at his microscope* What are you working on?”
  • Sherlock:*mutters* Case…
  • Molly:Oh, ok... * walks toward him*
  • Molly:Do you want anything? Coffee...?
  • Sherlock:No thank you…
  • ~short silence~
  • Molly:*nervously makes smalltalk* It might rain know...
  • Sherlock:*cut her off before she could finish her sentence, looking up from his microscope*
  • Sherlock:Is there something you want Doctor Hooper?
  • Molly:* looks to his lips then back at his eyes*
  • Sherlock:What was that?
  • Molly:What was what?
  • Sherlock:You looked at my lips then back at my eyes…and that means something…
  • Molly:No I didn't...
  • Sherlock:Yes you did. You want to kiss me! *points at Molly*
  • Molly:*stammers* I…I don’t…want…want that.
  • Sherlock:*teasingly* Do you want to kiss me Doctor Hooper?!
  • Molly:*silent and embarrassed, didn't know what to say*
  • Sherlock:*repeats the question seriously* Do you want to kiss me, Molly?
  • Molly:* looks at his beautiful eyes with the color of the ocean after a storm*
  • Molly:*hastily* I have to go! *turns around*
  • Sherlock:*grabs her wrist, feels an erratic pulse*
  • Molly:*gasps*
  • Sherlock:*moves closer to Molly*
  • Molly:*butter flies filled her stomach and she licks her lips*
  • Sherlock:*smirks at her*
  • Molly:*can’t take it any longer and crashes her lips on Sherlock’s*
  • Sherlock:*welcomes the kiss*
  • ~and it ends in a proper snogging session

In Season 4, I wanna see Denim!Lock. Like Sherlock entering 221B, with John, but instead of his gorgeous Belstaf and designer suits, we see him in dark brown leather jacket, blue denims and sports shirt with sneakers. Like proper casual wear. And Molly, waiting for him with a client.

He is trying to make an impression on Molly, but kinda fails coz instead of totally drooling over him, she just looks confused and wonders what this disguise is for. 

Dear Sherlolly lovers,

I found the need to say, that I have to leave Sherlock fandom and delete this blog, because while I have it, I have no will to stop check it or draw more Sherlolly, but now I really need to forget fictional characters life and think about reality more. I have to make important decisions what I’ll do in my life, because now I’m totally lost and this wonderful fictional couple doesn’t help. It’s hard thing to press “delete the blog” botton, but I need to. I’ll do it in couple days period.

For those, who would miss my works and would like to see them anyway, you can find them in my deviantart page. Thank you for all appreciation, Sherlolly lovers! I had wonderful and full of emotions time while I’ve drawn all these drawings.

I wish you all the best!

This ship is ruining my life! Okay I only started watching Sherlock in the beginning of this summer and I’m crasy about it since I started and that includes Sherlolly. I have ASOIF to read and other Books but I can’t read them because I can only think and read Sherlolly fanfiction. This is so frustrating, ugh! Please tell me I am not the only one…

Sorry for the rubbish english.