One Too Many

It was a quiet and dark night around 221B. It was quite late as Lucy climbed the stairs to the flat. She needed to go out and get some air. She had been cooped up in the flat for ages and she wasnt used to not being able to go out. She had gone to a small club where she new the owner and had no trouble getting in. She met her boyfriend there (who John and Sherlock did not know about- at least she thought) and had a few too many drinks. She stumbled through the door trying to be quiet and hoping John and Sherlock had gone to sleep. She smelled of alcohol and her very short very tight dress was falling off her shoulders. She stopped dead and she saw both John and Sherlock sitting, awake looking very worried and very angry.


John was sitting home in the flat reading one uneventful night. Sherlock had gone out and Lucy was in her room. All of a sudden the door slammed open and Moriarty and two of his men run in. They grabbed John and head down the hall looking for Lucy. Lucy’s screams but before John can protest, he is knocked out.


He got me, John. I don’t know where I am but he got me. I left the flat and… I’m so sorry. I don’t know where he’s taking me. I’m so sorry John. I’m so…

sherlocksloyaldog started following you

Sherlock walked down the alley between the two warehouses, gun out at the ready. He had been given a tip that Moriarty was going to be present, along with his loyal sniper. He had been sure to keep track of all the windows, making sure there was no sniper and no red lights from the site.

Sherlock rounded another corner, looking around the corner first. He saw a shadow just at the opposite corner of corner he was at. Sherlock frowned, the person was armed and being as cautious as he was. However this person had a bit of a limp, not a pronounced one, but one all the same.

Sherlock maneuvered around behind the person, making sure not to be heard. As he neared he realized that the silhouette was familiar, familiar and something he had missed for three years, since he had been gone and on the run. Sherlock paused a moment, staring.

"Hold it right there …" said Sherlock trailing off slightly. "Turn around where I can see you better …"

At this close a distance, he was almost sure it was John, but he had been tricked before, and knew it was better to make sure than to assume anything.

Not Alright

John and Lucy were sitting in the living room of 221B. John was in the computer and Lucy was reading on the couch. Lucy stood up to get some water. Upon standing she became lightheaded and took a small step back. John noticed this more and more recently.

Oh Doctor My Doctor||John and De

"You will be my doctor?! Really?" The grin on De’s face was enormous as she got up and hugged the man as tightly as her huge belly would allow. Then she returned to her seat and was practically glowing she was so happy. Everything was working out better than she could ever have hoped for.

M!A: A Kidnapping

John had, had it with Sherlock.  He thought after a few weeks of dating Jeanette, Sherlock would at least warm up a bit to his flat mate’s new girlfriend.  But no.  John at least was hoping he would stop ruining their dates with his rude comments and pompous deductions but he never stopped.  Even after many casual promises nothing! One day John had it.  After Sherlock made Jeanette run out of the flat crying John narrowed his eyes at his flat made and rubbed his temples.  ”Sherlock…” he began quietly but sternly.  ”What did I tell you about doing that! Making rude comments and deductions about Jeanette! You know she’s a sensitive girl, especially when it comes to her dying mother!” he exclaimed in anger.


Lucy was tiding around the flat- those boys sure knew how to make a mess. Lucy was always sure not to not touch anything of Sherlocks. Today, however, she slipped up. As she was cleaning something off the table she bumped into something that was dangling precariously off the other end of the table. Glass and some sort of liquid went everywhere. Lucy started swearing to herself trying to clean up.
“What was that?!” She heard both John and Sherlock yell.
“N-nothing.” Responding Lucy. She heard both of their footstep start to come into the kitchen.

Being a lawyer isn't easy | Sherlocksloyaldog

Nellynda was in her office, writing her last trial in the court records.
“Uhm, Miss Gramarye? A man named John Watson came to see you. Can he come here or should he wait in the waiting room?” Nell’s assistant, Amelia, asked.

Nellynda smiled brightly. “Oh nono tell him he can come here, Amelia. Thanks~”

Amelia nodded, smiling.