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“Otherwise known as a day I’m bent on ignoring. This is progress – believe it or not – especially compared to previous years – as you’re well aware of John.”

“Yeah, she’s getting a rubbish card,” said John grimacing at the card Sherlock held with a thoughtful expression.

“How is it bad?” he said frowning.

“It’s just – it’s impersonal Sherlock.”

“It’s not. It’s got her name on it-,” he scoffed directing John’s attention to the large pink font ‘M O L L Y’ not that he hadn’t noticed already.

“It’s filled with text – you’ve got to write something-,”

Sherlock looked thoughtful grabbing a pen from the shelf and obviously about to write something when John said. “Not your autograph.”

“Why not? Isn’t that personal enough? It will have both our names on it.”

“Wow, you know — maybe you should just not-,”


John stared, surprised that Sherlock wasn’t going to throw the towel on the whole idea. “Why not?”

“She’ll be expecting that behaviour already – I’d rather surprise her this time by acknowledging her birthday.”

Right…that’s – that’s nice…why? Why are we really doing this?”

“Isn’t that what people do? Why are you suspicious?”

“I’m not – I’m not suspicious – I’m just – any time I think you’ve got a shred of decency it turns out you’re just pulling my leg!”

“Ah. That. You should already be aware that Molly is the exception.”

John blinked furiously, while Sherlock pursed his lips and looked more intently at the cards before them. The sugar coated messages and pink or pale blue colours seemed to frighten him ever so slightly, a crease growing between the grown man’s brows. “Why is she-,” began John, but before he’d managed to finish Sherlock brandished a card in front of him, looking a tiny bit smug.

“I think you’ll approve of this one-,” said Sherlock turning it over in his hands, while John threw him a look of irritation, before he shook his head slightly giving up before he’d started.

“You sure you’ll know what to write inside?”

“Of course.”

“More thancongratulations’?”

He could literally feel Sherlock’s eyes snap towards him, though he didn’t point out, while Sherlock sniffed. “I am perfectly capable of writing something conveying sentiment…”

“Your texts are always really short though.”

“Pointless to draw those out, don’t you think?”

John sighed. “Ok…fine – so what have you gotten her then?”


He stared at him for a few seconds, almost feeling like groaning. “…You haven’t gotten her a present have you?”

“Isn’t the card enough?” said Sherlock bewildered.

“You want to give her lipstick?”

“She barely uses lipstick anymore.”

“That’s…you can’t give her that.”

“Why not?”

“It’s makeup!”

“I’m familiar with the brands enough to know her specifications.”

“But that’s-,” he began. How to explain this to – him – “That’s – that’s something you give a girlfriend.”

“And why can’t I give it to Molly?”

“Because she might – read something in it.”

“Oh,” said Sherlock slowly, eyeing the tube in his hand for a few seconds, and to John’s amazement the man walked off to purchase said lipstick.


Sherlock Fandom Survey Results: Part 3 - Shipping

(Open in new tab for high resolution. Graphics by the brilliant whatsonhannibal)

We have taken a look at the participants and fandom; now to the real fun stuff! When it comes to shipping, Sherlock fandom is incredibly diverse. 

The first question allowed for multiple answers, so everyone was able to tick the box of every one of their ships. 

Unsurprisingly, Johnlock “wins” with 76% (1526). Mycroft/Lestrade comes in second with 33% (662), closely followed by Lestrade/Molly (30% - 614) and John Mary (26% - 515). Sherlock/Molly (21% - 420) and Sherlock/Irene (17% - 345) as well as Sherlock/Moriarty (17% - 339) are equally popular. The only femslash pairing I cited (sorry for that),  Irene/Molly, receives 6% (111) just like Sherlock/Lestrade (122). 80 Mycroft/John shippers took the survey (4%) and 57 Moriarty/John fans (3%).

Out of the threesomes, John/Mary/Sherlock is most popular with 10% (206) votes while Lestrade/John/Sherlock comes in at 5% (105) and John/Sherlock/Moriarty at 4% (75). 

10% (241) also cited “other” pairings; mostly including - but not limited to - Mormor (yes, we know Moran has not yet appeared on the show, but still fandom somehow cast Micheal Fassbender for the role). There is also Moriarty/Molly, Sally/Molly, this fandom’s equivalent of Wincest, as in Mycroft/Sherlock (is it called Holmescest, then?) with varous three- and foursome mutations, Sherlock/Victor Trevor and many, many more. Sherlock fandom has a ship for everyone!

Or does it? Well, there are 8% (169) respondents who don’t ship. Funnily, when it comes to choosing an OTP, this number has increased to 10% (192). My theory is that the surplus either simply doesn’t have one true pairing, or they couldn’t decide. 

Now, to the OTP. I’m glad I didn’t bet anything on this, since I was sure Johnlock would score higher than 66% (1326). The second most prominent answer was “I don’t ship/I’m indifferent” with the previously cited 10%, yet a lot of smaller ships do have a lot of devotees: Sherlock/Molly (7% - 134), John/Mary (4% - 72), Sherlock/Moriarty (3% - 68), Sherlock/Irene (3% - 67), Lestrade/Mycroft (2% - 41), Molly/Lestrade (2% - 31),  John/Mary/Sherlock (1% - 16), Sherlock/Lestrade (1% - 11) and the following, who do not warrant a percent of their own, statistically speaking, but still count: Lestrade/John/Sherlock (5), Mycroft/John (4), Irene/Molly (2), John/Sherlock/Moriarty (3). 2% (46) clicked other - again, Mormor being most prominent as well as Holmescest (if this isn’t the right word, apologies). 

I also included the result graphic for the questions related to The Johnlock Conspiracy. However, I had one essay question, namely “What made you convert if you didn’t start as a believer?”, which received several very extensive and interesting answers. I will be dealing with this topic in an extra post. 

Until then: 79% (1600= of the 2,018 participants have heard about TJLC. 45% (901) did so via Tumblr, an additional 22% (434) saw a tag that introduced them to this idea. 2% (48) even came across TJLC on Twitter and another 2% (49) through an online article (probably the one on HubPages, I think). 5% (109) had friends and other fans who kept them informed, 3% (67) cited “other” ways. 20% of respondents (410) have not heard about TJLC prior to this survey.

What is curious, however, is that only 17% (343) then ticked “I haven’t heard of it” in the following question as to where the participant stands on TJLC. What happened there? 

16% (322) said “I don’t believe” and a total of 47% (950) believe in TJLC, if you count all variations of “I believe now” together. 20% (403) of respondents are still undecided

What made non-believers convert will be the topic of another post. Up next: Part 4 - Favourites (link will follow)

Part 1 - The participants | Part 2 - Fandom

What are your headcannons on Sherlock’s culinary abilities? Because I absolutely adore the idea that he is a wizard in the kitchen, and cooks mouthwateringly delicious meals for Molly all the time. But I am also madly in love with the idea that he can’t cook to save his life, and Molly constantly comes home to spaghetti on the ceiling and a consulting detective covered in sauce.

anonymous said:

The lack of Sherlolly Mirror!verse is an issue that needs to be adressed. Care to help? :3

Sure. Why not? (Warnings for the following fic being very, very dark indeed.)

“You can’t do anything Molly,” Greg said, giving a sigh and rubbing at his temple.

“That’s the problem!” she snapped, tapping her foot impatiently, curling in against herself. Never had she felt so useless.

“It’s been five months – there aren’t any clues – no real leads. It’s been declared unsolved.”

And that was supposed to comfort her? “He’s out there,” she said softly. “I know he is. I can’t just sit about and do nothing. There has to be something I can do, Greg!”

“There is nothing!” Greg said his voice almost a shout. He sank forward, fixing his eyes on hers. His features were sunken with defeat. “Sherlock’s gone, Molly. We can’t do anything about it.”

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galliffrey said:

I was 100% thinking the same thing, and you should definitely write it.

*busts down the door* WELL SINCE YOU ASKED, FRIEND.

(yeah, it’s gonna be a little ooc)

Molly hummed happily, skipping down the streets and around the pedestrians in the streets of London. At thirty-two, she should probably know better, but she just couldn’t find in her to care. The bells jingled merrily to greet her as she flung open the door to her still empty shop with a wide grin.

"Hello world, I’m your wild girl!" She laughed to walls and paintings, excitement seeping into her bones. Today was going to be a good day, she could feel it, and her’s had only just began.


Sherlock rolled his eyes at the low pounding of bass that was the background noise of his floor room, cleaning up the last remnants of the day and washing his hands thoroughly. The door chimed and Sherlock brushed his shoulders as he smoothed down his suit jacket.

"You obviously didn’t read the sign, I’m closed." Sherlock droned, turning on his heel and heading towards the counter. "Then again, you always seem to inconvenience me at your whim, Lestrade."  

The graying man let out a long suffering sigh. “You know how my clients are, Sherlock. I wouldn’t come here if I even thought that there was someone better.” Though he edges away from the vague buzzing noises in the back of the building. Sherlock held his hand out for the order sheet, went over the paper work with a brief nod. 

"This will do, I’ll get back to you." Clearly knowing when he’d been dismissed, Greg Lestrade left with a roll of his eyes and an irritable sigh, and the door chimed behind him as he went.

Sherlock smirked looking over the order forms and spreads, absolutely confident with his abilities as locked the store door and once again removed his jacket, the low bass and slight buzz thrumming in his veins as he put on his gloves and set to work.


Just past three in the morning when Molly walked out of her shop with a content sigh and leaned against the wall, letting the ache in her bones settle. The streets were relatively empty, as empty as they would ever be in London, she supposed. That might have been why she nearly jumped out of her own skin as the door to she shop next to her’s flew open, the chimes clattering together angrily.

"Jesus, take twenty years off my life!" Molly laughed, her heart still stammering as the tall man an turned towards her with confused and clouded eyes as he continued to attempt to lock his shop’s door. "Need a break?" She jerked her head, indicating to her own shop and he went to protest. "When’s the last time you’ve eaten?" 

"Eating slows down the work process." He replied in a snippy tone, even as his stomach gurgled. 

"No, it doesn’t. Not eating depletes energy levels and thins your blood. C’mon, I think I’ve got some crisps and half a sandwich for you." She walked over to him, dragging him by the sleeve of his coat.

Sherlock huffed, but followed anyway, the scent of sterilization hitting him strongly upon following her through the door.

"Probably doesn’t smell quite as nice as your shop, does it? I don’t mind though, my dad used to work in a hospital. Wanted me to become a doctor." Her thin lips curved into an odd sort of smile before she disappeared into one of the many booths and then reappeared with a small plate of food. True to her word, the woman had found him her half of a sandwich and a bag of crisps and she even surrendered a small container of purple grapes to him, all of which he pushed around dutifully with his fingers.

"No, come on, stop that. Honestly, my eight year-old nephew does that, don’t be picky. Eat." She popped a few of the grapes into her own mouth and hummed in content, picking up a remote and flipping her sound system back on. "I’m Molly, Molly Hooper."

"I know." Sherlock grumbled back, opening the packet of crisps and eyeing them warily before eating one slowly. "I’m Sherlock Holmes."

"Unlike you, I didn’t know that. I’m very pleased to meet you."

"No you’re not, no one is ever pleased to meet anyone.”

Molly’s smile droops a little and the lines around her face hardened. Sherlock cleared his throat, eyes darting around her shop and her own figure, blinking slightly in surprise. She must have seen it reflected in his features because she laughed.

"Surprised that the owner of the tattoo shop doesn’t have any tattoos?" Molly teased. Sherlock scoffed.


"And what about you? How did you come to own a flower shop?" Molly asked and then waved her hands to stop him from answering . "Oh wait! I’ve got it! You’re secretly a romantic and you enjoy helping Lestrade and his merry band of Wedding Planners create the perfect day." 

Sherlock pinked a little and floundered. “Ridiculous. I enjoy doing cross pollinations and branch grafting to other plants.”

Molly smirked and stole a crisp. “Uh-huh, sure you do.” She patted his arm gently. “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.”

the end

Idea: A Sherlock Holmes intervention held by concerned family members.

"But, mum, dad, I don’t do drugs!"

*mother holds up 50,000 word Johnlock erotic fan fiction*

"So, what? It’s just a hobby. I can quit any time I like!"

*dad holds up 100,000 word meta on Moriarty’s sexuality*

"Leave me alone. This isn’t your business!"

*mother holds up giant cardboard figure of Benedict Cumberbatch you take to bed with you *

"Man, I do need help.”

anonymous said:

Do you know of any really good sherlolly omega verse? Because I read yours and now I'm addicted

Oh yes, indeed I do! May I direct you to the following:

Inverto by Nocturnias

Wreath and Run by Petra Todd (also vamplock)

Fever When You Kiss Me also by Petra Todd, as well as her first Omegaverse story (and I believe the very first Sherlolly omegaverse story), The End and the Beginning

There’s also Possessive Tendencies by Minirose

Ambur has Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? which is set in a werewolf & vampire universe, and Molly Hooper, Devoured and Adored as well

I know I’m missing some, anyone want to help me out and add to the list?

(All stories are NSFW)

CRAP! How could I forget the incomporable broomclosetkink? Even though it is currently unfinished (as are Big Bad Wolf and Possessive Tendencies above), you should totally read her story A Subtle Art . And her painfully beautiful teenlock Omegaverse story (also a WiP) Religion of Our Own (warnings for parental abuse in that one).

A Very Sherlolly Halloween

Calling all fic writers and artists! This is open to anyone and everyone who wants to participate!

The goal is to generate a horde of Halloween-themed fics and art featuring our favourite characters throughout October. (I know I said Sherlolly in the title but honestly, if you want to write/art about a different show pair that’s cool too.)

What to Write/Make:

- The infamous scary story opening line, “It was a dark and stormy night,” comes from Edward Bulwer-Lytton's novel Paul Clifford (1830). My initial idea was for us all to write using this opening line as a starter. I still think it would be really cool to see how you all use it, but I don’t want that to be limiting if you have your own idea already.

- Anything scary/spooky/creepy/crawly/Haloweeny. Sherlolly picking costumes? Telling ghost stories around a campfire? Vampire/Werewolf/supernatural AU? Taking the Holmes tyke to a party? Let’s all pretend Britain trick-or-treats! You decide!


- As much or as little as you want. Drabbles to novels are encouraged and loved.

How to Enter:

- Post your fic to your tumblr and tag #Sherlollyween2014. I’ll try to reblog them all here too.

- Additionally, I will start a collection on AO3 if you wish to post there.

When to Enter:

- Now! Try to get it posted on/before October 31st so everyone can get pumped for Halloween.

*Please help spread the word if you’re interested*

Bees in the Honeysuckle

tw: child abuse; tw: alcoholism

Chapter One: A Fight before Molly

The child wailed on her hip, his hoarse cries drowning out the mutterings of the passers-by. She’d heard the whispers before. Always well-dressed ladies and businessmen exchanged hard glances and mouthed about teenage pregnancy behind their manicured hands. The Wal-Mart bag cutting into her forearm only furthered their assumption that she’s an unkempt beggar girl. When she rounded the corner and to find John with fists bloodied and face red, she broke into a run. The whispers grew into loud disapproval when she put Toby down, grocery bag spilling off her arm. She placed a gentle hand against John’s shoulder, steering him away from the bold stares of the crowd.

Toby’s bowed legs waddled towards her, pudgy fingers outstretched as she stepped between the panting boys. John glared at her, growling at her through swollen lips. She was not surprised to see more cuts on his face from his brawl. The other boy was worse off and stumbling away before Molly could get a good look at him. The only detail she picked up was dingy red hair topping a tall, lanky frame. She waited until he rounded the corner of the complex before she gathered up Toby and her groceries again, avoiding the scrutinizing stares of the thinning onlookers. It’s not like any of them had stepped in to break up the fight.

“John, you can’t keep fighting like this. You know Momma will have your hide.” John just glared at her through a blacked eye, his ever present scowl disrupted by the blood smeared over his face.

“Who cares what Momma’ll do? It’s not like she’d’ve done anything different.”

Molly turned a bit of her skirt to the underside, pressing the cotton against his fist, keeping the stains hidden. Her older brother winced, but didn’t pull away.

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A fearful hope was all the world
read it on the AO3 at

by miabicicletta

“Well, Molly Hooper. I believe it is you and me against the world.”

Words: 3631, Chapters: 1/4, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
It had all started with a look

The six years old, ‘six and half!’ as he would have shouted, Tom Stevens was in love. In love with the weirdest and sweetest girl of the entire playground.

Molly may not be the prettiest of the girls or the most popular like that Irene girl was, but she had the kindest of the hearts. She always had a bright smile on her face, no matter how much the other kids teased her, she was always willing to help anyone in need.

Tom considered her the most perfect being of all. There was just one problem with her. And that problem had a name: William.

William Holmes was the rudest kid Tom had ever met, he was a bully, always ded-dud-did-saying bad things about people. And to make things worse he had taken a strange liking on Molly. Tom didn’t like him. He had that Watson boy and Mary, why did he had to have Molly too?

Tom wasn’t the brightest kid of the class, but he was no dumb. He knew why William was with her more than he was with John or Mary. He had that face. The same face his father had everytime he looked at Tom’s mommy. Also he had a small blush coloring his cheeks to match the lovesick look in his weird eyes.

When Molly returned those looks, Tom knew that she would never look at him like that. They were going to grow up and probably be like his parents. After all, they said that it had all started with a look.


He stole them for research of course. He was testing the affect her limited vision impairment would have on her work. They’d been dating for three months now and he found himself conducting these experiments often.

It had nothing to do with her reaction to his meddling.

Like now.

She peered down at him with a crooked smile, hands slipping down his sweat slicked skin to dig nails into his arced back. He felt the brush of her breasts against his chest as she pressed her lips against his hammering pulse. Brown eyes flitted up at him, framed by black rimmed glasses. The sight of her body over him, glasses lowered to see him more clearly, sent heat through his veins.

Her thighs pressed to either side of him, her sex sliding along his in achingly slow motions, did not hurt either.

“Are you ready, Sherlock?” Her tongue clicked on the k. His hips jerked up at the request, a growl trembling low in his throat. She stilled, hovering.

He barely resisted the urge to buck his hips against her.

“Sherlock, answer me or I’ll get off.” Her voice was sharp, despite her grin.

“Yes, Molly. Ready.”

She was an explosion of heat and sensation over his skin. He moaned his satisfaction, her pace quickened. He was lost in a wave of pleasure as she nipped at his neck and jawline. Her own sighs met his, their breath mingling in the sizzling air.

She tightened, her breath coming faster as she leaned back. Her nails bit into the backs of his palms. His eyes slid shut, his cries louder than hers as they fell from the edge of their desires. She rode out her pleasure, collapsing against him when she’d finished.

They panted too heavily to speak for a moment, but when they’d finally caught breath he could hear her laughing.

“You are never getting those contacts back,” he said over her giggles.

*For the Anon who thinks Sherlock may have a eyewear kink. And also because I promised you smut and then gave you heartbreak (twice. Sorry.) Enjoy!