arainydayinengland - This doesn’t really surprise me, because Rosie’s blog is beautiful. You should all go follow it right now. ;w;

sherlockconfessions - Fantastic blog, I may have to follow it seeing as I’ve liked it so much. n.n

lovequotesrus - …this is no doubt where all of the quotes I’ve been reblogging are from. XD

youknowyourebritishwhen - This is in the same place as last time. It’s not surprising really. Anyway, there’s a Union Flag on my tumblr crushes. That alone makes sense. ;D

splodge82 - Mummy of MK dance group❤ A fantastic dancer and worthy of more followers. n.n

aguidetodeduction - Aha, I bloody love this blog. I’ve already learnt so much~ ;D Sherlock lovers, it’s definitely worth checking out!

felix11felicis - Even though I only liked one thing from here, their blog is pretty cool~

littlemermaiddaily - Well, I only liked one thing x’D but if you like the little mermaid then I’m sure you’d like following this blog! :3

angelomarcello - Yet another pretty cool blog n.n!