I’ve survived the Reichenbach Fall
And I believed we were ready for it all
I’ve waited two years long
I thought I was strong
But with the date coming nearer
My fears become clearer
Sherlock lives I know that
But John will still be sad
Why all this facial hair?
All those hunted looks, is it fair?
Anderson leading a fan club?
Sherlock und John’s reunion in a pub?
Will we be introduced to Mary Morstan?
And who the hell is Sebastian Moran?
I’m scared and I’m excited
This it for what I have waited
Just a month more to go
And then I will finally know
How Sherlock survived the Fall
And if I can suffer though it all

sorry, something wrong with my text post editing
this is obviously a poem by me that should be a text post

because of today’s news…

I want to be your sociopath

Moriarty is back and Molly is in danger. Sherlock visits her in her flat and because talking about his feelings in his best man’s speech has been a good experience…he prepared something for Molly as well.

Molly looked up surprised when she heard the door bell ring. She hadn’t expected any visitors and she was already in her pyjamas. She pulled a dressing grown over them and looked through the keyhole.

In front of her door was Sherlock, nervously walking up and down on the doormatt. Molly really didn’t want Sherlock to see her in her nighty, but she also knew that he would deduce that she was just putting on some clothes for him. After a moment of considering this, she opened the door.

Sherlock looked gorgeous as always in his long coat and tight suit.

“Hello Molly,” he took in her appearance and smiled: “I hope I haven’t interrupted your sleep.”

“No, no I wasn’t sleeping,” Molly said quickly. Why didn’t she change? Now he thought she was sleeping all the time. Then she realised that she hadn’t invited him in and uncharacteristically for him, he hadn’t entered without being asked.

She opened the door wider and motioned him to come in. Sherlock took off his coat and then he looked critically around Molly’s flat.

“Is anything wrong?” Molly asked.

“No, I just needed to talk to you.” He replied and turned to her.

“About what?”


“What is with him?” She rised an eyebrow in surprise.

“He will have learned from his mistake. He will never underestimate you again.”

Molly didn’t understand what he was getting at.

“Molly, you are in danger.” Sherlock said seriously.

“I knew that from the moment I decided to help you, Sherlock.I’m not scared if you think I would be.” She told him.

“Why?” asked Sherlock, slightly surprised. Molly was the bravest woman he had ever met, but still he had imagined the thought of Moriarty hunting her would scare her.

“Because I know you will be there to save me.”

“I’m not a hero.” Sherlock said, for the hundred time in his life it seemed.

“I know you are not. But you are also not as selfish and careless as you make people believe. You saved John so many times. And you saved London and I don’t know who else. You care about people and I know that you will keep me save.” As Molly said this, she looked him straight into his eyes. He saw how much faith she put in him. And if ever not, he was certain that he was about to do the right thing in this moment.

“Why did you break up with Tom?” Sherlock asked, totally out of the blue.

Molly looked startled. Why would he ask such a thing? He watched her closely and she knew there was no point in lying anymore.

“I’ve thought I was over you. I really believed that I could move on. After your “death” you told me that it would take years for you to return and even then I knew there wasn’t much hope that you would ever love me back. I told myself: ‘It was okay. Sherlock is gone and you helped him. So now find a new guy’. And then though friends I met Tom. He was nice. Well, and he reminded me of you.I guess you have noticed that already. But most importantly he seemed to want me, too. We dated and we got engaged. He said he loved me and I said I loved him. I really believed that I would be happy to marry him. But then you returned. Sooner that I have expected but later than I hoped for. We went out that one day, solving crimes together and you thanked me. That’s when I first thought that I didn’t feel about Tom the same way I feel about you. Some time went by and the more I thought about it, the more I realised that marrying Tom was a mistake. I broke up with him. I told him that I was not ready and would never be ready to marry him because my heart belonged to someone else.”

During that little speech, Sherlock hadn’t said a word. He had just watched her. Molly was a little out of breath after having finally told Sherlock the truth. The truth that she still loved him.

“Thank you for being so honest. I think you deserve an explanation from me, too.”

“An explanation about what?”

“Molly,” Sherlock said, taking her hand in his, “Molly Hooper. You know more than anyone else how bad I am at making speeches. Especially speeches about myself. But I think I did well at John’s wedding and it made me realise how liberating it is to say truth things. So these are prepared words for you because else I would make a complete idiot out of myself.

“I have always believed that love was an human error. And for a very long time I believed that I wasn’t human and therefore I wouldn’t have such errors. But my time with John and…you has proven me wrong. I am in fact human and I am able to feel human sentiments. It is something I have fought against all my life. I made myself believe that feeling nothing was more efficient. That sentiment is foolish and I am no fool.

But the truth is I’ve changed. I’m not saying I’m what people call “normal” now. I still think I’m cleverer than everyone except perhaps Mycroft. I’m still an arsehole. I’m still not sure how to handle social encounters. But yes, I’m human and I have errors.

Molly Hooper, when I think of you, I start to smile. When I see you, I don’t want to ever leave you. I’m sorry that I have to quote my other speech here but I quoted that bit directly from John because I don’t know how to make proper compliments and I don’t want to mess this up. Molly, you are the bravest, kindest and wisest woman I ever had the good fortune of knowing.

Before I met you and John I never knew someone could love me. That’s why I didn’t see it for so long. I never dared to think someone might love me and I am sorry that I made you suffer because I didn’t notice you. But when I think back I remember that you have always been there for me even before John… Molly, when I deduced you loved me I thought it would pass. That you would eventually stop loving me when you realise how I really am. My life is dangerous and I’m not a very nice nor good person. I’m repulsive and yet you love me. When I returned and saw you were engaged I told myself to be glad. You chose a calm and secure life without me and I hoped you’d be happy. But when I kissed you goodbye, I felt how you held your breath and I knew that you still had feelings for me. It was so painful watching you with another man. And even more painful because I knew I could make you choose differently. But I didn’t. I didn’t because you deserved that life Tom could offer you. You are so…wonderful. You do not deserve me.

And here we stand now and you told me that despite how well you know my faults and despite the fact that you could have married someone else, you do still love me.” By this point of the speech Sherlock was crying and so was Molly.

“Molly Hooper… I don’t understand you decision but I’m glad you made it. It seems that you can’t be happy without loving a sociopath and if that is true than I want to be your sociopath.”

After that amazing speech, Molly didn’t know what to say. But really, there was no need to say anything at all. She reached up to him and kissed him passionately. He didn’t break that kiss for a very long time. He still couldn’t believe that he was holding Molly Hooper, the girl he loved, in his arms.


This is my Multifandom “mini blog” that I carry every day around school.

Unfortunately I suck at drawing so I made kind of a collage of all my favourite things because I can’t tumblr in school.

For those who can’t read Gallifreyan, it is a little self-promotion and says: “follow me-sherlylikeswaffles-Tumblr”

And of course Dean in gym short could not miss. He is on the inside, so I just open it and he is there lying seductively.

The Tumblr Code-T-shirt

I made this T-shirt with shirt paint some time ago (sorry for the low quality). When i first wore it to school, I got lots of different and funny reactions.

Some people simply wanted to know why I would write something like that on a T-shirt and I just smiled and said: “Sorry, but that’s my secret.”Others started to stare at their shoe-laces when I walked past them. But the best reaction so far was from a girl who said: “Thank you. It’s a weird compliment, but a compliment none the less.”

Silently putting a Sherlock reference in our Powerpoint for English class


Some people even noticed ;)

First there were our friend who started giggling and gave us that look that says: “Not seriously?!”

And then at the end of our presentation one of our class mates asked: “I have a question about Dartmoor. Do you know anything about a Hollow? For example a Dewer’s Hollow?”

The Great Game

At first I was bored like hell

I didn’t treat the wall very well

Luckily the great game began

Finally there was some fun


A gas explosion in 221b

A mobile in an envelope for me

The riddle of Car Power’s shoes

Hurry, there’s a game to loose

Carl had died in a swimming pool

Botolinum was the murderer’s tool

The same poison then in Connie Prince

The game got faster ever since

Ian Monkford did not die

It was all Janus’s cars’ lie

The painting was a fake, no supernova

It was Moriarty, the game wasn’t over

At the pool we met Moriarty

The king of consulting criminality


In this moment we should have died all

But we didn’t until Reichenbach Fall




Molly is talking to you, Sherlock



Sherlock, I’m the girl who brings you coffee

You commented once on my lipstick

And I changed it for you very quick

I knew the body you beat, you see

But I let you have your fun

Because I know that you’re sometimes crazy

You won’t stand up for non sense you’re too lazy

And you ran around with a gun

You always show off about your cleverness

You insult people without even thinking about doing so

You think my IQ is very low

But I know this is just some of your illness


Sherlock, I can see you

Even when you try to conceal

I understand how you feel

Because I love you


You notice every bad thing about me

But don’t you know how to be polite

How to don’t say things, to make me feel alright

Why do you have to tell me,

That I got more weight?

That my boyfriend is gay?

All of these things nobody should say

Even if they were right

You used me for your strange aims

To get me to work faster for you

But do you know how much I do?

You think you deserve special claims


Sherlock, I can hear you

I hear your shout for attention

And your need for affection

Because I love you


Once I tried to tell you how much you mean to me

But you destroyed the moment with your cleverness

You ripped me apart with your coldness

But there’s one thing you can’t see

This is that you are beloved

I was dressed up for you that evening

I was sure to do the right thing

But you misunderstood

I know you changed a bit

Because you realised

And to me apologised

And you touched my face with your lip



Sherlock, I can feel you

I know you’re feeling human

You are just like any other man

Because I love you



I’ll tell you right now

Because you look so sad

And I can feel that you’re desperate

There is no time to waste now

I know that you’re not okay

I can read it from you face

You lost some of your grace

I don’t care now what you say

If there’s anything you need

Anything at all

I’ll help you through it all

Until my last heartbeat


Sherlock, I can belong to you

Even trough I don’t count

I stand strong on the ground

Because I love you


You told me you’re going to die

You finally see me

And told me that you need me

I create with you the great lie

I’ll keep you alive

Just trust me completely

And you’ll see

The evil will in hell arrive

This is the worst thing I have to do

To let you die in all those eyes

To allow that your body in the depth flies

But you understand that I do anything for you


Sherlock, you and me and me and you

We ought to be together

Because so we both feel better

Because I love you



More than just an adress

Giggling in the hall

Gun shots in the wall

In the fridge is a head

It drives everyone mad

Now and then a drugs bust

Booksshelfs full of dust

A landlady to annoy

A sock order to destroy

A skull to talk to

The apple with I-O-U

The sound of a violin

Chemical trash in the bin

Not a damn thing to eat

But some bad guys to beat

And a nice cup of tea

You can have it all, in 221b


The hiatus is on

Finally I had some time to put my ideas into words. This is about series three and the hiatus.

First we get a whole episode of fanfiction

What is this show, our addiction?

Then we get an amazing wedding

With the lovely Mary and some murdering

But drunk Sherlock and John were the best

Let’s not forget the best man’s speech and the rest

Sherlock’s actually a girls name

Our future children know who is to blame

Three episode and now the hiatus is back on

Sherlock finally has returned to his John

Just for once, we say, everybody lives

Not Magnussen, but who gives

A fuck what happened to this scary man

When we have Moriarty back again

Holy shit, no one died on that roof

So many theories and no proof

Sherlockians have returned to

wait that’s what they always do

Two more years of deductions

And analysing the character’s actions

Fanart, funny gif and shipping

New theories and graphic editing

It all becomes canon with a little luck

Because tumblr writes Sherlock

Sherlolly chainstory-Part 5

So this is my part of the Sherlolly chainstory (other parts: see here). I hope you like it and sorry that it is so short, but I kind of wanted to stop with a cliff hanger;) And I roll the dice to kendrapendragon.

With shaking hands she opened the box. Inside laying on the red velvet was a golden necklace with a small diamond on it.

„Wow, that’s really…beautiful,“ Molly said, „This must have cost you a real fortune.“

„In fact, it is real diamond, but I prefer to call it a metastable allotrope of carbon, where the carbon atoms are arranged in a variation of the face-centered cubic crystal structure called a diamond lattice,“ Sherlock explained.

Usually Molly found Sherlock’s showing off pretty annoying, but talking about diamonds as carbon atoms was in fact kind of sexy.

„Well, then thank you for these expensive carbon atoms,“ Molly smiled at him. She wasn’t nervous anymore, because she had understood everything Sherlock had just said, because she had studied chemistry, even though he often seemed to forget about it.

„So you like it?“ Sherlock asked.

„Of course I like it. I just never would have believed you would get me such a great present,“ Molly said brightly and Sherlock smiled, pleased.

„You know I have never given juwelery to a woman before. It’s just something I saw John doing and his girlfriends liked it. So well, I thought it’s just what men do.“ Sherlock had looked so sad when he had mentioned John, but then he smiled again.

„Can I put it on for you?“ he asked and streched out his hand. Molly, who had taken the necklace out of his box, dropped it into his palm and turned her back to him.

Sherlock touched her lightly as he fastened the necklace. The touch sent shock waves through Molly’s body. Then she turned back to him. He looked at her with such a intensity. It was completely different from his usual deductive stares. At first he just looked at the necklace and then at Molly’s face. Molly realised how close she was to him again.

This was the moment. They both knew it. This was the moment in which they should kiss. But Sherlock had never done this before. And Molly wasn’t the kind of woman who would dare to make the first step.

But it was nearly christmas, after all. „I should give you a present, too, shouldn’t I?“ Molly whispered, then she got onto her tip-toes and kissed Sherlock right on the mouth.

My dear John

Sorry,more Reichenbach feels! Sherlock tries to write to John to help himself feeling lonely but of course John never gets this letter.

Dear John, my dear John

Stop crying and carry on

I want so bad to dry your tears

And take away all your fears

But this isn’t about me

I have to be dead, you see

To defeat this evil Moriarty

He wanted to destroy not just me

But the whole world you live in, too

So there was nothing else I could do

I had to disaapear completely

But I check on you secretly

I promise I’m there for you

Hidden in the shadows to protect you

I want to talk to you again

I really wish I can

But John, you can’t play the way I can

You are not the lying kind of man

I trust you with my live and all this

But you can help me with this

Just do your very best

Let me do the rest

Try to start living again

Try to find yourself a woman

And maybe one day

In some lucky way

I’ll be able to return to you

Then we are not just one, but two

Like we used to be

Solving crimes together in 221b

I’m about to cry. This is not Johnlock. I believe Sherlock can’t handle John’s absence as much as John can’t handle living without Sherlock in 221b.

This is my English homework of last week. We had to write an news paper article based on the headline: “Film star marries childhood sweatheart”…I couldn’t resist to write about Benedict marrying Louise. But I don’t really ship them (because they are real people) and as far as I know they met because of Sherlock and haven’t known eachother before.

Film star marries childhood sweatheart

Benedict Cumerbatch is often described as the perfect son-in-law. He is a gentleman and the idol of thousands of his female fans, called the CumberCollective. Finally the 37 year old Brition can fulfil his position as the son-in-law many mothers wish for their daughter because Benedict Cumberbatch got married.

The Sunny exclusively reveals that Cumberbatch married his childhood sweatheart and „Sherlock“- costar Louise Brealey in a secret ceremony in the presence of their family and friends this weekend.

Louise Brealey is best known for her role of the pathologist Molly Hooper in the BBC series Sherlock, in which Cumberbatch stars in the leading role Sherlock Holmes.

But Brealy and Cumberbatch have known each other since their childhood because they grew up in the same neighbourhood. Over the years they had trouble to stay in touch due to their various film projects. During filming Sherlock series three they started dating-maybe because after their kiss on screen they wanted to snog each other in real life.

An insider has told The Sunny interesting details of their wedding. According to our source they were married on March 15th. The vows were performed by Benedict’s friend and British actor (“Loki”) Tom Hiddleston, who has a faible for quoting Shakespeare. The bride wore a breathtaking wedding grown by an unknown designer. Benedict’s parents Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton, both actors attended their son’s wedding and his mother told our interviewer: “I really love seeing my son so happy. Louise is wonderful.”.

Also of course Martin Freeman, the actor of John Watson in BBC Sherlock and his partner Amanda Abbington, also starring in BBC Sherlock as Mary Watson were present at the wedding. Freeman gave a very lovely best man’s speech including many references of Sherlock in it. It’s a funny coincident that in their series Benedict as Sherlock congratulates Martin and Amanda as newly wed Watson couple to their marriage and now they roles were switched.

At midnight bride and groom left for their honeymoon. Cumberbatch has stated in various interviews how much he would like to have children. So we all hope that the happlily wed couple will soon get little Cumberbabies.

The world of fiction

Once I entered the world of fiction

Not knowing it’d become my addiction

Books, TV shows, films, all fantasy

They are now more real than reality

Fictional characters are alive for me

Well they are in my head you see

And when those characters die

All I do and all I want is cry

In my mind I’ve been everywhere

On great places, magical places, yeah

I become friend with aliens and wizards

And I didn’t move more than in my backyard

I fall in and out of love and it had meant tears

And I cry for my lost lover after all those years

I fight against bad guys and villains

I’m strong because of my alliance

I’ve survived a million times, but I’d be lying

If I said I’m not afraid of dying

Because in the end: It is fictional

Just in my mind, not real at all

The end

Just one more step to the end of the roof

This is it, my final proof

He is going to fall

In the depth of it all

He is going to die

After the seconds of fly

No, no, no I shout

So, so, so loud

But I can’t hold him

I can’t stop him

A biker crashes me

And then there’s nothing I see

But I run as fast as I can

To the dead lying man

Blood on his face

But he fell with grace

My hand reaches for his

But it’s the pulse I miss

Forces are pulling me away

But I want to stay

By his side where I belong

Even trough he’s now gone

And now I’m at the grave yard

Where death does us two part

I stand in front of his memorial

It doesn’t seem real at all

No way is he lying there

Not in the world somewhere

Not he, the best man I’ve ever known

I can’t be just on my own

Oh, please I beg

To you my friend I beg

Just one more miracle for me

Please don’t be dead,be alive for me

I don’t believe in ghosts

I don’t believe in worldwide peace

I don’t even believe in me

But I believe in someone for sure

Yes, I believe in Sherlock Holmes

I know this poem is very very sad but I had the need to express my sadness. But this might be the end of The Second Series but it’s definitely not the end of Sherlock. Believe in Sherlock!

Hören Sie mir überhaupt zu?

Sie sind Freunde für’s Leben

Den einen kann es nicht ohne den anderen geben

Sie gehen durch Dick und Dünn

Der eine super intelligent, der andere nett und kühn

Und doch siezen sie sich  die ganze Zeit

Das geht doch echt zu weit


Bitte sein Sie nicht tot

Wir deutschen Sherlockians sind in Not

Wie kann man nur so einen Scheiß übersetzen

Da prügeln sie sich und es fliegen die Fetzten

Und doch müssen sie immer Sie sagen

Als beste Freunde, können sie duzen nicht wagen


Was brauchen Sie? Sie.

Das kann doch nicht sein, nie!

Die beste Szene überhaupt

Durch das Gesiezte total verhaut

Sherlock sagt es Molly, endlich

Viel besser, was brauchst du? Dich.


Ich sehe hinreizend mit Krone aus, Schatz

Sagt nicht alles dieser Satz

Das Moriarty keine Angst vor Sherlock hat

Und siezen nicht nötig hat

Aber natürlich die Feinde schlechthin

Kommt duzen nie in den Sinn


Hey, liebe Leute vom deutschen Sherlockteam

Bitte biegt das richtig hin

Es kann einfach nicht sein

Nach all den Jahren, Sherlock kommt heim

 John fällt in Ohnmacht  und dann sagt er:

Ich bin so froh, Sie wiederzusehen, Sherlock!



Was ist ein Held?

Gibt es Helden überhaupt noch

In unseren hektischen Welt?

In der Jeder sich selbst am liebsten? Doch

Gibt es sie, aber ganz versteckt

Leise verbessern sie unseren Planten

Es ist ein Wunder, wenn man sie entdeckt

Denn Helden sind nur die, die nicht darum beten

Dass man aus ihnen etwas Großes macht

Helden retten anderen Menschen das Leben

Machen dass ein Trauriger lacht

Und nicht ihr eigener Profit ist ihr Streben

Allein die helfende Hand zu sein

Gibt ihnen Kraft für das was sie tun

Ein Held ist niemals allein

Aber auch er muss einmal ruh’n

Dann denke an ihn und was er hat getan

Denke, was du nicht alles tun könntest

Vielleicht nicht heute, aber irgendwann

Bist auch du ein Held, wenn du möchtest