J: Is this what you want?

This is for the Sherlock Secret Santa for evil-sherlock-holmes! Happy Holidays to youuuu!

It’s based on a scene from your fic, “Exceptions”. I just loved the visual of John in his undershirt with his button-up off his shoulders and lap-straddling is involved which is always, always good…..

Anyways, hope you like! :D

Also at dA!

Happy Secret Santa Day, for longdeadstar!  I saw on your blog that you like books and teacups, so what better than a tiny teapcup-sized detective to solve all your little problems. ^_^  Happy Holidays and I hope you like him! 

PS: Dont feed him after midnight, or he’ll cocoon up and turn into a big, grumpy Sherlock!

title: Multiple Choice

rating: explicit

pairing: Sherlock/John

so my first instinct was to write a fic based off of something you’ve drawn, but I couldn’t pick just one…so I picked eleven.

this is a Sherlock/John choose-your-own adventure, with eleven different endings.  you, as the reader, will be given choices as to what the characters do and/or what happens in the plot.  these choices will determine the outcome of the story.  each ending is inspired by a different piece of fanart that you’ve done.

so. choose wisely, have fun, and I hope you like it!  have a great holiday, and thanks for all the gorgeous art!  (seriously.  you have no idea how badly I am fangirling over you right now.)

[special thanks to netherworldvineyard, the only one who knew my secrets, who let me yell and cry and generally freak out, and who offered suggestions and support.  ♥]


This is my Sherlock Secret Santa gift for eccentricandfantastic!!!

It’s a piano piece I arranged blending SHERlocked and Far Over The Misty Mountains High.

I hope you like it!!

Sherlock Secret Santa for Nixiesaurus!

Obviously a lover of Moran and Moriarty, mainly with Fassbender fancast as Moran (occasionally reblogging art/gif edits with other actors, but all commissioned fanart of the two show Fassbender’s traits) - interested in their dynamics with a fondness of the occasional intimate moment inbetween much snarking! General tendency to reblog things with soft colours (which I ultimately ended up not making much use of for the picture) and Moran in jeans, leather boots, a leather jacket and leather gloves (did not make use of the gloves either, incidentally). She seems to focus more on them as a professional duo (at times transgressing into something else) rather than overly domestic.
I chose to go with something that hinted at their respective possessive behaviour - Moriarty who thinks of Moran as someone he ‘owns’, and Moran possibly as the active part of the dynamic, ever the former military man.

I hope I got some of it right and that you like it, Nixiesaurus! Happy Christmas and sorry about taking so long with it!

Sherlock Fandom Secret Santa

Hello Sherlockians!

I had an idea while in the shower (as all good ideas do come in odd places). Basically this idea was for a Sherlock fandom secret Santa.

HOW I hear you ask?

Well, I have created an email address where you would send your desired name and tumblr url (your name you use online and your url). This information will not be shared with the public and you can take my word that I will not use it for anything else.

You would commit to writing a short fic/drabble, creating an artwork, a limerick, a poem, a video, a crazy greeting photo, a picture, a fanmix, a graphic manip, photoshop image, anything. You don’t have to be talented (god knows I’m not and I will be doing the dodgy photoshop a Christmas hat onto a promo image) but just something in the spirit of well wishes at Christmas (even if you don’t believe in Christmas) that relates to Sherlock BBC. You only will be gifting one of these, or something else. This is just an example for ideas.

On the 24th, 25th, or 26th of December, you would post your gift and drop the link to the post in the ask of the person you receive.

You can contact your person via anon message (try not to reveal who you are) if you want to find out more information about which pairings they like, character preferences etc.

The cut off date for submititng your url will be the 24th of November. Url’s after this date won’t be able to be included for practical reasons of giving time for people to work on their gift. I will be sending out who you have sometime in the beginning of November.

This is a virtual secret Santa, so no asking for postal address’ or personal email’s unless by mutual agreement after the reveal. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to drop into my ask.

Hope you decided to take part!

Merry Chistmas, Sherlock

Hello everyone, this is for my Secret Santa recipient mmartinfreemann, from the sherlocksecretsanta.

I saw that you like Johnlock and that you had quite a few pictures of them kissing so ahah..yeah. 

I hope you like it! Oh and also, this may not be obvious but John is tippy-toeing up to kiss him, while pulling Sherlock down by the shirt. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

High res! you can see my mistakes and sloppiness, gUH

Let’s say that the gift is from Sherlock, and the colours match the gift uwu