Friendly reminder.

Stick with me and read through this.

Don’t hate on people’s ships. Even if they aren’t cannon or not straight or incest or between two people with quite an obvious age difference or a human and an alien it doesn’t matter. Don’t hate on people’s ships. Just because your ship is ‘cannon’ or 'more popular’ does NOT give you the right to make other people feel bad about their ships. Also if you are shipping real people like actors, band members, or youtubers. If the people in the ship have made it clear they’re uncomfortable with it don’t tag them in posts about it. don’t bring it up in Q&As. Don’t pressure them about it. It doesn’t mean you have to stop shipping said people and making and enjoying posts about it. Just don’t force someone to look at it if their uncomfortable. Also if one of the people in your ship gets a lover or love interest that isn’t the other half of your ship. Fictional or not this does not give you the right to hate on the love interest or writers. Also if someone is hating on your ship don’t insult them back. When you do that you stoop to their level. Block/ignore them and move on. Also if someone is hating on your ship that also does not give you the right to hate on theirs. You don’t know how much it hurts to ship something people are constantly bombarding with negativity. It makes you feel shameful about it. So just don’t.

This has been a PSA.
Thank you.

Ok, but

don’t act like for a minute, Sherlock wouldn’t do everything he’s done for John for Molly. 

-Think about the hallway scene and tell me you don’t believe if she’d have asked him to be her Man of Honor, he wouldn’t have helped her plan her wedding as well, even if he didn’t think it would ever come to fruition. 

- Think about the hallway scene and tell me that, if Molly had married Tom and he turned out to be in a situation like Mary, he wouldn’t have shot Magnussen for them.

- Think about the Reichenbach scene and tell me you don’t believe he would have panicked if M had thrown Molly in the bonfire in TEH instead.

-Think about the Reichenbach scene and tell me you don’t believe he jumped off that building for Molly, too.

- Think about the slap scene and the mind palace scene and that Sherlock told Molly that she mattered the most and look me in the face and tell me that he wouldn’t do everything for Molly that he’s done for John and more.

I Will Always Care

Sherlock looked up sharply from his experiment. Someone was knocking, no ponding on his door. He crossed the distance in two short strides and opened the door with a surprised look.


“Something you want to told me, Sherlock?”

Molly strode into the flat without waiting to be asked, the fierce clicking of her heels, telling him more about her mood than anything else. Closing the door behind him, Sherlock turned towards her in confusion.

“I’m sorry…what?”

He looked her up and down, trying and failing to be subtle, noting her pretty dress and nicely done hair. Sherlock felt something constrict in his chest.

“You…have a date?” He tried to sound casual.

“Yes Sherlock. I have a date.” Molly glared at him, eyes blazing.

“Or should I say, I had a date. Know anything about that?”

Sherlock was still trying to process the fact that Molly was dating someone after her failed engagement. He knew he shouldn’t be surprised, especially seeing her standing there in his flat looking like…well, like Molly…but still, he was completely stunned. Sherlock realized she was waiting for him to say something.

“Molly.” he stepped towards her, “Are you okay?”

The fury of her response nearly bowled him over. She strode angrily towards him, closing the distance between them until she was only inches away from his body.

“No, Sherlock! I’m not okay! I had this date lined up with this really, really great guy. He seemed so interested, and we had everything arranged, and then suddenly, out of nowhere he texts me and tells me he can’t make it.”

Molly threw her hands in the air, rolling her eyes. Sherlock opened his mouth to speak, but Molly wasn’t finished yet.

“And then I thought to myself, hmm I told Sherlock that I was busy tonight. And then I remembered last time I tried to date someone and your reaction and your behaviour. So naturally,” Molly jabbed her finger towards Sherlock’s chest, punctuating every point, “I put two and two together.”

She leaned back, folding her arms and searching Sherlock’s face.

“So Sherlock, is there something you want to tell me?”

“Molly,” he raised his hands to grab her arms and thought better of it, pausing halfway, “I didn’t do anything.”

Sherlock watched the first tendril of uncertainly take hold, regarding her earnestly while she scanned his face. He spread his hands.

“Honestly Molly, I have nothing to hide.”

To his surprise Molly’s face fell and she broke his gaze, touching her hand to her forehead slightly. This time he took her arms, fingers resting against her bare skin, and squeezed gently.

“Hey,” Sherlock said, his voice soft, “Are you okay?”

Molly took a long breath, still not looking at Sherlock.

“It’s just, if you didn’t scare him away…” She hesitated, biting her lip.

Sherlock moved closer, his fingers unconsciously stroking her chin, “Talk to me,” he whispered

Molly hesitated a moment longer, and when she finally lifted her eyes to his, Sherlock was surprised to see the layers of hurt there.

“Well, it means he didn’t want to go out with me, I guess. You know it’s another not interested, another…”

Whatever Molly was going to say, died on her lips. Her eyes dropped to the floor again. There was a long silence and Sherlock abruptly realized she was fighting tears. Without thinking he moved his hands up and cupped her cheek, his thumb stroking softly her skin.

“Molly,” he whispered. Sherlock waited for her to look him in the eye. “If he didn’t want to go out with you, he’s the dumbest man alive.”

Sherlock saw her eyes widen and knew he should stop talking, but something reckless spurred him on. Maybe it was the sight of her all dressed up to spend time with another man, or maybe it was the fact that he hated to see her upset and vulnerable, but either way, he found he had more to say. Sherlock leaned forward, face inches from hers.

“Anyone who has a chance going out with you and doesn’t take it, is an idiot.”

Sherlock heard her gasp and his eyes were instantly drawn to her lips, just in time to see them slowly part as her tongue flicked between them. His gaze moved upwards, scanning her face, trying to read her, before returning inevitably to her mouth. Sherlock’s fingers tightened on her arms, his breath coming in short bursts and his heart thumped in his chest.

All he had to do was lean forward.

Molly’s phone beeped. She jumped, breaking his gaze and stepped back hurriedly, fidgeting with her bag. Obviously rattled she pulled her phone out, almost dropping it in her haste.

“It’s him,” Molly said, her voice breathless and Sherlock couldn’t tell what had affected her more.

“He wants to meet me next week.”

Molly stared at her phone a moment longer, chewing on her lip, not looking at Sherlock. The air between them was still heavy with tensions and Sherlock clenched his jaw, shutting his eyes firmly. All he wanted to do was take a step towards her, knock the phone out of her hand and kiss her like she was never been kissed before. But that was never going to be an option for him. So Sherlock did something else instead.

“That’s great,” he said warmly.

He saw Molly’s head snap up, her eyes widening in surprise.

“You should go.”


“I mean, I told you,” he continued, not giving her room to speak, “he’d have to be dumb not want to go out with you.”

His voice cracked a little on the last words, remembering how he had meant them the first time he said them.

Something indecipherable crossed Molly’s face before she quickly looked away.

“Okay,” she said, already moving towards the door.

She was halfway through it when she turned and looked back.

“I’m sorry, Sherlock.”

Despite himself, he moved closer, holding the door open as she moved into the hall.

“Sorry for what?”

“For coming here and accusing you of…you know,” Molly searched for the right words, “caring, I guess.” Molly winced.

“I mean, I know you care but you know caring caring.”

Sherlock shut his eyes for a second, knowing there was no way around this.

“Molly, I do care,” he said carefully.

The corner of his mouth curled in a small smile.

“I will always care. And if you ever need anything, you are always welcome to come here.”

Sherlock saw her nod in acknowledgement, her expression carefully blank.

“I’m serious,” he added, “you’re always welcome, even if it’s to attack me for things I haven’t done.”

He got a smile from Molly then, even if it was slightly mortain.

“Goodnight Sherlock.”

“Goodnight Molly,” he replied, “see you tomorrow.”

Sherlock watched her walk all the way down the stairs till she was through the front door and out of sight. Then he sat in darkness for the rest of the night, forcing himself to imagine Molly dating another man, getting married, having children; trying to prepare himself for the inevitable and hoping he could learn to accept it.

It didn’t work.

Hehe. The Oxford bloody dictionary used the Sherlock-Molly equation to explain ‘ship’.

It’s a good choice. Not only is this a rather passionate ship of the “Sherlock” world, it became especially important after Molly was the one person integral to Sherlock surviving Moriarty’s forced suicide at the end of Season 2.

Will the dictionary need to change its example in the future? Only “Sherlock” Season 4 – airing at some point in the indeterminate future – may have the answer
. Source

Just made me a very happy shipper on a hot muggy evening. Sherlolly for ever!! Literally!! Its in the books!!


As it turns out my dear vonpeeps I actually got something out today, which I honestly didn’t think possible :3 I did promise you something tomorrow as well though, and i’m going to keep that promise.

Until then I hope this will do, have some fluff <3 Love you

Sherlock despised being hugged; it had felt awkward when Geoff had done it when he’d returned back from his two year mission. It had even felt uncomfortable receiving one from John – his best friend.

It was different with only one person, Molly Hooper.

She’d given him many different hugs during the years they’d known each other.

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Jim from IT

read it on the AO3 at

by SometimesWriting

Molly and Jim had three dates before he revealed himself as Moriarty to Sherlock. On the third date however, Molly decided to take the last step with Jim.
The next day Sherlock confronts her with the truth about Jim, being his
usual obnoxious self.

Words: 3293, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
Rare Ship Bingo

Just a quick reminder that the bingo starts tomorrow folks! First lot of prompts will go up in the morning. You can sign up once we’re started, but if you want to catch the beginning, now is the time.

rarepairbingo​ has given us the go ahead to run our own version of the bingo that was so much fun a few months back. It’ll be simple, and fun, and hopefully be a marvelous excuse to get some rare ship content made.

Interested in taking part? Head over to this page for more information about how to join up and what it will involve. I’m sending out bingo cards this evening, but if you don’t catch that batch I’ll get the rest of them out tomorrow morning.

Ladies of Sherlock panel

This MIGHT have been my favorite panel. It was fantastic. Una was a doll, Lara Pulver was funny and ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS OH MY GOD, and Loo was clearly so passionate about what she does and the fans and she talked on and on, haha.

-Someone asked what they all thought their character’s relationship with John was. Lara said that Irene got “in the way of the happy couple” and that she was glad he “offered up Hamish.” She also said that filming the Battersea scene was her favorite filming experience of all time and particularly liked that scene. Una said that Mrs. Hudson was glad someone was making Sherlock happy and she was a bit disappointed that John got married. Loo didn’t say much about it.
-Una said that Mrs. Hudson is very heavily based on how she treats her three sons. Dawww.
-Once Una accidentally said “Mrs. Watson” instead of “Mrs. Hudson.” Everyone started joking about John/Mrs. Hudson and Loo joked, “A new ship sails.”
-Loo said that Molly was in love with Sherlock for no particular reason, that love just sometimes happens and you can’t explain it. She also referred to Molly’s love for Sherlock as “unrequited” throughout the panel.
-They all gushed about how fantastic the crew is, especially Arwel and Sarah who works with costumes.
-Someone asked about feminism and female roles in the industry. They all agreed that the situation could definitely be better. Una said that she kind of understands why there are less roles for older women and that most people want a younger woman around. Loo interjected that she thinks that’s “bollocks,” and that they don’t include older women in productions because they’re at a point that men “no longer want to have sex with them.” She went on about how important she finds this issue for quite a bit. Rock on, girl.
-Oh also Loo was fiddling with her phone and talking pictures of the audience throughout the panel, haha.
-Someone asked about the audition process for Sherlock. Una was just straight-up asked to be Mrs. Hudson. Lara sent in videos of her playing scenes, and within 72 hours she was in London reading for the writers, producers, and Benedict. Apparently within the hour afterwards, Benedict had emailed the writers saying that they had found their Irene Adler.
-There was a night shoot when she, Martin, and Benedict played a word association game called “Mallet’s Mallet” where she ended up bonking them on the heads with empty water bottles at 3 in the morning.
-When asked where she would like the writers to take Molly, Loo said she didn’t know and that they’re better off killing her off. She doesn’t actually want that, obviously, but she feels like Molly has already had some pretty good character development and she’s not sure where they can take her next.
-On what would happen if Irene and Molly ever met: Lots and LOTS of suggestive glances between Lara and Loo. “I’m open~,” Lara said.

It was a REALLY fantastic panel, I love them all so much!

elliedilly asked:

Checklist, Fluffy, K+/T rated. (Thank you for your amazing fanfics!)

elliedilly You asked for fluff and I hope this does that justice. And you’re very welcome, thank you for saying they’re amazing <3


Sherlock found many things about Molly adorable, but there was one thing in particular he loved about her.

She loved making lists when there was something to do in the flat.

She’d list all the things she needed to do, do the dishes, vacuum the floor, and change the sheets, everything she could think of that needed to be done.

She’d check them off one at a time, sometimes jumping over one if she didn’t feel like doing the next thing on the list, and then going back to it afterwards.

She’d do it if she had to go out shopping.

She’d make a list of the places she needed to go, calculating where she needed to go first and last so she wouldn’t have too much to carry.

“It makes no sense to go to the grocery store first Sherlock, that’s where i’ll buy the most.” She’d reasoned when he’d pointed it out once.

She even did it at work, writing down everything she needed to have done, even writing small lists to the interns to make sure they didn’t forget anything.

She always added one special thing as well; she added something she’d already done so that she’d be motivated to do the other things as well.

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Sherlollipops - All Because of Curtains

read it on the AO3 at

by MizJoely

The curtains were the first thing John noticed upon entering 221B. The question was, what were Molly Hooper’s curtains doing hung up in Sherlock’s windows?

Words: 518, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 75 of Sherlollipops

read it on the AO3 at
Hello Sweetie

read it on the AO3 at

by lilsherlockian1975

It would have been a relaxing afternoon for Mary and Molly had it not have been for the couple of dozen text messages the giggling pathologist received from a certain consulting detective. Mary’s not having it. Investigation is required.

Words: 1651, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at